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An original essay is aimed to solve a lot of present-day issues. It helps, above all, to demonstrate an individual point of view. An essay is probably the best way to express personal ideas and an attitude on a certain topic. This assignment is widely used in educational, scientific, academic, medical, business, and other spheres. Accordingly, various objects form the basis of the essay: processes and phenomena, events and actions, individuals and commercial ideas, etc.

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You might have already encountered an essay at high school or college. No matter what experience you had, we feel obliged to offer our essay writing service. Our original texts will definitely improve your ratings and simplify life in general. We have helped thousands of students. The warmest customer reviews show this real picture. If you need any help with writing assignments, feel free to follow their example and join our project. Get effective help on our website.

... because high quality matters

High quality as well as prompt decisions make our website stand out among other online agencies for students. We are rightly considered the coolest portal for our customers. Check that it is true — place your first order here. Customer support specialists work 24 hours a day to provide immediate help. Follow us on the website blog to get entertaining facts and original helpful tips. It is absolutely free for both customers and visitors.

Experts of Shinyessays.com specialize in all types of original essays for students, profoundly understanding the peculiarities of every task. It is here where customers can get the greatest variety of offered variants, flexible terms, as well as skilled writers. Our team comes up with an original writing solution for every need.

Essays are among our most favorite assignments. Such tasks help to view theoretical knowledge through the prism of personal experience. Herein lie their value and interestingness. That is why we implement such orders with a special attitude. Creative enthusiasm and professionalism of academic writing are united to reach the best results for our customers. Thus, you always get an original essay rich in fresh ideas.

An essay for everyone

Professionals of our website work with all levels and thematic areas of essays starting from a school essay till an academic research paper.

If your issue concerns a commercial field, we can write a business essay in the form of a case study. It could be an original success story, clearly showing situations and results before and after, or an essay analyzing the specific situation.

Whatever you need, you will get a perfect paper. Our services may seem excessively bold, yet believe that we really have enough resources to cope with the most challenging tasks. Customer reviews are not always enough to convince future customers. An insider's look is what they need more.

Our winning scheme for creating an original top-notch essay

Step 1: Problem description

It all starts with an issue we are going to solve. In fact, an original essay can be aimed to mitigate specific pain points. Say, our writers use something like “to implement alternative sources of energy,” “boost the speed of data transmitting,” “the need for protecting the oceans,” etc. for a research paper. In the case of a descriptive essay, it could be an evocative depiction of the subject. It is logical to start an argumentative essay with a core problem. Our customers are free to choose any style they need. We accurately follow paper instructions and consider order details. Thus, rest assured that your essay is in safe hands.

Step 2: Search for a solution

It is crucial to show where we take initial information and how we get results. Statistics is important to bolster arguments, as nobody believes in random figures or groundless ideas. Our writers also depict how they come to a particular original idea. It proves the seriousness of the study. In this regard, we provide calculations and references to data sources. It mostly concerns academic writing, such as a science report, research papers, term papers, analytical essays, a lab report, etc. We comprehend that students need well-grounded original projects. Feel free to order with us and get an original powerful essay from our authors.

Step 3: Define the primary idea

The main part of the essay is about key findings. Here our writers prove an original point of view, describe how an innovation works, why people should choose a specific offer, what the sense of discovery is. This chapter is about credibility and meaningfulness, and, thus, deserves maximum attention. It constitutes the greatest value for academic writing; thus, our professionals always make sure it is good enough. Some students are often stuck with this part due to the complexity of requirements. Are you one of them? Do not forget to buy this part of the article from our portal.

Of course, we do not forget about other pieces of the document, such as a title page or an essay annotated bibliography. Everything will be done perfectly since we have quality assurance at each level.

We are often guided by the above plan working with essays. However, if your college has other requirements, we will follow them too. Just mention the parts of the paper on our Order Form.

Methods of research

Methods of study matter when you need a lab report, a research paper, an academic essay, term papers, a dissertation chapter, etc. The best essay is the one that is written on the basis of strong arguments. You can make sure that Shinyessays.com is good at all types of research for high school, college, undergraduate, master levels.

Our research department implies in practice different techniques of investigation and analysis. They help to make an impartial well-grounded essay. Objectivity is the core principle of any study since it influences further usage of the achieved results. A wrong interpretation may confuse people and even does harm to the development of business, science, health, and humankind globally.

  • Interviews

    Our helpers do not distort original answers and, thus, get the real picture. In addition, we carefully select people for the survey. If we work with business essays (business plan), a target audience is taken into account. A research paper on the ecology of the particular area includes responses from its inhabitants. A college essay on youth problems is based on students' statements.

  • Experiments and observations

    By examining a particular object or phenomenon, we can find out many previously unknown nuances. Depending on your task, we can conduct some tests. It could be a social experiment or a field experiment, for instance. Thus, an argumentative essay on social media addiction can sound more compelling if you add some original examples. Learn more from our customer support team. They are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Archival records

    This method is mainly used for historical projects. Original data from official archives is valuable since it constitutes raw facts. These materials are worth gathering to get fair results. Some chronicles can contain unknown facts and unexpected evidence. The duty of the researcher is to interpret them correctly. Shinyessays.com comprehends and fulfills it.

It could take much time to conduct studies without any help. Depending on the level of the essay, you could spend 3 hours, 6 hours, up to 10 days. Our essay writing service is a better alternative to individual study. Turn to our expert essay authors and get original high quality research papers. Everything starting from a title page till the last page will be done at a decent level.

If you find yourself stuck with any texts for school or university, follow us on live chat. Our customer support managers will pick a proper assistant for you. We can successfully cope with a book report, multiple choice questions, term paper, thesis, academic papers, and much more. Place an order on any college discipline here: Management, English Literature, History, Philosophy, etc.

Is buying essays online safe?

Be sensible looking for a person who can compose an original essay. Some guys promise to provide a completed paper in 3 hours or 6 hours and disappear after you make payment. It happens that paper writing service has no clue what an original essay is. Thus, they do not have quality assurance and do not send a plagiarism report.

Shinyessays.com is quite another matter. Feel the difference placing your order on our website. An original essay is guaranteed. Our mature writers have enough skills and experience to make the following promises.

  • Respect for time frames

    Delays can become significant obstacles to personal and business accomplishments. The price of the broken deadline can be very high. A lower grade, a worse rating, a wrong business strategy are among missed opportunities caused by lateness. Being aware of the consequences, we adhere to all our terms and conditions. If our manager confirms a time limit "3 hours" or a due date "3 days," you will receive your order within these time frames. Otherwise, we provide money-back guarantee.

  • Accurate calculations

    Precise computations reflect the truth. That is why we check results twice. It deals with gained statistical data, parameters of efficiency, forecast figures, etc. Our website takes responsibility for the correctness of the entire project and, thus, controls every stage of analysis. Do not worry about the exactness of your term papers, research papers, a lab report, etc. We provide services that match reality.

  • Reliable scheme of cooperation

    Shinyessays.com runs a legal business, and, thus, we provide safe terms. It deals with privacy and security. A payment procedure is well-protected. Therefore, stay calm about your credit card when you make a new order on our essay website. We offer all evidence of the honest service: "rights reserved," "money back opportunity," "free extras," etc.

  • Logical analysis

    There is nothing worse than a chaotic flow of thoughts. Particularly, when it appears in such serious papers as academic essays, business cases, term papers, or research reports. Our specialists always provide proper reasoning for all original suggestions. As a result, our customers get well-considered structured essays.

  • A proper format

    You are free to choose any paper type and any format. It could be a presentation in PDF, Google document, good old Word, or your option. Mention it on our Order Form. Some helpful advice for students: illustrations make a movie review and a book review more evocative.

  • Impeccable grammar

    All essays are revised by our editor. Our portal follows language rules to make papers clear, firstly. Besides, well-written texts look and sound solid. The best essay mustn't contain typos or mistakes. Our writing services exclude all of them.

Become a better student with a professional report writing service

The cookies policy and privacy policy are fair, we do not collect personal data for third parties and personal use. One can always count on immediate feedback from our managers. We have an order tracking system. Students are free to monitor the implementation of their orders.

In addition, we offer a revision period. It could be 4 days, 5 days, or sometimes — 10 days. It depends on some factors; so, you'd better learn the details from our support agents. In any case, students are free to send a revision request within a particular time frame.

A refund period is one more convenient opportunity for students. If we do not meet quality requirements, you are free to send a refund request.

Our specialists usually make a decision on such issues within 14 days. However, we rarely face such moments since our original essay authors try their utmost to make students' papers impeccable. Thus, you will not have to request a refund and wait for 14 days to get your money back. Simply provide us with clear instructions and receive your original essay when you need.

Of course, we also guarantee the original content of every essay, money back function, and respect for personal information. You can count on some free services and perks. You could be lucky to get 15% off your first order today.

How much do you charge for writing an essay? | FAQ

Affordability issues are among our priorities. We strive to make custom essay services inexpensive. Meantime, the price for our help corresponds to the highest quality of the paper, as well as convenient terms and conditions. It implies original insights, strict compliance with educational and academic standards, an individual approach to your personal needs. The best essay for a modest price is always a good idea.

Follow us on Price & Discounts section — our specialists provide a convenient price calculator. As you see, the cost of essays depends on many factors:

  • sort of service (writing, editing, revision, etc.);
  • type of the text (cover letter, movie review, term papers, research papers, creative essays, thesis paper, research proposal, etc.);
  • level of an educational institution (high school, college, university, PhD, etc.);
  • level of urgency (2 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 3 days, 4 days, 7 days, 14 days, etc.);
  • spacing (single — 550 words per page, Times New Roman, double — 275 words on 1 page; inch margin if necessary; left, right text alignment);
  • a number of pages (2 pages, 6 pages, 7 pages, 8 pages, 10 pages, 20 pages, 101 pages, etc.)

Do not forget to mention the format style of your paper (APA, MLA, Harvard, or any other). Students are free to choose any combination of terms. We agree to receive even the most challenging orders.

Custom essays: choose your paper

Understanding a great variety of requirements, standards, and purposes of essays, we provide all types of these papers. The following methods help our website with that.

  • Illustrative method

    This approach is based, above all, on descriptive research. Our company may use it for certain purposes. Say, one can depict one example to show the whole picture. Two instances can be used to demonstrate the variety or even contradictions of the studied objects (process or item). Actually, some phenomena are difficult to explain. Examples, in turn, help to clear up complicated moments and dive deep into the topic. It is a good way to create a clear original essay.

    Dividing a sophisticated issue into parts, one can easily get to the root of the subject matter. The illustrative method makes intricate things straightforward. A skill to comprehend and interpret complex stuff in an understandable manner is always appreciated. Your teachers, groupmates, and clients will definitely be grateful.

  • Critical study

    In comparison with the previous method, this way excludes generalizing. One or two objects are in focus. The exploration is aimed to analyze cause and effect and explain how it works. It entails answers to the following questions.

    • What is the reason for this matter?
    • What are its consequences?
    • What if this problem disappears?

    Shinyessays.com is a doorway to your new cheerful life. Imagine that you do not need to be anxious about your grades for assignments, a tight schedule, and complicated tasks. You can always turn to our experts and get competent help. Why not start right now?

  • Cumulative approach

    This way of research can be rightly called the most objective one. The sense is to analyze information from various sources. One needs to aggregate the results of case studies made at different times by diverse analysts. It helps to generate the global vision of the matter. In addition, when we see the whole range of previous studies, we avoid repeating the same experiments. One may analyze past pitfalls, mistakes, and nuances.

    In doing so, our specialists save time and money and, meantime, generate a qualitatively new global investigation.

  • Pilot method

    Apparently, large-scale researches belong to big companies. Our website does not pretend to do something like they do. However, pilot projects are within our power. As a rule, such studies are conducted before a considerable exploration. These first steps enable researchers to reveal the problems and pitfalls of a further experiment. It is a sort of test version.

    Using this approach, we strive to stay maximum unbiased. The main thing is not to take the results of the pilot project as the only truth. Beyond all doubts, its outcomes are valuable, yet the final conclusions may differ.

Why choose our essay writing assistance?

An original essay can become a common problem for both students and businessmen. The sense is to formulate free thoughts and ideas in accordance with educational standards or commercial rules. You can always ask us to do this task.

A business essay is extremely popular nowadays. It can help to convince potential sponsors and investors in the reasonableness of the particular original project. One may also need this document for other commercial purposes, such as attracting new customers or additional promotion. Who but our experts can write it with flying colors?

Shinyessays.com is chosen by thousands of students and entrepreneurs for many reasons. Here are the most crucial arguments in favor of our website.

  1. Detailed investigation

    Specialists of our website do not miss any single nuance. To prepare the most effective original essay, we thoroughly study your topic and the peculiarities of your subject. Random facts do not work; they make your paper weak and unconvincing. Teachers want to see the reflection of in-depth thoughts and knowledge of the subject. The target audience reacts positively only when it deals with the usefulness and advantages of goods and services.

  2. Emphasis on the value of your project

    An academic and educational sphere always requires original decisions and innovative ideas. Meantime, every year thousands of articles and essays remain unnoticed. Our authors make your paper shine among others. Feel free to order your remarkable essay here.

    Our professionals also know how to tie your business to people's needs and highlight the most fitting points. The success of the case study is determined by meeting the expectations of potential shareholders or buyers. For this purpose, we find suitable options at the intersection of your offers and clients' wishes.

  3. Progressive methods of research

    Using up-to-date software and equipment, experts of our website minimize the time for statistical calculations, revealing patterns, as well as an illustrative demonstration of results. Alongside common methods of research, we take an interest in new ways. Software driven by artificial intelligence is extremely helpful in collecting data. For instance, we can save up to 14 days using modern programs instead of a manual search.

    An essay is a vast concept aimed to solve various issues in different spheres. The bottom line, it is based on real facts and generates new valuable ideas. Writers of Shinyessays.com know everything about research and analysis. We are ready to share our knowledge and implement our skills in your projects.

Situations when you'd better trust our experts

  • Too many unknowns in your assignment. What if you were unlucky to get a complicated theme for your case study? Professionals of our website understand your perplexity and guarantee qualified assistance.
  • No previous experience in analogous tasks. Fear of unknown constrains even the most talented guys. Our pros are willing to help you out. You are free to order the entire paper or only one of its parts. For instance, we can collect data for you or form the results of your research according to educational standards.
  • The price of a mistake is too high. If you do not want to risk, work with professionals. In doing so, you get the best balance between spent resources and gained results.
  • Issues with data search. It happens that one cannot find initial information for the study. Original sources for college and business projects can be hidden far away on the web space. Professionals of Shinyessays.com know where and how to search.
  • You cannot afford expensive global research. Standard surveys are rather expensive. Start with small sizes of experiments — our assistants would make them on the best terms.

What you get from cooperation with our website

Benefits from ordering papers on our website are obvious. They vary in accordance with the sphere and goals of the essay. Still, you can always count on exceptional quality and original approach.

  • Saving time. Regardless of the assignment type, you get free hours, days, and maybe even weeks. There is no need to sacrifice your life to study or business only. It happens that even 6 hours free from a college essay can help you to regain your strength. Or imagine that you do not need to write your business essay. It looks like you add 12 hours to your day. Get more free days with our help. 48 hours for a sudden weekend, 5 days for your unplanned vacation. We are sure you know how to spend them properly.
  • Better grades and ratings. As our regular client, you get all the chances to become a straight-A student. If you need to get higher marks, order essays on our website. Our customers claim that our services really work (see customer reviews).
  • Increased profits. You can get an original, in-depth business essay (case study) that analyzes competitors and provides new strategies for further development. If you need an informative and objective project, opt for our analytical essay.
  • Risk minimization. Delegating your projects to our essay pros, you get original, reliable, and effective solutions. We guarantee decent results, no matter what. Attractive terms and conditions are appreciated by our customers. One can always count on the money back variant.
  • Confirmation of your hypotheses and assumptions. If you want to prove your ideas but lack opportunities to conduct research, order case studies from our specialists. We will find answers to all your questions. Get competent help with your essays here.
  • List of recommendations and an action plan. The value of any investigation lies in its outcomes. We, on our part, always pay special attention to the interpretation of results. Helpful guidance and sensible advice can be included in our essay.

If you are not ready to devote all the time to college or business projects, use the help of our professionals. Competent assistance is precisely what you need to get the maximum effective study and a catchy essay. Let's start our cooperation with your first order.

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