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Our professional writers create customized speeches for every situation. Whether you need a speech for college, work, or a special occasion, you will receive a research-based, original, and bright speech crafted to your requirements.

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Why us?

As a speech writing service focused on quality, we offer these features to our clients:

  • Personalized speeches

    Our professional speech writers craft each speech from scratch. We create personalized speeches for each customer, following your instructions closely and taking your target audience into account.

  • Unlimited edits

    If you are not satisfied with the first draft, we have a 14-day free revision policy. Let us know what you'd like to improve in a written speech, and the writer will correct it shortly, provided that you do not change the initial instructions.

  • Expert writers

    We have the top speech writers who are well-versed in finding the right words for any audience. Every professional speechwriter has 2+ years of experience in writing speeches, texts for public relations, and academic papers.

  • Quick delivery

    You can get your speech written in 12 hours only. No matter the deadline, we guarantee timely delivery of each order and the completion of your persuasive speech in line with your instructions.

  • Affordable prices

    You can calculate the price for speech writing in advance on the Pricing page. The price of your speech is fixed (1 page = 275 words), and we don't apply any hidden fees. Our prices are pocket-friendly compared to other speech writing services - check and make sure!

  • We are online 24/7

    We write speeches 24/7, so you can place an order anytime and we'll match you with a good speech writer shortly. If any questions, our friendly team will gladly assist you in the live chat.

Mezmerize the audience with a professionally written speech?

There is no better way to prepare for public speaking than to hire speechwriters who will craft your speech from scratch, delivering your message effectively and refining the tone. Whether you need a speech for a college class, a presentation for clients or your friend's wedding, our speech writing service is here to assist.

We realize that not everyone has the superpower of crafting speeches that receive a standing ovation. If writing isn't your forte or you are not used to public speaking, drafting your speech can be extremely intimidating. Our team of speech writers helps professionals, maids of honors, best men, award recipients, and executives put together a persuasive speech tailored to their individual situations.

How does it work?

Our process is remote, so you can hire the best speech writers online on our website:

  1. Tell us the details of your speech

    To craft a perfect speech for you, we need as many details as possible. Tell us the word count (or speaking time), the occasion, the audience, if it should be formal or informal, and any other details. If you need the writer to use specific resources, please, share them as well.

  2. We find a writer

    We connect you with a professional speechwriter who specializes in your type of speech (college, commencement, wedding speech, etc.). After that, you can discuss the details of your order directly with a writer.

  3. Download the written speech

    We will deliver the written speech as a text document. If you think that the speech needs some improvements, free revisions are available for 14 days.

We create custom speeches of any type

Depending on the purpose and the style, there are four common types of speeches:

  • informative speech - used to explain a concept or introduce an event;
  • persuasive speech - is aimed at convincing the audience to support the speaker's ideas or take action;
  • motivational speech - used to evoke an emotional response from the audience or overcome some obstacle;
  • demonstrative speech - is intended to explain how to complete a task or reach a particular goal.

No matter the type of speech you need and the deadline, our experts are on it. We will tailor the speech to the audience, use the appropriate tone of voice, and adapt the writing style to your personality if necessary.

Speech writing for 67+ disciplines

For students, we offer prompt speech writing services for every academic subject including:

  • History
  • Psychology
  • Political science
  • Marketing and management
  • Public relations
  • English literature
  • Business
  • Education, and more.

For each speech, we have a 100% plagiarism-free guarantee. We check the text prepared by your speech writer using a premium plagiarism detection software. You will receive a report proving that your speech is 100% original.

Speech writing and editing for any purpose

Our team can create an original speech for you from scratch or improve the one you already have:

  • Writing from scratch - the assigned speech writer will work one-on-one with you to develop a mesmerizing speech according to your requirements;
  • Speech editing - send us the written speech, and our editor will correct the word choice, logical structure, and syntax to make your ideas shine and make your speech appealing to any audience.

How to write a speech: Game-changing tips

To write an effective speech that engages your audience, use this advice from a professional speech writer:

Understand the purpose of your speech

Before you start writing, identify the main goal of your speech. Is your purpose to inform the audience, motivate them or inspire a certain action? When your goals are clear, you'll be able to structure your speech effectively and ensure that every word and sentence serves this goal.

Know your target audience

Think about your audience so you could tailor the message to their interests. If you are addressing your peers in college, you will use different strategies and words than when speaking to potential clients in the office. Also, think about the audience's expectations to make your speech more engaging and relatable.

Do research

Gather some information about your topic to speak confidently. Research books, articles, news, and other resources to get a better understanding of the subject. If you plan to deliver a speech at the event, look up some examples on the internet to understand how to structure your speech best.

Hook your audience

The opening of your speech is the most important part, as you need to grab their attention and set the tone for the rest of the speech. For that, you can ask rhetorical questions, use an "imagine what if" scenario, or simply use a quotation or a curious statistic. If you captivate their attention as a speaker from the very beginning, you'll have a higher chance of getting a standing ovation.

Establish rapport

The best speakers built the connection with the audience quickly as they sound relatable. To achieve this, share something personal with your audience or find common ground to create a connection with them. Thus, they will be more open to listening to your speech attentively.

Develop logical arguments

To develop persuasive arguments, you need to appeal to both logic and emotions. Use logical arguments to rationalize your position and explain why your statements make perfect sense. At the same time, connect with your audience emotionally - share stories, anecdotes, or examples that evoke humor, empathy, or inspiration.

How do deliver your speech persuasively?

Whether you write a speech yourself or hire speechwriters, it is important to master the art of public speaking to deliver it effectively. Here are some tips for better speech delivery:

Practice in front of the mirror

When it comes to speech delivery, practice makes perfect. Practice your speech in front of the mirror, or ask a friend to listen to you and give you some advice. Thus, you'll be able to see the areas that need improvement and work on them, which will help you deliver a better speech.

Work on your verbal presentation

Record yourself as you speak to understand how you sound to others and fix this if necessary. Try to avoid filler words, as they don't make the best impression of you as a speaker. Since many people start speaking fast if they are nervous, try to slow down your speech.

Improve nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication is an essential part of public speaking, as it influences how the audience perceives you. Watch your body language - make sure that you stand straight, take deep breaths, and move on the stage to keep yourself energized. Also, you need to maintain eye contact, use open gestures and vary the tone of voice and volume of your speech.

The effective preparation for your speech depends on you. Yet, our experts can ease your task by preparing an attention-grabbing speech that you'll need to memorize and practice. Order your speech today with a 21% off - chat with us to claim your code!

Who are our professional speech writers?

At, we have 350+ speech writers, editors and academic writers who can complete the project of any difficulty. We take even the most challenging projects that other agencies refuse to complete.

Every speech writing expert takes multiple tests and proves their expertise before joining our team. We ensure that the writer can produce memorable, persuasive speeches in flawless English, as well as provide superior customer service. The assigned writer will work one-on-one with you until you are satisfied with the newly written speech.

How much does it cost to hire a speechwriter?

Online speech writing services are priced differently. In many cases, a speech writer will charge you hundreds of dollars for a speech that lasts a few minutes. Our website offers moderately priced speech writing services, affordable both to students and professionals. Prices for speech writing start at $21 per page (275 words).

At this cost, you will receive a customized speech written with your requirements in mind, formatting of your speech if necessary, and ulimited revisions for 2 weeks. Each writer is an expert in their subject matter area, so you can count on a timely and superior service.

Hire a speech writer that will help you shine

Our experts can create a memorable speech that hooks from the first lines, is tailored to your target audience, and uses the appropriate tone of voice. Contact us on chat to order your memorable speech with a 21% welcome discount! and receive an assignment that will surely meet the academic standards.

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