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Word counter tool:
Advantages of our offers

The process of calculating words can be simple and fast if you use our online instrument. Stop guessing how long your text is — copy and paste it into our program to receive an accurate result.

  • The program costs you nothing

    Microsoft Word can display you the amount of symbols and even check some grammar moments. Yet its package is not free. Meantime, you do not have to pay for our tools. We can prove that counting words should not be a paid service. Save your money and do not overpay.

  • We do not send spam and advertising

    We do not need your email or any personal documents. With respect for your confidentiality and personal space, we do not impose our assistance. Our team promises not to send any messages or emails promoting our software or any other products. You will not see irritating ads from us.

  • No registration is needed

    Alongside Microsoft Word, the program Google Docs can also demonstrate statistics and offer some suggestions concerning grammar improvements. Yet, firstly, you need to pass a registration procedure and create your Google account. Access to our word counter tool is easy, regardless of your gadget or operational system. It does not require installation or payments and perfectly works in real time.

  • Accurate results

    Please, open our Form, type your content (or insert it from your source). Do not doubt the correctness of our word counter. The program is built on cutting-edge algorithms ensuring reliable effectiveness.

  • Do not forget to add this page to the bookmarks. Thus, you can open it whenever it is convenient for you.

Word count program:
Only two steps

  • 1 Insert the content into the text area

    It does not matter whether you type content or copy it from other documents, our program works equally well for all variants.

  • 2 Get the result

    There is one more box near the main field. It gives the word count: only a couple of seconds, and you know your stats.

The word counter is not the only free tool by our team. Want to learn more? Welcome to the live chat — we are open to discussions.

Situations when we are helpful

  • Sometimes it is rather difficult to understand the precise stats of the text, particularly, if you do not work often with content. And even if you write regularly, you can be misled by the different font size, arrangement of sections, the quantity of paragraphs, margins, extra spaces, etc.

  • Of course, this instrument is essential if you require precise results. Our online tool is rather useful for students, blog authors, and people constantly working with texts, in general. Here are some cases, when our software comes in handy.

  • You work in a program that does not imply showing text statistics

    Google Docs and Word show the statistics of your paper. Meantime, contemporary learners and authors often use other software to create their projects. The same is true about blogging software. It is not convenient to calculate sentences, paragraphs, and symbols by hand. Still, you require this data to fit in the educational standards or blogging guidelines.

  • You must regularly check text parameters (for the whole document and its parts)

    For example, one can determine the number of words in one sentence or chapter. The correct length of the sentence ensures good readability, and proportional sections make everything harmonious. On the other hand, too many words in one phrase can make it sound boring.

  • Save this page in your bookmarks so that you could check the text parameters whenever you wish.

  • Word counting software
    for the study

    Learners across the globe prefer our program to Microsoft Word and other similar applications when it deals with determining the statistics of content.

    • Check the volume of the document when working on your application essay (experts do not recommend writing more than seven hundred words).
    • Check if your text meets your professor's requirements.
    • Download and compare different parts to see if everything is proportional.
  • Practical ideas for the
    online world

    The Internet dictates its rules for the content parameters, and you can check some of them with the help of our instrument:

    • learn the quantity of words when writing the blog article (we all know that too long titles do not work well);
    • it is not unpleasant when Twitter or any other social media pages cut our messages and posts, so, firstly download them into our instrument;
    • use the possibilities of our tools to control your SEO texts (as an SEO copywriter, you probably comprehend that the volume of the article and the keyword density must be proportional; take your keywords and compare its number with the overall volume of writing).
  • The main principle of our instrument

    Effectiveness is our main feature. It means that you can count on tangible outcomes and, actually, you have nothing to do for it.

    Once you type content and push the button, the program is activated and its algorithms display the real number of characters and words.

  • I have tried this word count tool, what is next?

    We do not want to stop our communication at this stage. Our capacity is enough to offer competent assistance with various issues. So, you've just checked the number of words (characters, sentences), and you are not satisfied with the result. Maybe your text turned out to be too short or too long, or you have seen that some of its parts are not proportional. Our agency is glad to offer you much more than a simple online word counter. Trust our experts — we can easily correct all the parameters of your document (words and characters, spelling and punctuation, font size and average character count in one episode, etc.)

    • Concise rewriting

      Students tend to order this service to minimize the reading time of their speech. Indeed, it is challenging to discover the real time for reading at the stage of writing your project. We have managed to calculate that your text has to be about 600 words for a 5-minute presentation. Each word counts, especially if you compose short texts. Our experts know how to select the best ones.

    • Adding new information

      It happens that you require several additional pages to complete your project. A lack of creative skills or an under-researched topic are the most frequent obstacles for composing long stories, but only not for our specialists. The writers are willing to cope with any theme for you. Importantly, we consider the writing style of your assignment.

    • What about grammar?

      Send your assignment to our experts — we will check and fix all the grammar mistakes.

  • Our personal experience

    We here at also utilize this word counter instrument. Our team can claim with confidence that it's effective. It cannot be otherwise as we established it for our writing business back in the day. Here are some examples from our experience.

    • Our copywriter checks the parameters of the title, description, heading, the main sections for the blog article.
    • The writer of students' essays checks the volume of text there.
    • When posting something on Twitter we, firstly, paste this phrase in this program.

    Do not lose our site in the variety of this multifaceted online world. We will be glad to see you among our regular users, readers, and clients! Learn more about our opportunities on the chat.