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A successful presentation results from a well-prepared speech, and we'll help you with it! Professional writers are here to compose a flawless text precisely for your occasion. Let's discuss your project!

Buying a speech from our experts is a constructive solution. With us, you get rid of numerous issues and receive a guaranteed perfect result.

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Awesome writers for your flawless speeches

We have a separate department of specialists in speechwriting. We are glad to present the most popular of them.

We write speeches for:

  • Students
  • Businessmen
  • Educators
  • Startuppers
  • Actors

Our writing help implies:

  • Informative speeches
  • Convincing tone
  • Powerful texts
  • Focus on your audience
  • Original ideas

Our professional speechwriter:

  • Creates a brilliant speech for your particular case
  • Adds slides (if necessary)
  • Guarantees good results
  • Improves your chances of the successful presentation
  • Saves your time

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Speech writing agency: Facts & figures

  • 603+ Awesome speeches for learners
  • Work in 50+ niches of academic writing
  • 40+ Speech writers on the team

Custom speech writing service: What we offer

One might need a well-written speech in various spheres of life: college years, academic career, business projects, any private special occasion, etc. We are here to help you in any situation: if it deals with an oral presentation, our professional writer will cope with it.

We have already successfully written hundreds of shiny texts for various presentations. Here are the most popular types of orders.

An effective speech for academic goals

As a contemporary learner, you might often encounter oral presentations. And actually, it is not easy to prepare a good informative speech: one has to study big volumes of data, select only the necessary facts, systematize them, build an interesting story to attract the listeners' attention.

Our experts successfully cope with speeches for academic purposes because we:

  • understand the academic style of presentation;
  • use professional vocabulary (write everything in accordance with your academic discipline);
  • consider time frames for a student's presentation or educator's lecture;
  • dive deep into the nuances of your academic project;
  • take into account your specific audience (knowledgeable and intelligent).

Our experts compose perfect speeches to present your:

  • high school reports;
  • research papers;
  • coursework and term papers;
  • theses and dissertations,
  • lectures, etc.

A thoughtful speech by our author brings you high grades and contributes to your academic success.

A persuasive speech for a commercial sphere

A powerful presentation solves many issues in the business world. Depending on your goal, our professional speech writers will compose a speech for:

  • the presentation of your startups;
  • advertising campaigns;
  • business meetings;
  • professional thematic conferences and workshops;
  • financial business reports, etc.

Having hired our speech writer online, you can be confident in your public speaking at various commercial events. Our powerful texts help you improve business relationships with partners, clients, suppliers, etc.

A creative speech written for your personal projects

We like to create texts for non-standard tasks and personal goals. Clients use our reliable service to order speeches for:

  • startup presentations;
  • private special occasions (weddings and other celebrations);
  • volunteering and charity projects.

Depending on the situation, we can apply such things as:

  • evocative storytelling,
  • jokes to create a positive atmosphere;
  • elements of visual support.

Hiring our professional for the above events is always a good idea. As a result of cooperation with our author, you'll receive a memorable speech with a focus on your personal goals.

Custom speech writing services: Why order here

Hundreds of users have already felt all the benefits of our expert and user-friendly company. You can do the same right now, — please, place an order and enjoy your awesome speech after a while.

  • Vast experience in writing speeches

    Having created texts for hundreds of presentations, now we are pretty good at such assignments. Our team is aware of all nuances, trends, and rules concerning speeches. It is not a problem for us to create a presentation for a big audience, little-researched topic, unusual purpose, urgent deadline, etc.

  • Speech writing help for various goals

    Our online agency is a convenient and efficient place where one can find competent assistance with texts for any presentation. Unlike one narrowly specialized freelance speechwriter, our team is ready to offer professional solutions for academic, business, creative spheres.

  • Flexible terms of cooperation

    Our professional capacity is enough to understand and adapt to different assignments and cases. We work with urgent, non-standard, challenging speech papers. And, a client, in turn, can select any deadline, volume of text, level of complexity, and, thus, regulate the cost of the order.

  • Good prices

    An affordable pricing policy is one of the core arguments in favor of our services. Moreover, we never compromise the quality and always adhere to the timely manner of delivery. It is here where one can count on the optimal ratio between impeccable quality, fast implementation, and honest prices.

Our speech writer is ready to start working on your project. Order now.

Professional speech writers: How we work

We do not believe in an impromptu presentation. It is an exception but not a pattern. Instead, we suppose that a good speech must be well-planned. Here is how our specialists do it.

1) Let's discuss your speech

Please, send us materials for your presentation. If you do not have any, our personal manager will do individual research and find all the necessary facts by him-/herself.

Plus, we need information about:

  • the audience;
  • time for the presentation;
  • the necessity to add slides or any other visual objects;
  • the time when your speech needs to be delivered.

2) Build the plan for your awesome speech

Although the text for the presentation is rather concise, a good outline is a must. It is because the structure is decisive for catching and holding listeners' attention. A disbalanced text might seem unclear and boring. That is why we always carefully consider a plan for a future speech.

What is the goal of the speech?

It all begins with the purpose of your presentation. Depending on the knowledge sphere, the audience, and the case, a good speech is aimed to:

  • inform listeners about a particular event or object, convey a crucial message;
  • prove the author's point of view;
  • sell something;
  • inspire listeners;
  • draw attention to a problem.

Write down the core theses of your speech

Our specialists reveal crucial points that constitute the structure of the future presentation. By doing so, we compose a logical text, where all the parts are harmoniously balanced.

3) A professional speech writer composes the text

When working on your assignment, we are guided by general grammar standards and stylistic rules. Our team delivers a unique text, and this fact is proven with the help of a plagiarism report.

Features of texts by our experts:

  • based on relevant information;
  • contain logical explanations;
  • free from spelling and punctuation mistakes;
  • unique, composed from scratch;
  • interesting for the target audience.

Informativeness and a suitable tone of presentation are two crucial conditions of a successful speech. And due to our experts, you'll get a meaningful text describing an answer to the given question.

4) Visualization for speeches

The information is better perceived when it is visually presented. So, alongside the text, we can also add some pictures:

  • infographics demonstrating processes, patterns, facts, and figures;
  • tables comparing different objects and events;
  • charts showing statistics;
  • graphs demonstrating progress and development;
  • images with examples, and many more.

5) Editing and proofreading

A fresh set of eyes is essential to make your speech ideal. Our editors and proofreaders check the text and visual elements to eliminate typos and other possible mistakes. This is how we ensure the top-notch quality of the service.

6) Send the first draft of the speech

As a rule, clients are fully satisfied with the first version of the speech. Still, if you see any mistakes or mismatches with your Order Form, please, let us know. We'll correct everything for free during our revision period.

Such a serious approach to orders results in professional speech writing service. You receive a text composed precisely for your goals.

When to hire our speech writer

A speech is an interesting paper type. It is aimed to present information in a concise and evocative manner. When properly composed it helps you reach your goals in education, business, personal projects, etc. Our authors are ready to prepare an amazing text for your presentation — just place an order here.

✔ Urgent assignment

If you need a well-composed speech in the shortest terms, please, turn to professionals. For instance, our specialists will quickly cope with any order. Be it a speech for the best man at a wedding or a text for the presentation of your research report, we'll do everything quickly without compromising the quality.

✔ Challenging speech writing

Some presentations require specific knowledge and skills. It deals with serious analytical work, the necessity to generate new ideas, provide enough arguments proving the author's point of view, etc. Plus, one might need interesting and informative slides. If you feel that all this sounds complicated, please, turn to professionals. There are no difficult speech papers for our authors.

✔ Boring tasks

Interesting themes inspire. Yet it happens that a learner encounters a dull and tiresome project. Without enthusiasm and desire to work on the assignment, everything goes hard. You'd better delegate such tasks to our specialists. Due to an expert approach and a big pool of writers we create amazing texts on any topic.

✔ A speech for a non-standard assignment

Professors like to give unusual tasks to check students' creative skills. The same is about the real world, where many projects require vivid imagination and adaptation to non-standard situations. We understand that it is difficult to speak of unknown things and adjust the speech to new conditions. So you can always count on our professional speech writer.

✔ A speech for your decisive projects

You cannot risk your reputation when it deals with a thesis, crucial business project, life-changing self-presentation, etc. In these cases, you need only the best possible version of the speech, and our experts are here to give it to you. Trust our professionals, and we'll compose a first-rate paper for you.

Find the best speechwriters here

There are no random people on our team, especially among writers. We suppose that a successful presentation should be created by a true expert, and it is not only about writing. Our employees possess knowledge of all the necessary disciplines.


We use this art of building beautiful phrases and persuasion to come up with convincing speeches for our clients. Our writers know how to apply a suitable tone and help you reach the given goal.


Due to knowledge of the core psychological principles, we can predict the reaction of the listeners to your speech. Our experts will make your audience feel interested in your presentation.


Correct words spelling, vocabulary, and phrases are a must for any speech, no matter where you are going to present it. We'll compose a correct and readable text for your presentation.


Very often a speaker wants to make a presentation with slides. Our designers will draw pictures, charts, diagrams, and other elements to make your speech easier to understand and remember.

Be you a beginner or an experienced speaker, our services come in handy. Get a guaranteed good result, save your time, get a fresh set of eyes from our experts.

How can I hire your speech writer?

As a user-friendly agency, we've decided to simplify the ordering procedure. There are no bureaucracy and tricky schemes here: everything is easy, clear, and transparent.

1) Go to the top of the page and find the button "Sign in." Please, fill in a short Form, and you'll become a registered user of our website. Now you get access to the online private cabinet and can quickly exchange messages and files with representatives of our speech writing company.

2) Formulate points of your order. Our Forms has all the necessary fields, where you can mention the name of the topic, the number of pages or words, an academic level, time frames, etc. If you have any materials on your speech or additional instructions, please, upload the file with this information too.

3) Contact our support managers. If you encounter issues at any stage of placing your order, please, turn to our support agents. We work without breaks and days off to help you at any time.

4) Download the file with your perfectly written speech. Please, check your inbox and revise the text. If you see any mismatches with your Order Form, let us know about them. Practically all our papers fully correspond to the requirements of our clients. Yet, we want you to know about our period of free revisions. Our experts make free amendments during fourteen days if something goes wrong and it is our fault.

A speech is an efficient modern instrument of communication. We can say from experience that well-thought-out presentations contribute to the success of students, businessmen, and other speakers.

We'll be glad to create an impactful speech for your project — order now!

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