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Ease your life with our custom speech writing services

What can be more stressful than giving a public speech? Probably, writing one. Creative writing takes talent and much effort. You need to consider the audience, tone of voice, let alone to do your research to make the speech informative.

Whether you need to prepare a text for public speaking in college, for personal event or a professional occassion, our speech writer can get you 100% prepared. An expert speech writer will develop the content based on your goals and all you'll need to do is to deliver a perfect speech. A motivational speech, acceptance speech, a speech for college or even political speeches - we are on it! Finding speech writers for hire is very easy!

How does it work?

Step 1. Place an order

Upload a detailed instruction and guidelines for persuasive speech writing. The more details you provide, the better speech we'll manage to create. You are welcome to add your wishes and comments, and the writer will follow them closely.

Step 2. We assign a professional speechwriter

Our manager assigns the writer who specialize in your college discipline. The writer starts working immediately and they may get in touch with you for more details. At this point you can relax while we are creating the perfect paper for you.

Step 3. Download the speech

Once your personally written speech is complete, you can download it as DOCX document. Remember that you have 2 weeks to ask for a revision from your speech writer if necessary. Give your writer 5 stars if they did a great job!

We write speeches of any type

Situations for which you might need to get a persuasive speech written vary from study and work to personal occassions. Our speech writing services experts can find just the right words for any of them. Here are the types of speeches our best speech writers can help with:

  • Speeches for weddings or social events (wedding toasts, introduction, birthday, and more) where you speak in front of family, friends, and community because of a special occasion;
  • Professional and business speeches where you address the colleagues, customers, or deliver an important report to management;
  • Persuasive speech for students - keynote speeches, presentation of your research project, thesis, or expressing your opinion on a given subject;
  • Speeches for political campaigns where you need to address the public and would like to hire a speechwriter to create the right image about the candidate.

What is the cost of custom speech writing services?

The price for ghostwriting services varies from company to company. Your final charge will depend on the type of speech, the deadline, and how many years of experience the speech writer has. At some websites, the fee for writing speeches can reach $300, $500 and above.

At ShinyEssays.com, we offer speech writing at a flat rate starting $21.88 per page. This cost includes custom writing, direct contact with your writer until the project is complete, and unlimited edits.

If you seek professional speech writer for an important business or political event, you are welcome to order Premium services. We will assign a Top 10 speech expert to work on your project, and then it will be proofread by a PhD editor to ensure consistency in style and flawless word choice.

How to create an excellent speech?

Our speech writing services online have discovered the recipe for a good speech of any kind. When writing texts, our professional speech writers follow the principles below. You can use them as well to create a strong speech:

Research and create a plan

Before creating a custom speech, you need to analyze the sources and collect information to make the speech informative. If you intend to give a themed speech on some subject, this is particularly important (for example, when creating a workplace or college presentation). However, this is also helpful for creating special occasion speech like a wedding toast - you can browse examples and get inspired for writing your own speech.

Next, create a brief plan that covers the main points of your message. When you have a plan at hand, you can rest assured you won't forget something important.

Follow an effective speech structure

Every informative speech has three main elements. In an introduction, you briefly explain who you are, what you'd like to speak about and try to draw the attention of the audience with an anecdote, curious fact or statistics.

A speech body presents the main issue and your arguments. And, finally, a conclusion is meant to summarize the main points you've made and get your audience interested or inspired. Make sure you are not missing anything, as otherwise your presentation may sound incomplete.

Draft a strong opening sentence

One of the hardest things in public speaking is getting the audience engaged. Many speakers achieve it by creating a catchy introduction. If the listeners feel bored at the beginning, the chance they'll get curious later is low.

So, start your speech with a quote, an interesting fact, surprising statistics or something similar to spice up your presentation.

Use natural, simple language

Academic writing should use specific terms and complex language. On the flip side, a college or personal speech has to sound natural and inspiring. For that, use a conversational tone and write in a way that you normally speak. Use shorter sentences and less formal language. In this way, you'll feel less stressed and the audience will find you more likeable.

Focus on one main idea

When you give a presentation, it's easy to get carried away and distracted from the main subject. Avoid it. Determine the central message of your speech and stick to it throughout the presentation. Don't hesitate to reiterate the main ideas or thoughts, as your listenters will remember them better in this case.

Make notes

If you rarely give custom speeches, you might get confused or forget something. Prepare short notes or a plan of your speech. Such notes are not visible to the audience, but will serve as a helpful reminder for you. Even the top speakers and politicians make notes, as they help ensure that the presentation goes according to the plan and all important issues are covered.

Give evidence and examples

If you give speech for a personal occassion, this isn't necessary (although personal anecdotes and life stories liven up any speech). However, in educational content or office speech examples and data are a must. They help prove your point and illustrate your ideas for the audience. Support your claims with data and examples, as in this case you'll get a higher grade or recognition of colleagues.

Visualize the key information

People are visual creatures. They better grasp new information and ideas when they see pictures or key insights in front of them. In addition to a verbal speech, you might want to prepare a PPT presentation or handouts. When preparing visuals, remember to keep one idea per slide and use charts, pictures or even short videos, if appropriate. With visuals, people won't get bored.

Our website also offers presentation services. Contact us on chat to receive a speech writing service plus slides with a discount.

Be prepared for questions and objections

After every presentation in office, conference or class there's some time allocated for Q&A. Most likely, there will be people who will want clarification, will be plain curious or would like to prove that your point of view isn't well-grounded. When writing a speech, think about possible questions your audience might have and anticipate the objections. In this case, you'll feel confident even if asked unpleasant questions.

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