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How to pass examination period successfully: tested life hacks from students

The period when every learner has to take tests and exams comes one way or another. If this is the first time in your life, for sure, there will be a question about how to pass it without trouble. The easiest and the most obvious answer is just to study hard. However, if this does not fit you well, you will need to study life hacks. We are going to share the ones that have been helping learners for ages.

  1. Ask senior students how a particular teacher or professor holds an exam. Sometimes it is easier to have the right mood for an exam when you know how a teacher behaves towards the students. If he/she is nice, friendly, and helpful, there is nothing to worry about. However, if he/she has no mercy for the learners, it is better to spend an hour or two more in order to protect yourself from the situation when you need to retake an exam. That is why do not hesitate to ask senior learners. Maybe this information can save you in the hour of need.
  2. If you do not have any notes, take the notebook of your fellow student and photocopy it. If for some reason you have not taken notes during the classes or missed some lectures, we recommend you to ask for the notebook of some fellow learners and photocopy it. Some teachers/professors prefer when a learner gives answers based on material given at the lectures. Also, it will be easier for you to learn everything necessary. The notes usually contain only main information. Naturally, it is much easier to read 50 pages in a notebook rather than 300 pages in a textbook.

Useful tips for a student from the professional research paper and exam writer

A spare option is to use special applications that transform speech in a text format. When you read the notes, it is simultaneously typed and transformed into a document. All you need is to print it.

  1. Learn at least half of the material that you need to know for a test or exam. When a subject is extremely complex, you need to learn at least half of the necessary material. Usually, the questions at an exam are placed in chronological order, and many teachers just divide them into two parts. If you realize that you cannot learn everything, you need to try to memorize at least half of it. If you manage to answer well, A is guaranteed. Look through the rest of the material just to show that you are aware of it as well. Maybe it will bring you some extra points.
  2. Do cheat sheets – they train visual memory. Cheat sheets can help not only when a teacher “is not looking”. When you create cheat sheets on your own, simultaneously visual memory is trained. It will be great if, when you are getting ready to answer, you will remember the necessary material and pass any exam easily.
  3. Sleep well before an exam. It is a bit banal but a working tip. Before an exam, it is better to sleep well. A rested and “fresh” mind is the best thing you can have at an exam. You will think faster, you will remember more and will not confuse something, making silly mistakes.
  4. Use information sheets. There are some teachers who bring information sheets with a brief description of a subject. Do not ignore this mini source of useful information. Look it through attentively. Familiar words and sentences will help recollect a great share of information (the names of scientists, classifications, terms, etc.). All you need is to add some more information.
  5. Mark an examination paper. One of the learners recommended a quite curious life hack. At the exam, he was making some marks on the examination college papers. In case of a teacher makes him retake an exam, he would just pick the same examination research paper with the same questions. The student learned necessary material, recognized his examination paper, and got A+. So something like this can also work and help in your case.
  6. Be confident and do not worry. There is no need to have the attacks of panic or fear every time you have another challenge. Try to deal with your anxiety. The exams and tests are many, and there is no need to be so much worried about each of them. Take it easier.
  7. Do not be shy and do not hesitate to bargain with a teacher. There are many brave students who manage to increase their grades just because they know how to bargain with the teachers. For example, they ask to answer another question to get a better grade. Or sometimes they have some more interesting and tricky ways to get extra points.
  8. The important thing is not to win but not to retake an exam at least. When a subject is really difficult, and you understand that you would not learn everything you need even if you have 100 days, stay strong. The most important is not to retake an exam because at many educational institutions it is allowed to retake an exam no more than twice. The third time a learner has to take an exam in front of a special examination board. This is a quite risky situation that is better to avoid by all means.

We wish you to be successful at every exam. Also, bear in mind that we are always there to assist you, and we can take your tests and exams for you, if necessary.

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How to get ready for a test or exam from the ground up if you did nothing during the whole semester

Carefree studying days end sooner or later, and an examination period comes. If you have missed a lot of classes during the semester, have not done many assignments or anything else, it is not going to be easy for you. We want to tell you how to get ready for a test or exam when you have been doing absolutely nothing for several months and now you are waiting for a miracle.

  1. Know the full name of your teacher. There is even a joke when a teacher asks a student what his (teacher’s) name is, and a learner fails to answer. If you have missed many classes and you have no idea about who your teacher is, ask your fellow students about his / her name. If you enter a classroom and address your teacher by the name, you will make a positive impression at once.
  2. Do all the assignments. Ask your teacher if you have done all the necessary assignments, otherwise, there is no sense to get prepared for an exam because you will just not be allowed to take it. Of course, do not postpone it because there is always the risk to retake an exam.
  3. Photocopy the lectures. The teachers quite often ask their students to use materials from the lectures to prepare for an exam. A lecturer always selects only the main material. That is why you should not be lazy and photocopy the lectures that you have missed. If you answer based on the lecture notes, a teacher will appreciate that you have the required material. If you learn the material from books, it is important to remember the author and refer to him/her when you answer.
  1. Learn at least something. There are very difficult subjects, and sometimes it might seem impossible to learn at least something. However, you have to know the basics. If a teacher sees that you have been studying and tried to learn the material, there can be a chance to get a satisfying grade. Especially if a teacher is demanding, and you have missed many classes, be ready that it will not be easy at all.
  2. Write cheat sheets. If you have ignored the classes during the whole semester, it is hard to learn everything in just several days. In this case, cheat sheets can be the only rescue. However, do not download whatever information from the internet. Read everything carefully and compare the material you have with the examination questions. When you are sure you have found something proper, you can start getting ready.
  3. Discuss difficult subjects with your friends. If there are some questions that you cannot understand at all, ask a more skilled fellow learner to explain them to you. Thus, your fellow will recollect material, and you will make everything clear.
  4. Know the weaknesses of a teacher. Every teacher has a strict set of requirements for student papers, according to which every freshman has to know some basic things. For example, it can be the periodical table, the classification of languages based on their origin, the map of the world, etc. Such “weaknesses” can become your rescue. When you answer the main examination questions, ask your teacher to ask you some extra questions related to his / her favorite subject (which you, of course, have learned very well). Your teacher will see that you know it well and may give you some extra points. That is why it is important to test the water beforehand.

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