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Best Ideas for Research Paper Topics in 2019: 100+ variants


A Good Theme For Study Is A Promising Beginning Of Your Successful Project

A choice of a topic is a crucial and responsible task for any school or college paper. The authors of our company specialized in all types of writing services prepared a list of the most appropriate themes. One can choose one of them for your future study or just get inspiration from reading this post.

A well-chosen title of your future paper is key to a successful result. It is the first thing that is seen by your future readers. An eye-catching phrase attracts attention, a boring, outdated topic makes people pass by. One can choose a provocative theme or promise to solve a crucial dilemma. The main thing is to win attention. The whole text of your writing will not stay in people’s mind. Honestly, few people will read it until the end. Yet, a title will be long remembered. Furthermore, it can even be associated with your name eventually. Let’s say, “Dr. Smith Bean, the author of a treatise on modern strategies in the world economics.” Sounds well, doesn’t it? Moreover, a proper topic determines a sphere for your investigations. It is a sort of starting point for a new project. Thus, let it be an incentive. is always ready to assist you, on its part. Get a vetted online assistant supporting you at any stage of your work. You can trust our company as our guarantees are reliable.

Choose a relevant, interesting subject matter for your investigation 

A process of selecting an ideal topic for research is challenging. Yet, you need to take this stage seriously to avoid problems in the future. In fact, any person can succeed in that sphere, where he/she feels confident. Current knowledge and vivid enthusiasm to learn something new assure us of a fruitful outcome. One also needs to provide investigations that benefit humankind and the environment. Answer the following questions that will help you to make the right choice.

  • What are you interested in?
  • What makes you get the highest grades?
  • What would you like to study deeper?
  • Is there anything you are particularly proud of?

 Easy guidance on how to choose a proper exploration theme

Determining the topic of your future project, you need to find something that lies at the intersection of:

  • your sphere of interests;
  • need to explore;
  • your specialization.

IT sphere: list of themes to explore

Information technology is, probably, the most relevant sphere for research in 2019. The humankind needs answers to the following issues.

  1. Secure data sharing: modern methods
  2. A study on the Internet of things: technologies and standards
  3. Advanced opportunities for cloud technologies
  4. Future of artificial intelligence: benefits and risks
  5. Impact of technologies on terrorism
  6. The most helpful technological innovations of 2018
  7. Virtual reality Vs. real life: outlook for the future
  8. The invention of artificial intelligence and its effect on the space industry
  9. Determinants of the technological progress
  10. Internet censorship: pros and cons
  11. Digital tools in the life of a modern student

Some themes at the intersection of healthcare and IT

  1. Study on transplanting technologies
  2. Human cloning technologies: ethical issues
  3. Changes in the organism after using transplanting techniques
  4. Genetic engineer technologies: good or evil?
  5. The future of healthcare technologies
  6. Legislation in the sphere of cloning
  7. Characteristics of brain-controlling devices

“War and IT” is a dangerous combination

  1. How do drones influence the methods of warfare?
  2. Technological progress for peace: reality and myths
  3. The role of informational technology in the war
  4. Information weapon as a time bomb for the whole humankind
  5. Robotics as modern soldiers: fantastic or truth?

IT solutions to environmental issues

  1. Do modern technologies care about the environment?
  2. What are the best technologies to reduce global warming?
  3. Ocean pollution: contemporary technological solutions
  4. Recycling technologies – a modern way to make the world better

Top 20 issues to investigate in the field of sports

Sports science is getting more and more popular today. Results of investigations explain the biomechanics of movements, reveal the physical capacity of athletes, give practical guidance on how to set records, etc. Here are twenty current problems that worry people most of all in 2019.

  1. Children in sports: psychological and physical traumas
  2. Impact of professional sports on a man’s destiny
  3. The intelligence level of modern sportsmen
  4. Effect of artificial intelligence on the contemporary sports
  5. Being a cheerleader: ups and downs
  6. Need to include athletics in the university curriculum
  7. Athletic scholarships in the USA: should college sportsmen get it?
  8. Extreme sports: psychological aspects and risks
  9. The influence of major sports events on the country's economy
  10. Online games: amusement or sports activity?
  11. Study on coaching in sports: secrets of successful results
  12. Gender discrimination in the sports industry today: facts and further projections
  13. How do steroids ruin athletes' lives?
  14. Role of sports in international relations
  15. Career opportunities for professional athletes
  16. Professional sports career and personal life of an athlete
  17. Animal sports: amusement or abuse?
  18. Should we teach children a culture of sports?
  19. Sports as a lifestyle of American youth
  20. Sport tourism: trends and issues

History: core subject matters in 2019

Studying past events is a fascinating assignment. You can learn previous experiences and compare them to modernity. Sometimes it happens that episodes are repeated, and it is so great to observe a new wave of story.

World experience as a vast field for study

  1. Study on Syrian conflict: reasons and solutions
  2. Korean War: the top battles
  3. Impact of Buddhism on Chinese Empire
  4. The Byzantine Empire: secrets of success
  5. The best military strategies in World War II
  6. Impact of witch hunt on the European gene pool
  7.  Nuclear Age: dangerous consequences
  8. The phenomenon of Ancient Maya civilization

American chronicle: events that are worth remembering

  1. Study on abolitionism in the history of US
  2. Contribution of Thomas Nast’s pictures to the history of the USA
  3. A tragedy of September 11, 2001: impact on US history
  4. Critical analysis of the American Industrial Revolution
  5. The evolution of human rights in the USA
  6. Similarities and differences between American colonies
  7. Hurricane Katrina: the lessons for contemporaries
  8. The peace movement in the USA: issues and future

Big science problems pose challenges to humankind in 2019

Science is a fabulous sphere for investigation and discoveries. It is the basis for technological progress. In fact, all modern devices are due to scientific researchers. Why not devote the next study to one of your favorite spheres. Choose the one that you like best from our list. If you face any writing issues while working on this theme, turn to our agency for help. Hire an academic author on our site and feel the benefits of using expert assistance

Psychology: the most popular spheres for investigations

  1. Social media and mental health: cause-effect relationships and issues
  2. Peculiarities of teenagers’ psychology
  3. Psychology of modern terrorism: manipulations and propaganda
  4. Bullying in schools as a crucial psychological issue in 2019
  5. A psychological approach to autism: progressive solutions
  6. The mental health of children, who experienced war conflicts
  7. Social pathology: a comparative analysis of modern theories
  8. Psychological attack as a terrifying method in modern warfare

Biology and health cases as noble themes

  1. Cloning as a trend of 2019 in medicine
  2. Impact of hormones on the psychological state
  3. Determinants of genetic mutations
  4. Legal aspects of organ transplantation
  5. Study on vaccination: the world’s experience
  6. Brain capabilities: is there any limit?
  7. Can cryogenics save humankind?
  8. Immortal organisms: fiction or reality?

Sociology: resolve the contradictions of human society

  1. Tolerance as the primary feature of a modern man
  2. Concept of motherhood in a contemporary society
  3. Present-day view on a generation gap
  4. Conceptual approaches to the institution of marriage
  5. Comparative analysis of non-indigenous nationalities in the USA
  6. Ethnic contradictions among students in the 21st century
  7. Attitudes of young people towards patriotism
  8. The role of feminism in society development

Projects on business and economics: fresh concepts

Economics is a great sphere for study. It is not about theoretical contribution but about personal benefits too. Studying business one can also get an idea on a startup, for instance.

Top modern variants for the title of your future project

  1. Digital economics as a current trend in 2019
  2. Peculiarities of post-industrialization economics
  3. Artificial intelligence as the most significant factor of economics
  4. Cybersecurity of contemporary economic relations
  5. Study on ageism in the culture of present-day corporations
  6. Examination of business virtualization
  7. Advanced solutions to a financial crisis
  8. An analytical survey of Space X business model

Foreign economy and useful international experience

  1. Japanese economic miracle: what is it?
  2. A critical analysis of cross-border cooperation
  3. Evaluation of B2B marketplaces: the Chinese experience
  4. Economic prospects of petroleum exporting countries
  5. Global trends of world economics
  6. The economic outlook for Singapore
  7. A comparative study on the economics of South and North Korea
  8. Ways to stimulate the growth of advanced economies

Analysis of the domestic economy

  1. Impact of globalization and democratization on the economics of the USA
  2. The growth of American economics in 2019
  3. Unemployment level in the USA: statistics and analysis
  4. Impact of immigration processes on the economy of the USA
  5. Characteristics of the energy market in the USA
  6. Trends in American consumer behavior
  7. Company mergers in the USA: impact on the domestic economy
  8. American tax policy: pros and cons

Small businesses: insights and projection

  1. Secrets of a successful startup
  2. Government support for small business
  3. What drives the growth of the small business?
  4. Small business in the USA: research and statistics
  5. Knowledge-intensive firms: conditions for the existence
  6. Challenges for modern startups
  7. Crisis management: solutions for small business
  8. Ethical mistakes in small businesses

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Top modern themes according to our authors

The team of includes specialists in different sphere of expertize. They helped us to compose an ultimate list of the most popular topics. Check out the results of our brainstorm.

Argumentative style of the report really matters

No matter what field of study you have chosen, always adhere to an argumentative style of writing. You need to convey several points of view on a particular issue. The main thing is to provide sound reasons and true facts. Thoroughly consider all details and evidence to make a proper conclusion. Fairness and attentiveness should be your first principles. There is no place for lies and fabrications if it deals with serious research projects. People’s lives, safety, and peaceful coexistence are at stake.

We hope that the investigations of the above-mentioned issues will help humankind live in harmony with surroundings and with each other.

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