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We are sure our website is exactly the place where you'll discover the most suitable author for any case study. Here are the brightest representatives of our team.

  • Dr. Sunny


    103 + brilliantly written projects

    Specializes in business cases studies and white papers

    "Creating impactful case studies is an interesting challenge for me. I apply methods of contemporary research, analysis, and data presentation."

  • Professor Lim


    56 + awesome cases studies for students

    Expert at academic papers

    "A great case study is one that is built on relevant data, comprehensive analysis, and a creative approach. It is where cold figures meet engaging techniques of writing. I'll gladly compose a perfect project for you."

  • Case study writer Mathew C.


    40+ shiny projects

    He is good at the analysis of interview questions

    "I like interviewing experts and users about their real experiences. It's so interesting to detect patterns, reveal common and different features, analyze cause-and-effects. This is how I create informative, meaningful, and persuasive case studies."

  • Dr. Kingman


    60+ top-notch case studies

    The best writer for your creative case studies

    "I know how to apply creative techniques to writing case studies. If your issue is about a non-standard assignment, I am ready to help you with that. I will establish a research-based innovative solution to your problem."

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Case study writing services:
What we offer

We are a unique online agency specializing in all contemporary types of case studies. Our biggest advantage lies in the combination of academic knowledge and professional practical background.

  • Case studies for students

    • Written in accordance with academic standards
    • Based on the in-depth analysis of your topic
    • Logically correct
  • Customer success stories for business

    • Composed specifically for your target audience
    • Based on marketing research
    • Contain call-to-action techniques
  • A skilled team of case study writers

    • 99% Successful case studies
    • Deliver online services across the globe
    • Specialize in 50+ academic subjects

Why hire our writer for your case study?

When you become the client of our website you get access to a big pool of authors specializing in all types of case studies for academic and commercial fields. It is much more convenient to cooperate with such a big team rather than to hire a freelance writer, for instance. With us, you always receive a guaranteed good result, here is why.

  • We base work on a serious approach

    Our case study is the result of significant intellectual and creative work. We carefully research topic, potential users, and materials on the given issue to compose a worthwhile paper.

  • A personalized service

    We'll find the most suitable expert case study writer for your assignment. Our team is big enough, and we are ready to offer cooperation with various authors: academic authors, copywriters, and other writers of specific projects.

  • An affordable price

    Our website is the place where one can purchase a great paper at the best price. The costs of these case study writing services are honest and oriented on an average student.

  • Fast terms of implementation

    When an experienced writer works on your order, everything goes quickly. We cope with your case study projects in the shortest possible time without compromising the quality.

Reliable cooperation with our writer

Trustworthiness is among the most important things for our agency. We build an honest and safe online environment for our dear clients.


We respect your wish not to disclose information about our cooperation. All employees involved in the process of writing case studies work according to a strict privacy policy. Nobody will ever know that you are our client. It is a matter of our respect for people's rights and our flawless reputation.

The online support at any time

Our company has a nonstop system of communication with users and clients. If you have questions about our service or your order, the support manager is always ready to give a detailed answer. Stay informed about our offers and details of your case study project.

Full compliance with the points of your Order Form

We offer transparent and fair methods of cooperation. All crucial moments are mentioned in the Order Form, and we always follow them. Hundreds of positive feedbacks prove that we meet clients' expectations. Still, we want you to know about a money-back opportunity. If we break any points of our agreement, we'll correct everything for free. If we send a case study too late, the client can get a refund.

Case study writing: How we do it

For years of successful experience in the sphere of writing services, we have seen the effectiveness of a professional well-planned approach. Everything works quickly when the processes are well-thought-out and skills are honed.

Our writers help companies boost content strategy

If you run your business in a highly competitive market, a case study can become an efficient instrument to raise sales. Persuasive stories showcasing the real experiences of customers work pretty well. For instance, in comparison with online advertising, they sound more realistic and hence win more attention.

We have already turned thousands of blog readers into customers for such industries:

  • Online education (learning courses)
  • Information technology
  • Fintech
  • Sports
  • Entertainment

The case study can be used as follows

  • source of information for social media posts;
  • materials for email marketing campaigns;
  • landing page for targeted advertising;
  • content for websites;
  • data for presentations, etc.

What industry do you work in? Add case studies written by our authors to your website or portfolio. We are sure it will be a good contribution to your business success. Plus, we can also compose a white paper for your commercial projects.

Enhance your academic achievements with our expert services

The case study is a rather specific assignment, and it might seem challenging for beginners. It is all about the comprehensive analysis of practical situations and the necessity to make well-argued decisions.

We create case studies for various academic fields:

  • Psychology
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Computer Sciences
  • History
  • Marketing, and many more.

The working process of our writers

We always successfully complete your projects. Be it a case study for a learner or a text for commercial purposes, the stages of our work are usually the same.

1) Formulating the issue

Firstly, we clearly identify the problem. This statement will determine our further research and writing. Here are some examples:

  • To analyze how the new product helps clients in situations of pandemics.
  • To reveal how effective the particular communication channel is.
  • To test the convenience of the service on the example of the focus group.
  • To compare several types of financial strategies for the particular company.
  • To define the most promising jobs for contemporary graduates.
  • To detect the benefits of certain online education platforms.
  • To analyze the impact of the suggested person on the development of the particular group.

2) Planning

A good outline and structure are essential stages before we start writing the text. Having detected the aim of the research we:

  • build the plan for further work and text:
  • choose the methods of the case study;
  • determine stages of research and writing.

3) Data gathering

Depending on the situation, this stage can include interviewing, collecting helpful materials on the web, or any other form of relevant sources of information.

4) Case study analysis

We carefully examine the gained facts before we present the final version of the case study. Our job is to attentively analyze every detail to come up with a comprehensive report.

5) Solution selection

We explain every suggestion that we offer: all the conclusions are backed by strong logic, precise calculations, and relevant facts.

6) Writing and editing

We write the text for your projects in accordance with classical grammar rules, logic, and readability. Our authors always attentively consider your professional vocabulary and stylistic nuances of your field. As a result, you receive a case study free from language errors and typos.

Every symbol, word, and sentence is checked by the professional. To ensure the impeccable quality of the service, we have a two-editor system. It is the reason why you can always be confident in our professional capacity.

Principles of writing case studies

The rules of our writing services arise from academic standards. We know what professors and teachers expect from a good case study. Adherence to the following principles helps us create brilliant projects for various projects.

Our case study writer offers specific efficient solutions

Whether your case study is read by a potential client or a college professor, they all want to see a constructive way of how to solve a particular issue. Of course, our authors offer well-argued findings.

We highlight getting theoretical and practical knowledge

When working on your case studies, we strive to highlight the students' skills and awareness of the particular issue. It is reflected in the usage of specific vocabulary and the depth of thoughts.

Modern ways and views on issues

Our case study analysis implies the generation of relevant ideas suitable for the current situation.

Case studies based on analytical work

Meaningful findings and constructive solutions arise from a detailed examination of the issue. It is the only way to come up with an honest research paper valuable for academia and business.

We are pretty good at both short case studies and comprehensive projects. Be it a concise success story or a long report based on serious research, we'll do it with skill.

The case study is not your issue anymore. Please, send us your assignment, and get a perfect report from our authors. Order here!


What are professional case study writers?

These are specialists who compose case studies. Today the most popular specializations are academic and business writers. And on our website, one can hire any of these experts.

A case study in content marketing, what does it mean?

True stories demonstrating the value of the good or service are efficient to win potential clients' attention. Case studies show how the product solves particular issues and contributes to the success of customers.

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