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The editing service is not a typical agency that churns out academic papers but an ambitious information center that provides its clients with numerous services in the sphere of education and science. Thus, our agency offers a wide range of services for the creation and correction of all kinds of academic papers – essays, abstracts, articles, reports, term papers, coursework, Master’s thesis, Ph.D. dissertation editing, and others. You can have your papers written, proofread and edited, revised, and rewritten by qualified specialists of our service.

The session of “urgent academic assistance” starts with filling out an order form. The order form that you can find on our website is user-friendly and serves as a very simple and convenient way to contact our paper editors. You will need to provide us with the basic information about your assignment, and our manager will contact you immediately to specify other important and necessary details to fulfill your order as best as possible. Of course, when we work on your assignment, we take pay attention to your personal demands, requirements of your educational institution, and general rules and norms of academic writing.

Features of academic papers created and processed by our essay editing service

  • The uniqueness of every document starts from 90% that allows our clients not to be afraid of plagiarism checks and chances of cheating or copying someone else’s ideas.
  • Our paper editing service provides a warranty period. When a research paper is delivered and it turns out that some corrections are required, our specialists will do everything necessary free of charge within the warranty period.
  • We guarantee grammar issues-free papers with proper stylistic, formatting, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.
  • If just a perfectly done research paper is not enough, our specialists provide assistance with presentation creation and give consultations about how to present the information correctly.

Our writers and editors are native English speakers and they can help with any student assignment, essay/paper, and project. As we have mentioned, we are ready to create and fix your academic papers, and also, we can take your classes, tests, and exams online, assist with various creative projects, as well as perform any other work that teachers give to their students.

Dissertation editing - I can edit my paper without leaving home

The internet has given to people a unique opportunity to have almost everything done without leaving home. Academic paper writing and correction is not an exception. Such kind of activity as online paper writing, copywriting, and rewriting is highly demanded now. Not only University graduates but also other people who deal with written texts need the assistance of specialists to present high-quality materials. Every single text needs revision, editing, and proofreading before publishing.

For example, experts who deal with the preparation of technical materials often make spelling/grammar mistakes. Conversely, good journalists and professional copywriters may not be aware well of the subtleties of a specific subject and make flaws in meaning. In this case, professional revision and editing are mandatory.

The price of text revision online depends on the type of task. It matters what kind of text should be checked, its size, urgency, etc. The specialists of our company can professionally revise absolutely any text and paper and make it completely error-free at a quite reasonable price.

The art of paper editing service -
how do proofreading experts do this?

When we speak about a professional text correction service provided online, there are several types.

1. Editing and proofreading (technical correction). People who create a lot of texts (usually students and copywriters) stop noticing little inaccuracies, lexical, spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. The task of an essay editor is to read a document thoroughly and remove any flaws of a document writer. An original material does not require some radical changes, it just has little inaccuracies. A professional paper editor can check up to 100 thousand document symbols a day, and it is really significant and extremely hard work.

2. Stylization (content correction). This kind of document correction is more creative since it is necessary not just to read a text carefully or simple grammar check but also to make it look and sound properly. Word combinations and expressions that do not fit a particular writing style are removed, technical details and specific vocabulary are added instead. This type of work on the document is more complex, and the maximum productivity of a specialist is about 25-50 thousand texts symbols a day. Naturally, it will be extremely hard to cope with this task for a student or any other person who is not an expert in this sphere. Fortunately, you can delegate this task to our paper editing specialists, and they will do everything for you.

3. Expert paper revision and proofreading (correction of technical grammar/punctuation errors, removal of inaccuracies). A copywriter cannot be aware of all the spheres of life that are why some texts may contain unreliable data. The task of an expert is to remove inaccuracies, make the material more literate and relevant. Such kind of texts correction is especially demanded the creation of articles on law, building, and medical subjects, in which it is very important to use professional terms and the newest information.

4. Cutting and reduction (making the volume of document smaller). Another kind of document processing is the reduction of ready texts required to make materials more accurate and specific. As a rule, document reduction influences the percentage of uniqueness. That is why it is often necessary to increase paper uniqueness after its reduction, and it makes this process more energy and time-consuming.

5. Rewriting (literary correction). Some texts require radical changes, without which they just cannot be presented. In this case, rewriting is necessary. It also can be called literary correction and, in fact, this is a complete changing of a paper. Almost everything is changed in a text except for the original meaning. Rewriting can be superficial (replacing the words with their synonyms, adding phrases, etc.) and deep (complete text changing).

How to make a text correspond to the writing features and norms of a specific paper type

The text correction process can be conditionally divided into two types:

  • a) correction with changing and rewriting and
  • b) correction with adding of information.

The first type is the creation of a new variant of a text-based on materials provided by its author. In order to get such materials, a specialist usually asks a text author to specify what exactly points are necessary to clarify and what contradiction to remove.

The second type, on the contrary, is simply information expansion of a text, critical analysis of vocabulary, the transformation of a text from let’s say one genre or style to another one. Besides, such text correction implies proper arrangement of accents based on the purpose of a text.

Services that improve text uniqueness: can they be trusted?

Many students worry about how to pass plagiarism check successfully. There are many companies that provide a service to increase text uniqueness and pass the check. Nevertheless, almost everyone has a question about how to make a text unique or how to cheat plagiarism check systems, and whether companies that promise to help can be trusted.

The feeling that you can be deceived gets stronger when you see that an agency offers to increase the uniqueness in just several minutes almost for free. Can it be possible? Unfortunately, no...

We can confidently say that this is deception. Although there can be promised "credible and safe" options, they are not safe and trustworthy at all. Usually, such companies use some tricks that do not work any longer. Antiplagiarism systems, as well as the teachers, are aware of all the tricks long ago and can easily detect them in a text. So do not let fraudsters cheat you! Do not risk your texts, academic papers, and a future degree!

How to increase text uniqueness safely

The easiest way to do it is to turn to a professional trustworthy company that offers writing, editing, and rewriting services. Our proofreading service is one of the top writing companies online. Our specialists use different antiplagiarism services to detect and fix any plagiarized fragment. It allows us to achieve the premium quality of every paper we create or correct. With our professional help, the percentage of your papers will be at least 90%. Experienced copywriters and rewriters will rescue you from tiresome writing and correction of your texts.

If you order our paper revision and editing services, we guarantee that uniqueness will be more than 95%. The best thing is that your teacher will never notice anything, and you will prove yourself as a smart and diligent student. Our working process never causes suspicions. Papers processed by our specialists are approved even by the strictest and most demanding teachers. You should know that our regular customers get many pleasant bonuses. However, our new clients are also guaranteed to get a discount of up to 20% on the first order. As you can see, collaboration with us is very beneficial. Regular customers prefer to cooperate with our specialists because they know that the result will be outstanding. Our texts are always unique and error-free. Experienced specialists will offer low prices for a competently done paper and will do their utmost to make you satisfied with our work. If you need to revise and rewrite your paper, we ensure to keep its original meaning. We will change your paper in accordance with your demands.

Pay someone for assistance - trust our specialists!

The editing and proofreading company is well-known to many students. Our experts are ready to assume the part of learning the responsibility that the Ministry of Educations has imposed on students. What exactly can we do for you? First of all, we provide a full range of offers related to academic paper writing and correction. Second of all, on our website, you can purchase any kind of academic paper, starting with a paragraph and essay, ending with coursework and thesis. Third, we can also take your classes and assist with tests and exams online. Your order will be fulfilled by the most qualified and experienced online writers, university degree owners, competent paper editors, proofreaders, revisers, and other professionals in various spheres.

Benefits our customers get when they order expert paper editing:

  1. Over 7 years of experience on the market of educational service provision allow our company to ensure the premium quality of works and preserve a professional well-deserved reputation.
  2. Providing papers of the finest quality, we make sure to offer the most reasonable prices, taking into account the limited financial capacity of most students.
  3. Works are performed by competent and skilled professionals.
  4. Our clients are free to choose any payment method they prefer. Our specialists get to work immediately after payment of the order.
  5. Your order will be fulfilled and sent to your email before the deadline.
  6. We give a 100% warranty that the order will be done in complete accordance with the set requirements.

Can you edit my paper? - Absolutely! We are online!

Although the main offices of our company are located in the USA and the UK, we work not only with American and British students. Our editing service is the website that receives and delivers academic papers to students from all across the globe. All you need is just to fill out an order form, our manager will contact you to clarify a couple of points, you will need to pay for the order, and our specialists will work on it, in the meantime. It is as easy as that! Our support team is available 24/7, so you can ask any questions regarding editing papers or get a discount code now! We have helped thousands of students and we will gladly help you!

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