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Check out a helpful online instrument that accurately predicts the duration of your speech. We offer precise time indicators for your texts and much more. You are free to order writing and editing services, as well as adjust your report to required terms with our professional help.

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Words converted to minutes online | Expert help speech timer calculator represents a convenient tool to estimate your speech. Use it to count the time you will spend on a performance. Got unexpected results? Our experts are willing to rewrite the text in accordance with your terms. Have nothing to check? A skilled author will compose a brilliant presentation. Our Converter is absolutely free since we sincerely appreciate our customers and visitors. This online calculator is rather helpful for educational, business, and personal needs. Now you can be sure about the duration of the speech.

An inability to estimate the time for your performance results in negative consequences. Awkward pauses, an unfinished lecture, a chaotic fast story often overshadow the value of your thoughts and ideas.

Sometimes all you need is an exact “words-to-minutes” converter and a couple of expert advice. You can always get them here.

How it works

  1. Paste your text into our form.
  2. Get the number of minutes.
  3. Evaluate the result. Order rewriting services if necessary.

You do not need to guess and make calculations on your own. Simply put your speech in the program window and get a precise result. Our specialists also give recommendations on improvement of your text. If you need to cut or add it, go to our live chat and order rewriting services. Importantly: bear in mind the speed you talk.

Helpful insight from our expert: A too slow speech rate (100 words per minute and less) makes people yawn. On the contrary, a fast speed (160 wpm and more) may hinder understanding of your report.

Speech editing and rewriting services | Why us? is always a good idea when it deals with speeches and presentations. Our agency is helpful at any stage of their preparation:

  • computing precise time for a speech (a ready-made text);
  • rewriting a speech in accordance with strict time frames for a presentation (a final draft);
  • editing, which is improving grammar, structure, style (“half-cooked” report);
  • writing a paper from scratch (clean slate).

Advantages of our agency speak for themselves

  • We provide free offers

    It is about our online instruments. You can use the above converter for free. In addition, you may count on discounts and bonuses.

  • A wide range of related services

    A convenient online calculator is not an end in itself for our agency. We are ready to get the job done. Editors and proofreaders can add or cut your text so that it fits the time given for your presentation.

  • Perfect speech writing

    Our specialists are good at all types of presentations. We consider all the details of this assignment. It basically deals with the type of content. A well-structured text, powerful phrases, and a proper vocabulary will make your speech remarkable.

  • Helpful recommendations

    One can order a list of advice on an oral presentation from our specialists. Our experts know how to make your speech sound better. Of course, content matters a lot. Yet, the way you present information is equally important. It is about confidence and winning listeners’ attention.

Speech writing experts: professionalism & talent

Three minutes of the presentation is equal approximately to three hundred and sixty written words. Speechwriters of select the best phrases to make your report effective and captivating. A well-considered vocabulary in combination with a proper tempo is a key to your brilliant performance.

Principles of our work

A matter of accurate calculations

It happens that students fail with oral presentations. And it is not about their knowledge and skills. The thing is that they simply do not pay enough attention to timing. Sometimes one cannot estimate the time for speech precisely. At best, you could read a text once and determine the length of the presentation by eye.

There is a simple rule: 2 words = 1 second.

But there are exceptions. We have created an online tool that gives the most accurate results. In comparison with analogous instruments, it takes into account many nuances of the text.

  • For instance, our algorithm turns numbers into words and considers the length of each item.
  • What is more, our consultants can provide additional explanations. They are built on the understanding of various styles. Tempo and rhythm matter since they determine pauses, intonation, and semantic accents.

Our online converter helps to set approximate time for your speech. The exact parameter can be calculated on the basis of the following factors.

  1. Style of reading (speaking)

    The first question is about the way you are going to present a report. You could read it or learn by heart and, thus, simply tell everything you remember.

    Obviously, the speed of reading is faster than the speed of speech. If you prefer a “calm and measured” style, it will take you more than 2 words per second to pronounce.

    On the contrary, in the case of fast speed, timing can be reduced.

    The combination of styles is possible too. Say, you need to slow down talking about highlights. Fast dynamics or urgent messages are usually described quickly. Our specialists take all these nuances into account too.

  2. Accents and pauses

    Short intervals in speech emphasize certain words. One needs to make logical pauses following syntax rules (commas, points, exclamation points, hyphens, etc.). Do not forget about the number of paragraphs.

  3. Words and sentences

    Long academic or technical terms are difficult to pronounce. In this case, the speed of speech slows down.

    Short phrases are easy to read, yet they need to sound separate. Thus, such texts imply more pauses due to a greater number of points.

  4. Numbers should be turned into words

    Reading silently, we rarely pronounce all the sounds. An oral presentation is quite another matter. Consider, for instance, “year 2020.” In fact, it is “year twenty-twenty.”

    You see, seventeen signs instead of eight. Meantime, some programs still can take one figure as one letter. Our specialists pay attention to these nuances to get accurate calculations.

  5. Time for setting the mood

    What if your speech must be emotional? Our specialists add time for expressing feelings in this case. As a rule, a phrase describing sadness sounds longer than the same amount of sounds revealing excitement.

  6. Questions

    Your listeners can ask something. Thus, you need time for answers. Experts of know it from their experience. If the format of the presentation implies a dialogue or a conversation, they add time for a short discussion.

So, how to determine the exact time of the speech?

Firstly, one can use our Free Online Calculator. Yet, to get absolute accuracy, you can order speech writing services pointing out “count precise time for an oral presentation.”

I’ve already calculated the time for my speech. Are there any pitfalls?

It happens that reality does not meet expectations. Underestimation of time for speech could lead to unforeseen issues. A student might present only a half of his/her project, start a panic, and forget about valuable conclusions and insights.

The thing is reading silently, we omit some letters and sounds. Words sound much faster in our imagination. This fact is explained by some features of the brain. For instance, people often notice the first and last signs. They perceive a “silhouette” of the word, in a way.

“Brian abliities are amzaing…Spleling deosn't mtater if you are graet at redaing.”

What you get ordering our services

Confidence is the most important benefit you get from cooperation with our agency. You feel calm when you know that everything is ok with your text.

One does not need to worry about its length, mistakes in words, and the quality of the content, in general. Thus, you save life forces for the performance itself.

Situations when our Words-To-Minutes instrument is especially helpful

  • High school reports

    Clients often order speeches for such purposes. The thing is students are restricted by short time frames for presentations of their projects. Meantime, they need to put maximum valuable thoughts and findings in these, say, 10 minutes.

  • Academic presentations

    Presentations for colleges and universities are longer than speeches for high schools. They require more sophisticated intellectual work and better public speaking skills. You have an excellent opportunity to make them impeccable with our help.

  • Audio or video content for personal or business websites

    As a rule, blog and social media platforms have restrictions on the length of clips or podcasts. Make sure you fit their policy. The most convenient way to check a text for a YouTube channel is to use our Converter.

    The same can be said about audio advertisements on radio and TV. Determine how much time they really take as every minute costs a lot.

  • Texts for stand up comedy shows

    Why not? If you want to try yourself in these performances, calculate the time, first. As a rule, this genre implies short texts. A too long story makes people bored. Every single minute matters, thus, make sure your speech is concise enough.

  • Speech for public performances

    It could be a graduation speech, a project presentation beyond high school or college, words for official meetings, etc. Learn the length of your speech in minutes and make sure it fits the format of the event.

Anyway, our Words-To-Minutes Converter is a better alternative to:

  • an impromptu performance (too many risks, especially if you lack experience);
  • calculating time yourself (subjective estimation and approximate results).

Words per minute | FAQ on statistics

How many words per minute does an average person speak? Interestingly, this question appeared more complicated than we had thought. In fact, this figure depends on many factors.

Objective factors:

  • a language itself,
  • the complexity of the theme,
  • a vocabulary and a structure of words,
  • a purpose of the speech.

Subjective factors:

  • language proficiency,
  • speaker’s expertise in the topic,
  • a level of calmness.

As you see, an average North American student speaks about 130 words a minute.

How many words per minute should one speak?

It depends on your purpose. On average, 120 words per minute are enough to express thoughts clearly.

Facts say that commentators are the fastest speakers. The pace of presentations is in turn, is the slowest one.

Is there a link between a language and a speed of speech?

Obviously, yes. It depends on the traits of the language and culture. Melodiousness, peculiarities of words and sentences influence the tempo. The way people got used to communicate with each other also matters.

By the way, Japanese is considered the fastest language. These guys can speak up to 360 words per minute.

How much does it take to pronounce 1000 words?

One thousand words take about three pages. If you decide to read them, it will be approximately a nine-minute presentation.

How much information can you present in 5 minutes?

Five minutes are enough to say six hundred words.

If you had only 3 minutes, how long would your speech be?

If you are competent in the topic, your speech will be at least three hundred and sixty words.

How long should a speech last?

It's all relative. We can claim from our experience that it can be from 3 minutes to 25 minutes. Interestingly, this time is spent not only for a speech itself. One needs to take into account answering the questions, as well as additional explanations and descriptions of slides.

Summing up

A good speech boils down to a balance between informativeness and an engaging story. A too long presentation exhausts both a lecturer and a listener. A too brief text, in turn, leaves a feeling of unfinished conclusions. It looks like you have nothing to say on the topic. makes your speech optimal with regard to rich content and a way of its presenting. Use our helpful tool to calculate time or order our writing services. In any case, all our offers are beneficial.