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Get custom coursework help when it’s hard to study

Working tips on how to get into working mode after the winter holidays

Holidays and carefree rest come to the end sooner or later. Naturally, the students do not feel like they are ready to start studying again. What to do to overcome laziness and get into studying mode quickly? How to start getting good grades from the very beginning? Our experts will share several methods that will assist get into a working mode more quickly and less painfully.

  • Have healthy nutrition. Holidays are often accompanied by a lot of really tasty but not very healthy food. In order to return the lightness to your body, it requires vitamins, more water, and do not forget about fruit and vegetables. Proper nutrition will bring you energy and positivity.
  • Clean up your house. Is your house still decorated? Is there a Christmas tree? It is high time to remove all the decorations. It will aid you to get into working mode and will not distract you during the days when you need to study.
  • Start getting used to a studying schedule. In two or three days before classes begin, start adjusting to a schedule when you dedicate some great share of time to studying. This will assist to be more or less cheerful, and the first week will pass much more easily.
  • Tune into learning mode. Remind yourself in your mind that you will have classes on Monday. Imagine what you are going to dress. Look at the schedule and check what classes you have on this day. Maybe you will need to do some homework. Or you might need to refresh your knowledge of some subjects that you have studied before the holidays. In such a way, you will get into learning mode more quickly.
  • Fight the syndrome of work maladjustment. Work maladjustment is a term that psychologists use to define a syndrome that many people experience after prolonged holidays. In this condition, a person does not want to do anything and cannot get into working mode. If you have noticed similar symptoms in you, start fighting with them. Scientists recommend cheering yourself up with pleasant things: to go to the cinema, to meet with friends, and so on. Joyful little things will fight the apathy, and you will have enough strength to return to a usual working schedule and good mood.
  • Demonstrate patience. Specialists have come up to such conclusions: in order to get into working mode, a person needs at least 10 days. Take this fact into consideration and do not rush things. That is why during the first studying week try to dedicate more time to assignments and do not overload yourself with other things.
  • Have a plan for the first week (or month) of studying. Nothing organizes a person better than a well-thought detailed plan. If you have a lot of assignments (classes, courses, tests, etc.), it is better to have at least an approximate plan for every day of the week. It will aid you to have time for everything and avoid fatigue. Time management will also assist greatly in this situation.

We hope that our tips will assist you to overcome laziness and get into learning mode without much loss. Do not panic and do not be afraid of the first studying week. Set a positive goal and achieve them! Thus, it will be easier to study and motivate yourself. Good luck!

Products for the brain: proper nutrition for productive studying

Are you 100% loaded with learning and start noticing that you cannot remember even the simplest theory? No-no, there is no need to start taking many vitamins for better brain activity. Most likely, you just need to rest. Or maybe, your body needs a piece of fried fish or another food for the brain. Our professionals are going to share what products are useful for the brain.

A bit of biology: what is required for brain work?

Attention, thinking, and memory are active and energy-consuming processes. That is why for brain work there is required much oxygen and energy that can be got only from food. In the process of digestion, it is transformed into proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Further, there appears an ATF molecule that carries energy to cells like a deliverer.

The biggest number of ATF molecules appears from the oxidation of carbohydrates. That is why it is a useful habit to eat a bar of chocolate before a test or exam.

How to start writing coursework essay? Eat proper food!

What products are useful for the brain?

Balanced nutrition will secure good health for the whole body. However, our brain, first and foremost, needs the products that contain especially important molecules: coenzyme Q10, lecithin, omega-3 fats, vitamins, lipoic acid. Let’s see where we can find them.

  • Products for intellect. In order to developmental skills, it is necessary to train not only the brain. It is important to get coenzyme Q10 regularly. It is considered that it prevents many neurological diseases. That is why make it a habit to buy beef, trout, herring, peanuts, sesame, or pistachios. If you do not have them in your kitchen, the products with a bit smaller amount of Q10 will also do broccoli, oranges, strawberry, and eggs.
  • Products for memory, attention, and stress resistance. A true superhero, the savior of damaged cells, and the helper of the brain is lecithin. It improves memory and attention, increases stress resistance and work capability. That is why during the examination periods, it is better to add to your diet eggs, liver, caviar, rabbit meat, herring, unrefined vegetable oils. Also, do not forget about buckwheat, chicken, beef, ham, pork, cereals and seeds, salad, beans, fish, and dairy.
  • Products for thinking. Omega-3 fatty acids not only assist the body to grow. They are also responsible for the development of nerves, eyes, and brain. Do you want to improve your thinking abilities and learn to memorize a lot of things? Eat more fat fish, meat, eggs, beans, soya beans, greens vegetables, linseed oil and linseed, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, olive, and rapeseed oil.
  • Vitamins for the brain. In order to aid your brain work actively and receive the necessary energy, it is important not to forget about vitamins. Sometimes products that contain them are the best remedies for different diseases. If you feel that there is something wrong with you (lack of energy, absent-mindedness, inattentiveness), you need to start taking vitamins. Here is the list of the most important brain work vitamins:
  1. Vitamin A: melon, papaya, mango, pumpkin, and carrot;
  2. Vitamin B1: most kinds of meat, fish, nuts, fruit, vegetables, seeds;
  3. Vitamin B6: eggs, milk, and dairy, brown rice, potato, turkey, meat, seafood, lentils, pepper, bread made of coarse ground flour, peanut, hazelnut, nuts, spinach, carrot, broccoli, salmon, trout, tuna;
  4. Vitamin B9: bananas, oranges, melon, avocado, beans and cereals, spinach, asparagus, brown rice, and others;
  5. Vitamin B12: chicken, turkey, beef, redfish and seafood, eggs, cereals, diary;
  6. Vitamin C: orange, grapefruit, melon, pineapple, strawberry, pepper, spinach, cauliflower;
  7. Vitamin D: sardines, salmon, tuna, mackerel, champignons, and some kinds of diary;
  8. Vitamin K: Brussels sprouts, asparagus, parsley, celery, green-leaf vegetables, dried fruit, dairy, and fermented milk products.

If we do not have proper nutrition, medicines do not work; if we have proper nutrition, we will not need medicines at all.

  • Products not to have a headache. If you often have a headache because of constant tension and fatigue, pay attention to the products that contain lipoic acid. This is one of the miraculous things that protect our brain from damaging and restore nervous cells. That is why, instead of taking the pills that assist get rid of a headache, you need to eat beef and beef liver, fresh cabbage, and spinach every day.

Also, a headache can be caused by a lack of sleep. That is why try to follow a sleep schedule. There is a life hack from neurologists: to wake up more easily, the duration of sleep should be a multiple of 1,5 hours.

Get prepared in advance for the intensive loads. If an examination period comes soon, it is better to get prepared in advance. First of all, you need to feed your brain with useful products and start taking vitamins (of course, it is necessary to consult with a doctor). Do not forget to go outside and walk regularly and ventilate the room. The most important thing is to have enough sleep. Any system needs rest, especially a biological system.

We do our best custom coursework service & you get the best grades

We hope that it will be easier to study and prepare for the tests and exams with this knowledge. Do not forget to take care of yourself, and your preparation will not harm your health and will bring excellent results at the same time.

Of course, proper nutrition and additional vitamins cannot solve all your studying problems. Luckily, there is a custom coursework writing service that can cope with any assignment professionally for you. You just need to make us a request and specify what kind of help exactly you need. That is it. We will do all the rest.

Our writers work with all types of student assignments on any subject matter.

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