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Students often encounter challenging assignments. Educational institutions starting from a high school till a university evaluate pupils' knowledge and skills mostly with the help of essays, tests, and term papers. If you want to improve your GPA or rating, turn to our specialists.

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Total Price: $0 is a universal hub offering all types of assistance: test prep, paper writing, and college consulting. Academic authors, professional counselors, and experienced editors are united here to make your study easier.

Actually, our company is a symbiosis of talents, maturity, and expertise. We have created our project to accompany students at every stage of the educational career. One can always count on practical help from our employees, as well as free tips and news on our blog.

We guide you through all educational stages

  1. High schools. Parents may not worry about your study anymore. If you are stuck with an essay or any other paper, our assistants will help you out.
  2. Entering a college. What is your dream university? Harvard, Yale, Princeton? It can become a reality with our service. We know how to impress admissions officers. A catchy essay opens doors to cherished institutions.
  3. Post-secondary education. A college level is related to many serious written assignments. Let alone university standards. You'd better take our offer, at least at the beginning of your college life. In doing so, you will build a reputation as a bright, intelligent student.

What does our college consultant do?

Talking about our student's assistant, we mean a trustworthy person effectively coping with all types of texts for schools and colleges. Obviously, it is an aggregated image reflecting the skills of the entire team. Our virtual helper unites several roles:

  • an author of the essay,
  • a counselor on multiple choice questions,
  • a resume writer,
  • a students' mentor.

An essay is not the only issue for students. What about tests? They are often used for college admissions and a general process of study. Admissions officers and teachers take it is an easy and convenient method of assessment. There is no need to check thousands of words. Just a set of ready-made answers. We get orders in the following spheres most often:

  • English Grammar,
  • History,
  • Mathematics,
  • Literature review.

For students and pupils, it could become a real obstacle. It happens that this test can make a decisive impact on your GPA and college admissions. Thus, do not ignore the opportunities that we provide. We are helpful in all situations concerning writing tasks. Our assistance is indispensable if you are:

  • tired with a long quiz;
  • puzzled by complicated questions;
  • confused by the new topic;
  • short in time.

Our customers do not need to spend time on search and analysis to get an essay or answers to tests. Let alone cramming dates, facts, and other information on your subject. Services of really work. They are effective in case of a college application, students' routine tasks, academic treatises, etc.

How do you start a college essay?

It happens that the most challenging issue is to begin. An applicant needs to collect thoughts before putting them on paper. This process requires maximum concentration. If you feel confused delegate your task to our experts at once. We are able to write any text for you.

Sometimes the best way to start a college essay is to begin cooperation with Our assistance is a good alternative to cramming and cheat sheets. Just imagine how much time and vital energy students can save with our service.

Send us your whole assignment or selected questions and enjoy your life. Meantime, the most suitable helper is picked from among our team members. The manager carefully considers the topic, timeframes, and other terms while choosing an assistant for you. As a result, the most suitable candidate works on your assignment. That is why quizzes are always solved promptly and flawlessly, and essays are written brilliantly.

We do good for your study and life, in general.

Awesome deals are waiting for you on our website. Due to them, you can finally stop wasting time for data search, analysis, and the selection of the right information. Professionalism starts with wise, effective decisions. This is what we guarantee to every customer. You can always count on a competent approach being our client.

What is MCQ?

Multiple choice questions (MCQ) are deemed to be an effective type of evaluation. It concerns mostly education, marketing, and sociology. An assignment demanding utmost attention, grasp of the subject, and awareness of particular logic. If it is not your cup of tea, turn to our agency. specializes in all forms of such assessment. We comprehend their secrets and strategies. In-depth and broad knowledge of our professionals let solve the most sophisticated issues.

The following example is the most illustrative explanation.

You get an unbearably difficult writing task from a professor. You need to choose the most comfortable and progressive way to cope with it. What would you do?

A: Do this assignment by myself, spending hours in front of a laptop, textbooks, and other materials.

B: Ask my friend to help me, distracting him/her from personal business.

C: Place an order on a freelance platform.

D: Place an order on platform.

As you see, answers “A” and “B” are definitely wrong. It is not effective to deal with too complicated assignments on your own. This path is long, tedious, and unreasonably labor-intensive. As for the second variant, it is not convenient, as you cannot disturb a close person. Two last options seem similar. They differ only in a single word. Yet, the last suggestion is more preferable, as it is safer and faster than the third one. Thus, D is correct.

MCQ system can be called insidious. It checks not only knowledge but also psychological moments. Say, students' attentiveness and the speed of response. Even the slightest nuances matter to these types of assignments. If you have gaps in knowledge or you doubt your concentration, go to compulsory.

How much do our college consultants charge?

Competitive prices make a good alternative to private tutoring. You can use an online calculator or ask our support agents about a precise cost of the specific paper. Practically all families can afford our services. Think about other benefits: a distant type of assistance and a fast process of work.

Every dollar you spend here is worth it. In fact, you pay for advantages that differ our project from thousands of similar companies.

  • Experience and ready answers. We have a database of right answers and essay drafts on several disciplines. These are proved documents that have been already checked by specialists.
  • Faster than anyone else. A coherent team of our agency works even with the tightest timeframes. This is all about qualification, hi-tech methods, and a large staff.
  • We understand the basic scheme of building tests. As a rule, students get a question and several answers. Two of them are opposite. There is a statement that is close to the right choice, but it differs by a tiny nuance. Details have never been so decisive like in this case. They confuse pupils and often result in mistakes. One single word or figure matter. Yet, our experts easily cope with them.
  • We composed quizzes. Our specialists have been working with college papers for more than ten years. They did not only select answers but made questions too. For this time, they have learned various peculiarities and nuances. Some secrets are known to our team now. For instance, we found out that tests could have two right answers.
  • Helpful advice and consultations. As you see, even this section gives you some clues. Our agency can prepare valuable guidance on your essay issues. Read free posts on our blog or order a customized article from our professionals.
  • Our team watched all series of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” This show is the most effective way to train skills that are necessary for answers to multiple choice questions.

A testing system has become crucial for many students. This method is used practically for all subjects. You could have already noticed this system while passing TOEFL or driving license tests. As a rule, intermediate and final exams are based on MCQ too. Unfortunately, this type of assessment is not so evident and simple, as it may seem for the first sight. Its peculiarities can cost you a good mark. Do not risk your reputation — choose vetted companies.

Do college essays really matter?

Every essay is a student's opportunity to demonstrate the level of intelligence. Thus, it is important to choose a compelling tone and come up with fresh ideas. For instance, an application essay is aimed to show a future student in the best possible light. A research essay presents the results of the study. What binds them together is a written reflection of knowledge, skills, and insights. Our professionals regularly write such papers and provide college consulting services.

Understanding the significance of essays for every student, we offer guarantees. Trustworthy relations arise from solid promises. Here are ours.

  • 100% satisfaction. It could not be otherwise. We guarantee a top-notch essay, correct answers to asked questions, and following all recommendations.
  • Timely manner. Our corporation takes punctuality as a crucial principle of reliable cooperation.
  • Confidentiality. It is your right to keep all information concerning orders secret. We respect it and ensure your comfort and peace.
  • Prove answers and explain them, if necessary. If you doubt our solutions, you can turn to our helpers for clarifications.

Pupils often get lower marks for essays or MCQ because of their carelessness. They may have enough knowledge still fail the task. It is all about an intricate system of questions and answers. We sincerely don't want you to be in this situation. Opt for our agency — we make test prep and essay writing painless.

The process of getting knowledge and skills is full of obstacles. Schools try to inundate students with a great number of tasks. You need to write hundreds of college essays to get a diploma. Tests seem extremely tricky. If you feel overloaded with these assignments, join our service. is your surefire way to overcome all these difficulties.