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How to write coursework and pass plagiarism check

Coursework is, first and foremost, an author’s assignment that a student does on one’s own, as a rule. However, there are a lot of cases when it can be ordered. Coursework is a mandatory academic paper done on the main subject of a student’s specialty. Also, it can be done on other subject matters related to the specialty. In the first years of study, coursework is created to teach a student the rules of creation, formatting, citation style, and defense of this type of academic paper. The main demand is that this paper should be original and easily pass a plagiarism check.

Phases of coursework writing. Advice from writing experts.

When you have got prepared to create your coursework, gathered all the necessary sources, studied methodical recommendations, and defined the volume of work, you have the question about phasing, i.e. what follows what. So we have prepared for you step-by-step instruction on coursework creation.

  1. Cover sheet (title page). It is formatted in accordance with the generally known standards. It should maintain basic introductory information: the name of an educational institution, the topic of work, the full name of its author, subject, year of studying, and year of paper creation.
  2. Content. It contains all the sections and subsections that you have numbered. There is no need to add a cover sheet to the content.
  3. Introduction. This section contains an introductory part of your description. It tells what topic you have selected and why, also, what you pay attention to when creating coursework. It is also important to mention the relevance of a selected topic. If you consider it necessary, you may notice here what major source you have selected for your paper and why. As soon as you do this section, check it for plagiarism at once and see whether your text is unique or not.
  4. Regardless of what topic you have, it should always correspond to some particular requirements. This is, first of all, such a notion as relevance. It implies the demand for a selected topic in modern science.
  5. The second notion is the objectives of coursework. They are defined in accordance with the topic and used sources.
  6. The goals of the coursework are closely connected with its objectives. Nevertheless, these two notions are different. Objectives are some issues that should be solved. Goals, for their part, are the result of the solution of the set objectives.
  7. The text body of coursework should contain the answers to the set questions. Of course, these questions are conditional. You will not ask them directly. These are kind of the goals of the assignment that you present in this section. Try to preserve the briefness and clearness of the statement. Do not overload the paper with excessive conclusions and reflections, however, add them when it is appropriate. Here is a kind of dilemma – if you do not overdo with your own reflections and conclusions, it will be very difficult to achieve the wanted level of uniqueness since text body is about 30-40% of a whole paper volume, and without conclusions, it will be completely plagiarized. As a consequence, when the paper is checked for plagiarism, do not be surprised that its uniqueness might be less than 50%. It will be like this only if you write introductory, ending, and practical parts from the ground up.
  8. The practical section follows the text body. Its size depends on the topic of work. Ask your supervisor to provide you with the specific requirements for the formatting of this section. We recommend you add as many as possible tables with analytical data to increase paper uniqueness.
  9. In the ending part, a student writes about what has been achieved during the examination and processing of materials. Conclusions should not be to volume. Conditionally, it is presented as the list of conclusions on every set goal.
  10. Right after conclusions, there should be a reference list. Usually, the main source used to create a paper is placed first. Auxiliary sources are presented after it. There is no way to make a reference list more unique than it is. So try to make it no bigger than one printed page.
  11. Annexes – this is a non-mandatory section, the presence of which depends on the specificity of a selected topic. Annexes are usually not checked for plagiarism.

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Start of work on coursework paper

Coursework creation causes the most difficulties in the first years of studying. Sometimes even senior students panic because they are not aware of the basics of coursework writing. The very first thing that a student needs to do when preparing for paper creation is to study the manuals. Usually, an educational institution provides the manuals with the requirements for particular papers writing. If it is not like that, you can always find the requirements on the platform of your educational institution or ask your supervisor.

It is better to take notes of the basic requirements because you will need them when working. Formatting is the first thing that the committee pays attention to. If there are some points in the requirements that you cannot understand, it is better to not begin writing. It is necessary to study the requirements carefully and make every single point clear.

Anyway, you can always appeal to your supervisor for help. If other students give you many recommendations on how to write, do not rush to follow them. It is better to have your own opinion on how to create and format your coursework properly.

When you are sure you know how a coursework should be formatted, it is necessary to prepare material, based on which you will do your work. You can use internet sources. However, it is not allowed to be based on the papers written by other students. There should be science well-recognized publications.

Information that you are going to take on a coursework basis should not be older than three years. It should also correspond to the topic of your paper completely. The reference list may contain additional sources for paper creation. This can be laws, acts, legal documents, etc. References to them are presented in the annex to coursework. Ask whether your supervisor has some publications on the topic of your paper. Such publications are valuable sources for paper writing.

When you collect a full list of sources, try to systematize it in such a way that it would be cyclic. Highlight the most important sources. Secondary sources can be put aside for a while. Before you start working, it is important to understand clearly what volume of work you are going to adhere to. Do not go beyond this volume. Also, at the beginning stage of work, it is necessary to define what annexes you are going to add to your paper. It goes about tables, graphics, calculations, diagrams, etc.

What you need to pay attention to in your coursework paper:

  • Writing style. An important rule when writing coursework is that it is not allowed to do first-person statements. The style should be academic. Colloquialisms are not accepted. However, try to add your personal thoughts in every section. Thus, the percentage of plagiarism will be smaller.
  • Plagiarism check. As we have said previously, it is important to pay attention to the uniqueness of the already written text. For example, you have done an introductory section – check it at once, you have finished the first chapter of the text body – also check it. It is not recommended to use technical means to cheat an anti-plagiarism system. It is easy to reveal them, and usually, the attitude of a teacher to a student gets worse after that.
    The generally accepted rules for a whole paper are at least 70% of uniqueness. However, some educational institutions have their own demands for text uniqueness. Sometimes, it should be not less than 80%. It is not that easy to achieve it as it might seem. Uniqueness means that a text should be written by you personally and not contain quotations from other sources.
  • Preparation for the questions of a supervisor. Prepare in advance for the questions about your work. It will be easier to do this if you know the text of your paper well. For example, your supervisor asks something, and you already can see where exactly the answer is in the text.

Make a summary of your paper to use at the defense. However, do not read it. The more you look at your notes and read, the more others think that you have not learned material and cannot do without notes at all.

If you try to do everything mentioned and follow all our recommendations, your supervisor will deservedly assess your work and give you the best grade. If you adhere to the coursework writing plan, you will not worry that you may do something wrong or break the deadline. You will do coursework quickly and properly based on the instructions we have given to you.

How work is checked and what acceptable plagiarism percentage is

When coursework is done, you need to present it to your supervisor. The first thing that a supervisor checks are formatting. After that, your piece will be checked for plagiarism. If the percentage of uniqueness is less than acceptable, you will get your order back for refinement. A plagiarism check report is often attached to the papers. Usually, an acceptable level of plagiarism is no more than 30%.

In such a way, before you present your paper, it is necessary to check it yourself first. It is better to use several services to have a more credible picture. As soon as your paper passes the check, you will need to defend it. For this purpose, it is required to have a little plan of paper presentation and a speech. It should consist of the main sections of coursework with a brief description of each.

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