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Your path to flawless college essays starts here. We know all the secrets of successful proofreading services, and we are here to apply this knowledge to your projects.

With us, you can finally forget about endless typos, spelling mistakes, wrong verbs, and other tricky stuff of English grammar. Hire reliable and skilled specialists here!

  • Eliminate grammatical errors in any document
  • Improve the sentence flow for better readability
  • Correct the style and manner of writing to fit the given standards
  • Optimize the word choice to enhance the tone of voice

Benefits from online essay editing service

We are aimed at providing tangible and meaningful online assistance. It means that your text will be significantly improved.

• Receive a guaranteed impeccable result

We are responsible for the perfection of your papers. That is why our experts examine your texts backward and sideways. If you find any typo after our proofreaders, we'll fix everything for free. The opportunity of a full refund is also foreseen.

• Our editors save your time

Proofreading and editing can be so tiresome, yet only not for our clients. We do everything for them in the shortest terms. Even if it deals with a term paper, research project, or any other long assignment, our team copes with it quickly without compromising the quality. The writers have enough time for the perfect work.

• Essay editing and proofreading services for your most boring tasks

If you are a creative person, checking might seem uninteresting to you. Get rid of monotonous work with our online essay editing services. For now, you do not have to revise every line, sentence, word several times.

Take advantage of our modern proofreading service! Place your order here.

Relationships between the writer and editor

As a professional essay writing agency, we realize all the nuances of work between the author and the best editor.

• We do not correct the writer's thoughts

With our college essay editing service, you do not have to worry about your ideas. When editing and proofreading, we do not change the sense of your documents and the meaning of your findings. However, if you want us to check the correctness of your suggestions or add any information, rewriting services are also available.

• Communication with an essay editor

The support manager is always online, so you can get a constructive feedback or helpful comments any time. You can ask any questions concerning this service or your order on the chat and get an instant answer. We understand that you might want to learn the necessary information immediately, so our support system works without breaks and days off. Whether you are from the United States or New Zealand (the time zone does not matter), we are ready to talk to you.

• Constructive cooperation

Our customers receive what they expect here and even more. It is because we realize the purpose of proofreading and our responsibility. Apart from generally accepted rules of grammar, we are also guided by the client's individual requirements. For instance, our admission essay editors take into account your preferences on the stylistic nuances, professional vocabulary, non-standard essay’s structure, etc.

Our mission lies in the quality improvement of your texts. Send us your essay and we'll provide its best version. Sign in here!

Is it safe to order essay proofreading online?

We want you to know that your texts are in good hands. Our employees have already checked thousands of essays and our writing skills, and this successful experience is the best guarantee of our quality.

• Our site uses reliable payment systems

We work only with well-known financial companies, such as PayPal, for instance. Risk-free transactions are good for both our customers and our enterprise. Everything is fast, convenient, and transparent. No hidden costs and tricky payment schemes.

• Strict confidentiality rules

Not all college students want to share their experience of using highest quality proofreading services. We respect your right to keep this information secret. The same is about any facts, including contact data, contents of the files, messages, etc. We promise not to send spam and not to misuse any information.

• Helpful support team

A well-established process of communication constantly supports our users and customers. Whenever you have questions about your order or our online essay proofreading assistance, please, ask them on the chat and get an instant quote. We always stay in sight and never switch off the chat. Importantly, our managers explain everything clearly and give detailed responses.

Feel safe and confident in the perfect result — order here!

Solid essay editing experience matters

Incompetent proofreaders can spoil your text and even make additional mistakes in it. And with us, you receive only decent results. It's all about professionalism and valuable experience that are felt in every moment of our services with advanced degrees of expertise.

• We foresee the most common issues and the tiniest nuances

Due to years of experience in the academic world and writing business, we are aware of common standards, frequent requests, possible pitfalls. It deals with specifics of various writing styles, peculiarities of English dialects, formatting rules, etc.

• Fast proofreading and editing services

Our team has already honed professional skills and gained enough knowledge to cope with your orders quickly. Please, note that we never sacrifice the quality of the service. The fast turnaround and timely delivery of the final draft is due to well-established methods of work and joint endeavors of the talented team.

• Additional recommendations for your college essay

The perfect level of proofreading assistance goes without saying. Plus, we can prepare a list of possible suggestions for further improvements (apart from proofreading). If you want to continue our cooperation, we are glad to offer a big number of related services: comprehensive editing service, complete rewriting, revision, etc.

We are willing to turn your draft into an ideal text. Do not risk the quality of your paper — hire our experienced editors!

The team of professional editors and proofreaders

Since we work with a huge variety of texts, our team comprises various experts. Each of them is a native speaker. This system is convenient and effective: your paper is checked by an employee who understands the vocabulary, formatting, and stylistic details of your order.

• Academic subject matter experts

The academic world is diverse, and we have specialists practically in all contemporary knowledge fields and subject area:

  • English Language and Literature
  • History
  • Law
  • Computer science
  • Bioinformatics
  • Geography
  • Civil engineering
  • Social sciences
  • Gender studies
  • Business, and many more.

We work with all college assignments: an original essay, personal statement, report, term paper, etc

Due to this wide specialization, we cope with your orders effectively. Our employees know how to choose a proper style for the college application essay, spell the names of historic figures, cite the law correctly, etc. Whatever university faculty you have, we'll find the most suitable editor or proofreader.

• Specialists in resume and cover letter

The typo in the document for the job search can cost you a lot. Thus, the mistake in the name of your profession hides your resume from college application tracking systems. Your dream company might not find a "web-deeveloper" or a "suport manager." It is because contemporary recruiting software analyzes keywords and cannot understand mistakes.

Meanwhile, in-built grammar check instruments for Google Docs or Microsoft Word can be insufficient to catch all the punctuation errors. So, simply send us your documents, and we'll thoroughly revise them.

• Proofreaders specializing in admissions essays

The text you create for the admissions board deserves maximum attention. That is why it is one of the most popular orders for our professional essay proofreading team. When it is about entering reputable colleges such as the University of Chicago, University of California, MIT, etc., professional editing service assistance comes in handy.

We'll make your admissions essays more compelling

The text without evident mistakes is the minimum condition expected from the diligent student. In addition, your edited document must contain enough arguments highlighting your capacity. Purchase our editing and proofreading services, and we'll make your story more powerful.

  • Our experts double-check the text to catch the tiniest mistakes.
  • We can change some words for more successful synonyms.
  • The structure of your admissions essay is revised; we can offer a new sequence of the parts.

What is the price of the proofreading service?

Honesty and transparency are the main principles of our policy. We have tried to set optimal prices, and we can justify them. Please, use our online calculator to see the approximate price. We helped thousands or college students already.

The final cost can vary depending on the following factors:

  • the urgency of college essay proofreading;
  • the number of pages;
  • the complexity of the initial document.

We have done some research and can claim that our prices are one of the lowest on the market. Besides, we do not have strict minimal conditions such as EssayEdge, for instance. Thus, their minimal package is $69. For this money, they will check 600 words or less. On our website, you can order an editing service even for one page (word count 275), and it will cost you about $11. Importantly, the quality of our excellent service is perfect, and an independent high review score proves this fact.

Joining our shiny community is always a good idea. Whether you require a perfect proofreading service or need an awesome essay, we'll do it with skill. Place your order here!