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Writing a book report - tips for students

Recently teachers have started to give students the assignment to write a book report more often. Usually, students do not know how to do it or some points of writing are not clear, and that is why they often receive bad grades. Let’s try to figure out how to do it properly.

What is a book report?

Saying a book report, we mean such creative works as:

  • a little literary and critical article that is often of polemic nature, within which reading book may serve as a reason for discussion of relevant social or literary problems;
  • a paper that presents the reflections of its author inspired by reading book;
  • a detailed summary that reveals the essence of a book, its composition features, and simultaneously its assessment.

Usually, students are assigned to write the third type, i.e. summary of reading book.

An approximate plan of writing a report is as follows:

  1. Bibliographic description of a book (its author, title, edition, year of publication) and brief retelling of its content (in a sentence or two).
  2. A direct response to the read book (impression review).
  3. Critical examination or complex analysis of a text: meaning of the title;
  4. analysis of the form and content;
  5. features of composition;
  6. author’s skillfulness in relation to the presentation of the characters;
  7. the individual writing style of the author.

Reasoned assessment of a book and personal reflections of a report writer:

  • the main idea of a report;
  • the relevance of the topic of a book.

It is not obligatory that a report should maintain all the mentioned points. The most important is that a book report should be literate and grammatically correct.

Principles of book report writing

  • An impetus for report writing is always the necessity to express one’s attitude to something read, an attempt to figure out one’s impressions caused by a book that is based on elementary knowledge of literary theory and detailed analysis of a work of literature.
  • A reader can just say whether he/she likes reading books or not without any justification. Meanwhile, a report writer should justify his / her opinion with a deep and grounded analysis.
  • The quality of the analysis depends on the theoretical and professional preparation of a report writer, the deepness of understanding of a subject, and the ability to analyze objectively.
  • Relationships between a report writer and an author are a creative dialogue with equal status of two parties.
  • Criticism does not study literature but judges it, in order to form reader’s and social attitudes to different writers and actively influence the course of the literature process.

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What should a book report contain?

First of all, let’s clarify that a report is your own opinion on something read, in other words, your assessment of a book. Of course, this opinion should be grounded. How to do it? First, it is necessary to say what feelings the read book has provoked: what made you feel happy, what made you upset, what caused anger, and why.

Second, mention several points that have especially touched you. This can be the main character or his / her actions, or a situation, about which an author is telling. Do not forget to explain why it has touched you. Third, speak about what the most valuable for you in a story you have read is.

A step-by-step plan of book report writing

  • Look at the author and title of a book. Do you know the author? What do you know about him/her? Mention the most essential points. What is the title? Is it interesting? Maybe it creates an appropriate mood or hints at something that waits for a reader? Say about it a few words.
  • You have mentioned the author and the title. Now it is time to proceed to the main part of a report - to answer the major question “what is this book about? What is the main idea of the story? What does it teach?”. Pay attention that you should not retell the story. It is important to formulate the main idea of a book. It is recommended to write briefly but not losing the essence. Two-three sentences are completely enough.
  • Now speak about the most important - whether you like the book or not. Of course, say why it is so. What made you feel glad? What did you learn from the story? What seemed the most interesting? Do you agree with the actions of the main characters, or would you act somehow differently? Maybe you even have a piece of advice for someone from the characters. Write about everything that comes to your mind. In a book report, it is better to say too much than nothing at all. You will have time to cut it and remove everything excessive later.
  • Say a few words about the book characters. Who is the main character, up to your mind? Who are the side characters, helpers, villains, etc.? Express whether you like them or not. Maybe you would want to make friends with one of them?
  • Proceed to the final part. Now draw conclusions. What did this book teach you? What was the most precious about it? What did you understand?

As you can see, it is quite easy to write a good book report. The most important is to think carefully, use our tips, and follow the step-by-step plan. Also, remember that the most valuable in a good report is your opinion. So do not hesitate to express it!

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More useful tips for a perfect book report

It would seem that there is nothing easier but writing a book report. School students are often assigned to write it beginning in the early grades. We must admit that this assignment is very useful since reflections on a book help order your own thoughts and make a summary, thanks to which the book will stay in memory for a long time. In order to facilitate this assignment for students, we have gathered more tips that help in writing a good book report. We hope that this information will be much helpful.

However, many university and college students, as well as other adults, having read a book stumble on many difficulties. It seems like they have something to say but what exactly and how to say they do not know. To say something about what they liked? It does not seem enough. Why did they like something? A vague sense of “why” is hard to express in words. Even if they know what to say, they have doubts about whether it is necessary to speak about it. As professionals, we can assure you that it is necessary to speak about the read book, and as writing experts, we know how to do it properly and will gladly share our knowledge with you.

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The rules of writing a book critical report

If you are going to write a critical book report, how to do it properly? Let’s look at several essential points.

  1. Speak about a book, first and foremost. Discuss the plot, characters, style, etc. If a book has touched you, you can always find the necessary words to speak about it. Tell what you have felt when reading about a particular situation, what your attitude to the main character is, whom else you like or not.
  2. Speak to the point. If you have some critical comments, speak only about those things that you are well aware of or even know professionally. You can always speak about your attitude to the story presented by the author. The most important thing you need to bear in mind is that your personal opinion may not match the opinion of the author or other readers. This is okay and this is right. The point is that there can be no single correct mind about a book. This is not a theorem with a single correct solution possible.
  3. Justify it. This is the point that many students forget about. However, it is one of the most essential reports writing points. “The books are bad because it is bad. I did not like it” - this is something you can see in many book reports. If you do not like a book, justify it. If you like it, say why. Good justification is the key to the success of a report.

A few words about what to remember when writing a book report

  • A book report is not the same as a book retelling.
  • Any book starts with the title that you try to interpret and solve when reading. The title of a good book is always polysemic, it is a kind of symbol or metaphor.
  • Analysis of text can contribute greatly to its understanding and interpretation. Reflections of what composition techniques are used will help a book report writer understand the author’s idea better.
  • It is important to assess the style and identity of an author, examine the images and stylistic devices used in the text, and think about what makes this author different from others, what his / her unique features are. A report writer analyzes how a text is built.

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