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How to Write a DBQ Essay? | DBQ Writer Tips |


DBQ writer: How to write a top DBQ essay? DBQ essays are often included in AP History Exams. This type of task includes the analysis of an important historical event or issue. For that, you need to consider historical context, perform document analysis and review other resources. According to the statistic, only 11% of students scored 5 on their AP tests in 2021, so you'll want to prepare thoroughly for DBQ essay writing. A document-based question assumes a response that is several ...Continue reading

How To Get Your Grades Up


Secrets To Getting Good Grades: Tips For A High School StudentThough many students may believe it's simple, it's still quite the contrary: to earn good attendance points into colleges or Princeton University, it's necessary to earn better grades while in high school.Having in mind the list of schools or colleges you want to get enrolled in, it is obvious that you are aware of what GPA you should have. Still, what methods should you use to achieve the needed test scores?A good or ...Continue reading

TOP List Capstone Project Topic Ideas 2022


Capstone project ideasChoosing the most fabulous capstone project?Capstone projects represent academic writing pieces utilized by instructors to evaluate the research and analytical skills of students enrolled in different programs in the school. Whereas some engineering or business school students are given the list of project ideas to guide them in the development of their capstone project, others select the capstone project topics on their own.The choice of a capstone project requires ...Continue reading

Long Essay: How To Write It With Ease & Interest


Large-format assignments seem challenging and tricky unless you read these tips. Composed by professional authors and editors, they give valuable pieces of advice and reveal secrets of successful writing. This article is helpful for:college freshmen who used to write short school essays and now have difficulties with long texts;blog writers constantly dealing with longreads;aspiring authors working with long formats;everyone who wants to write big texts and not to die of boredom and ...Continue reading

Words To Use In An Essay: Free Tips & Checklists


Your vocabulary speaks of intellectual horizons and knowledge of the topic. It can overshadow your ideas or become a powerful way to catch readers' attention. We'll help you use the power of words at its full potential — check out expert tips!Words and phrases for your killer essays"When I was a student, any essay was a nightmare for me. I was dreaming about a universal cheat sheet with hints or a magic list of words that would help me write those complicated academic texts..." ...Continue reading

How To Combine Work And Study


Modern students often face a choice of whether to find a job or keep taking money from parents. Yet, it is not only a financial matter. The earlier you start your career, the more professional and life experience you will get. Writers from our online writing agency decided to gather useful advice on this issue. So, this post is devoted to finding a balance between studying and working. Reasons for working while studyingThe desire to find a job during college is obvious in today’s ...Continue reading

How to Conquer Test Anxiety: Top Ways From Experts


You cannot live without stress. For instance, tests and examinations are often associated with worries. The fear of failing, overthinking, a lack of confidence, physical and mental burden stand behind them. Striving to progress in combination with human emotions always results in anxiety and fears. We want to make your way to success easier. For this purpose, the team of has prepared useful advice. Test anxiety and how to beat it It all starts with an understanding of ...Continue reading

Advice For International Students


A decision to study abroad is progressive and bold. We admire young people who are not afraid to go out of their usual frames of lifestyle and aspire to reach new achievements in other countries. Skilled writers from want to encourage future and current foreign students. In this post, our team has gathered useful advice for those who plan or already get an education outside the native country. What do the statistics say? International education is getting more and more ...Continue reading

How to write the best coursework during a lockdown?


Are you among those students who need to write coursework under a quarantine? Thousands of people all over the world suffer from new conditions of life, and the learning process, in particular. You might have been dreaming about skipping some lectures and staying at home without annoying professors and a strict schedule. But in reality, it could become not what you had expected. Instead of enjoying freedom, you become a victim of procrastination. Sounds familiar? The team of our authors ...Continue reading

Effective Exam Revision Tips from Experts


Revise smart, not hard, and get the best gradesAs the midterms or finals approach, students begin to panic at the amount of revision they need to do. You might feel even more nervous if you didn’t revise much during the semester and only submitted essays and peer projects. Now, you need to make most of your time to remember the course material and prepare your best to get a desired grade from the professor.Indeed, spending days and nights in the library revising isn’t a very ...Continue reading