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Most people perceive information through their eyes. Even if you are a perfect speaker, you should not ignore visual objects. Otherwise, you just have fewer chances to convey ideas properly. knows all about presentations. Thoughts and suggestions take shape with our assistance. Boost the effect of your speech with our service!

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Whatever your message is, we always bring it to your target audience. School and college reports, demonstrations of goods and services, business plans and proposals… They all become compelling and impressive if you add some pictures or charts. Products created by our team members are designed to solve various issues. Showing results of research, grabbing attention to a particular theme, calling to action, etc.

In most cases, online companies offer line charts, tables, and diagrams to demonstrate your ideas. The same cannot be said about our agency. We go beyond these typical templates, as we are not restricted to a standard set of visual objects. takes any presentation as a vast concept implying numerous opportunities. Advanced technologies help us invent interactive elements. Electronic versions are dynamic. It is their primary advantage over traditional static paper documents. Our designer can even draw some images by hand precisely for your project.

Face the truth, today people do not want to exert themselves. In most cases, listeners do not care about your speech. Potential readers reluctantly open new e-mails. Investors put thousands of offers on startups into trash bins. No images — no attention. Everyone is overloaded with information and has no wish to learn more if it is not worth it. Cool images can change this situation. Slides transform texts, highlighting their best points and establishing contact with the audience. A short, effective, and a compelling way to become noticeable. Therein lies the value of these slides.

Our experts are good at the following types of presentations.

Business sphere

  • Slides for e-mailing. If you have a client-oriented business, you need to inform customers about your offers. The best way to do it is to send a pdf document.
  • Business proposal. This file describes your company, experience, service, guarantees, etc. It is a sort of precise document revealing the advantages of cooperation with you. It can be sent via e-mail. Yet, traditional paper versions are often used too.
  • Product catalog. A range of your services and goods also need visualization. Delegate this task to our skilled experts. They know how to make it in the best possible light.


  • School reports. Pupils are often asked to add visual elements to their papers. It deals with various subjects: Art, History, Writing, Computing, Astronomy, etc. Our database is full of templates for such slide shows.
  • College assignments. Professors wait for creative and bold decisions from their students. Let alone proper knowledge of the subject. Experts of fully meet these expectations. The decent level is guaranteed.
  • Academic sphere. This high level demands a serious approach. Rest assured that our assistants delve into your issue. Thus, we comply with the proper terminology, formats, and style.

How we do it

This is how we create slides for you.

  1. Analysis and discussion. Firstly, we need to realize the purpose of your project. Formulate the task and give us supporting materials. If necessary, we can provide additional investigation on your subject.
  2. Build a structure. We analyze information and select the most essential data for visual objects.
  3. Testing. Our experts compose a pair of slides and show them to you. It is a sort of beta version. If you like the design, we keep doing the rest of the project. One can skip this stage to save time.
  4. The main process. While working on your assignment, we unite the talents of a designer, copywriter, and an editor. Advanced technologies are widely used too.
  5. The final thing. We always check your slideshows at our office. Our employees declaim the text from them. In doing so, they polish phrases so that they sound optimal.

We work with diverse types of slideshows. Here are the most common ones.

  • PowerPoint. It needs a proper installed program, weights a lot; thus, it is not a good variant for e-mailing. Meantime, pupils and students often prefer precisely this program.
  • PDF. It is a universal format. Thus, it is easy to print and to use. People order this type most often, regardless of their purposes.
  • Google slides. This helpful instrument ensures creating shareable documents. A good decision for a business.

We can also establish a set of visual objects for a flipchart. These sketches are helpful for an oral presentation. One can draw them during a speech. In doing so, you attract attention with the help of your movements. Let alone images themselves.

We can also establish a set of visual objects for a flipchart.
These sketches are helpful for an oral presentation.
One can draw them during a speech. In doing so, you attract attention with the help of your movements. Let alone images themselves.

Interestingly, the effect of our efforts corresponds to the name “PowerPoint.” Emphasis on “power.” Our specialists create effective instruments that convince your target audience. A picture is worth a thousand words. We would add that this image must be suitable and vivid. This is what always offers within its services.

Effective presentation: developing & consulting service

Get ready to answer some questions ordering this service on our site. Generally, we need the following information.

  1. Why do you need this slide show? (Business, education, your variant).
  2. What are your intentions? (Printing, speech, sharing via the Internet).
  3. Mention what gadget or device you will use to show this file. (A laptop, a projector, a huge screen, etc.).
  4. We also need to consider the type of your performance. It could be a virtual webinar, a speech in a university auditorium, or an advertisement campaign at the mall.
  5. Who is your target audience? The scientific community, pupils, any specific groups?
  6. Choose a format (pdf, PowerPoint, your option).
  7. How much time do you have for a speech?
  8. Choose preferred visual objects:
    • infographics,
    • icons,
    • diagrams,
    • pictures,
    • tables, etc.
  9. Determine the proportion of the text and images. One can discuss fonts, colors, styles of the slides with our assistants.
  10. Set timeframes for an order.

If you have valuable additional information, do not forget to point it out. Do not want to delve into nuances of our offers? Get a consultation from our support agents. It is free and helpful.

Secrets of our successful presentations lie in our principles.

  • Informativeness is above all. We regularly use a presentation as an instrument for conveying complicated ideas and patterns. Our specialists know how to explain and depict difficult things. The clear manner and valuable facts characterize their style.
  • Logic and structure. Organize your information, or it will be lost in a powerful flow of data. Our team members work in accordance with this rule. That is why your slides stand out among others.
  • Simplicity. We take the view that too much information is harmful to such projects. “Fewer” does not mean “less interesting.” The thing is to select the most crucial points. We offer up to twenty slides. As a rule, it is enough for ten-thirty minutes of conversation. Minimalism is our favorite technique, and it is trendy today. Yet, we are open to discussing.
  • Aesthetics. All layers, lines, forms, and colors are harmoniously united on our slides. Marketing research proves that people react differently to various types of fonts. The style dictates a format and vibes of your performance. On our part, we try our best to make it powerful.
  • Experience gives us undeniable advantages. Our team constantly deals with educational, research, business, and scientific fields. Today, getting a new task, we imagine a ready-made solution practically at once. Someone from our team has already pondered over your issues. It happens very often due to our vast practice.

Slideshows are the favorite tasks for our specialists. These assignments are focused on the essence of the whole report. Therein lie their attractiveness and value.

  • Winning maximum attention. The concentration of the auditory is an essential condition for a successful performance. It is good when your listeners are hanging on your every word. People look for something more interesting if they are bored. Our slides help to make your texts captivating.
  • Memorization. One can draw an original chart or a funny face. In any case, this image is printed in the mind of a listener.
  • Emotional response. Visual objects often evoke more feelings than any words.

Our presentations are helpful to solve various issues. Here are their primary functions:

  • give visual explanations,
  • simplify the perception of information,
  • make illustrative analysis,
  • prove the advantages of your services or goods,
  • call to action (make people try or buy your products),
  • strengthen arguments.

We always try to do more than you ask. Services that exceed your expectations stay in memory. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results of our work. This is how we contribute to a good reputation of

A slide show is always a good idea when it deals with crucial reports. Obviously, it adds some scores to your rating. Teachers are thankful for the convenient format of data presentation. Listeners are captivated by pictures. And you are happy to shine on stage. No matter what that “stage” means to you: a university auditorium, a virtual platform, an office at coworking space, etc. Our advanced technologies and talents make any texts impressive and powerful. Give it a go today!

Guarantees Advantages
Original content (images and text) Complex approach (we research materials, compose slides, draw images)
Respect for your timeframes Advanced technologies
Effective presentations Synergy of experience and fresh ideas