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Why use ours

The team of our developers, designers, and marketers has established this calculator precisely for our dear users and customers. If you are tired of guessing the number of sheets of your projects, this instrument is just for you.

  • You do not have to pay for it

    The aim of our service is to contribute to contemporary learners' success. Not all our services cost money — free instruments are available too. Please, do not hesitate to use it, we are glad to help everyone.

  • Live online support

    If you have any issues concerning this instrument or you wish to order any writing service, please, turn to our support agents. The non-stop chat helps us to communicate with users across the globe, so join it at any time.

  • In-depth analytical work of algorithms

    Random results are not about our enterprise. Our program considers all the crucial nuances influencing the final result. We comprehend that various fonts and spaces look differently on the screen and the page, correspondingly. Comic Sans Ms, Courier, New Farm, they are far not the same.

  • Super easy access

    Nothing is easier than to use our tool: type in, how many words you have, mark the parameters, and get the results. One can also insert the text in the field, and our AI will calculate the volume of text and turn this data into a number of pages.

  • Results in a flash

    Regardless of the volume of your content, our program works very fast. The outcome is shown immediately even if you insert 10000 words or 30 pages. We have used cutting-edge technologies to ensure the uninterrupted and effective process of work.

  • Are you puzzled by such tasks as "750 words essay" or "4000 words report"? We suppose that it is easier to count it all in pages. Transform your assignments into understandable parameters — feel free to use our tool!

Words to pages calculator:
When to utilize it

  • Can you say for sure how many pages the text of this article occupies? What if we give you a clue: it contains about 1460 words? OK, it is easy to learn if you use the above calculator.

  • All in all, learners, authors, and readers periodically face the necessity to transform the quantity of words into the quantity of pages. Even the approximate number of words and sheets helps people to deal with many situations.

  • Calculate the time

    As a rule, it is easier to visually imagine the page count rather than the number of words. What scares you more: 10 pages or 3000 words? The human brain usually perceives the first variant better. Such information can help you evaluate the volume of work and, accordingly, the time necessary for its implementation. Even if you know patterns of converting the word count into the number of sheets, it is challenging to consider peculiarities of such fonts like Arial, Calibri, Comic Sans, etc. The letters can be narrower and the spaces between words can be fewer than you suppose.

  • Calculate the number of pages for printing

    It is easy to estimate the number of sheets for printing when you know the number of pages. Indeed, 4 pages sound clearer than 1000 words. It happens that you need to prepare the file for printing, yet it is not created in Google Docs or Word. Do not guess the approximate number of pages — simply insert your text in the field and learn the precise figure. By the way, one can choose 2 pages per sheet to save space.

  • Analyze the pricing policy of writing agencies

    As our client, you have probably already noticed the online calculator in the Order Form. Other companies, likewise, offer instruments for users to estimate the price of the paper. So if you know the number of pages you can easily compare the final cost of your essay.

If you require fast and reliable results, trust our words to pages converter. Write or paste your text into our tool!

Words converter: How it all began

  • Words converter: How it all began The desire to establish this tool was born when we first started our writing business. We had to calculate statistics for pages: how many words can be typed on one sheet, for instance. The execution of these computations seemed so dull and tedious. We tried to use various software for this purpose, yet we could not receive precise outcomes. It is because many nuances were ignored:

    • there was no difference between single, 1.5, double spacing, and so the results were average;
    • the existing algorithms could not understand that 12 point font size takes less space than the 14th one;
    • and, of course, the programs could not see the difference between Times New Roman, Verdana, or, let alone, something like Azo Sans.

    In fact, everything boiled down to the average formula: one sheet is about 500 words. Our team has decided to go beyond this primitive rule. We have foreseen all the objective factors influencing the process of transforming words into pages.

  • Finally, now, you can use a smart online tool. Innovative intelligent algorithms accurately determine such parameters as "words per page."

    • Our program understands the difference between double and single-spaced pages. For instance, 6000 words are 18 and 9 pages, correspondingly.
    • The font matters too. Thus, Comic Sans is the fat one, while Times New Roman is rather slim. If you choose the first font to write 2000 words for your essay it is equal to 5 pages. And if you type it using Times New Roman it takes only 3 pages.
    • And, of course, our online instrument considers the font size. The difference between the 9 and 14 fonts is significant. Take 2500 words, Arial font, for example. If one types it in the 9-point size the text takes 3 pages, and for the 14 font, it is 5.2 pages.

    Our services are not restricted to free online instruments. Learn more on the live chat!

FAQ on our converting tool

  • It is impossible to answer right away the question "how many pages is 500 words essay?" Different parameters come into play: the shape of letters, spaces between words and lines, size of the font. Arial, Calibri, Comic Sans MS, and other fonts have peculiarities that have to be considered.

  • But do not overload your brain with unnecessary calculations — leave it to our automated program!

  • How many words does one page contain?
    It all depends. Do not trust short answers such as "it is 450 words," for instance. What if the text is not about spacing single and the font is Courier? This quantity of words can take two pages if it has double spacing. We recommend using our program to receive a precise answer to this question.
    16 Pages: how many words do they contain?

    We remind you again that the number of pages is not enough to determine the quantity of words. In this situation, we lack information on the font and spacing. Examples:

    1) Verdana, 12, single spacing, 8000 words are equal to 16 pages.

    2) Courier, 14, 1.5 spacing, 3800 words are enough for 16 pages.

  • Pages: double-spaced or single-spaced?

    Spacing means the intervals between lines. If you prefer to see more space, choose a double variant. Meantime, the academic world and colleges, in particular, dictate their standards for spacing. As a rule, they are about double- or 1.5 spacing. This distance is convenient for professors to put notes there.

    Adjusting pages: single-spaced into 1.5 or double-spaced

    If you work in Google Docs, select Format in the top menu bar. Click Line Spacing and pick the necessary option.

    Why you need this tool

    The modern technological world offers brilliant opportunities for contemporary users. The only thing is to notice and turn them into effective solutions for your situation. This is precisely what we do here.

    Get the answers to your questions fast. How many pages is 500-word essay? What is the quantity of words in a 1-page text? We realize that it is not convenient to imagine a full picture when the only parameter of volume is the number of words or symbols. All those "1500 words," "250 words," "5000 words," etc. often look too vague. And when you hear the number of pages it is quite another matter. Just compare the previous wordings to "8 pages," "20 pages," "6 pages," etc. It all makes sense now.

Simplify your life with our instrument! Now you can always know for sure how long your text is. One second and your words are calculated and transformed into an accurate page count. Let's get it started!