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Effective Exam Revision Tips from Experts

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Revise smart, not hard, and get the best grades As the midterms or finals approach, students begin to panic at the amount of revision they need to do. You might feel even more nervous if you didn’t revise much during the semester and only submitted essays and peer projects. Now, you need to make most of your time to remember the course material and prepare your best to get a desired grade from the professor. Indeed, spending days and nights in the library revising isn’t a very Continue reading

How to Improve Creative Writing Skills: 11 Tips

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Creative writing is all about letting your creative juices flowing and enticing the reader by the world created in your imagination. Even if you don’t plan to make a living out of writing novels or screenplays, the creative writing skill is great to have in your student’s toolkit. In particular, it will help you produce better essays that will get you excellent grades in college. Moreover, having mastered creative writing, you’ll improve your writing skills in general, learn Continue reading

Study Tips for College Students

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Have you ever found yourself staying up all night before the exam, promising yourself to get more organized in your studies the next semester? Being a successful student is hard work that requires concentration, high motivation and ability to balance the studies with other elements of your life. However, there are also tried-and-true methods that can turn you into an effective learner and help you perform better in college. Our academic paper writers have prepared a set of tips that have Continue reading

Essay Outline: Tips, Examples & Formats

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An outline is sort of skeleton of your essay. It is extremely helpful when you have a writer’s block. This plan organizes ideas and ensures a proper structure for your piece. Having delegated this assignment to mature experts of, you get the best basis for your future paper. You are also free to order any writing services on our website and stop worrying about outlines, essays, and all that jazz. Essays outlines: definition & purpose An outline is a scheme of the text Continue reading

How to Find an Internship: 7 Tips for College Students

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Professional advice on landing an internship with ease Your college degree is definitely an asset. However, it will not suffice to meet the demands of the best employers. Today, the top companies prefer hiring young professionals who already have some sort of professional experience. Internships, both paid and unpaid, are a great way to gain this real-world experience and prove that you’ve got what it takes to succeed in an entry-level role. Landing a good internship isn’t a simple Continue reading

Creative Titles For Essays: Examples & Advice

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A title is indeed the “Why” of your essay. It is a phrase that determines whether a reader will pass by or get interested in the story. These words set a tone of your piece and establish borders for the narrative. Our writing agency specializes in all types of texts for high schools and colleges. We have seen thousands of essays, reports, case studies, etc. They all had headlines: catchy or boring, bold or standard, awesome or so-so. Thus, our authors know Continue reading

Essay Conclusion | Example Words & Phrases

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Do you know what people remember most from your essay or speech? It is the beginning and the conclusion. Our professionals know how to make your report catchy. One can learn helpful tips from our mature writers or order a ready-made captivating text with a strong conclusion. Why does the conclusion matter? The last paragraph reflects your ability to select the most important things from the whole flow of information. This abstract ends the text; thus, it makes the final impression. We know Continue reading

Top 10+ Tips For Essays Writing In 2020

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What is the secret of his awesome essays? A talent? - No, he just knows the rules of writing. “Essay” is the most googled word among pupils and students. This universal assignment is given at various stages of the educational career. It determines whether a student will enter a dream university, get an IELTS certificate, prove knowledge of a particular discipline, etc. The price for failure is rather high.  The year 2020 promises to be challenging for students. Educational Continue reading

A Student From Future | Portrait Based On Expert Views

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Student’s Image In 2040: The Boldest Predictions A student of the future. How do you imagine this guy? A geek equipped with advanced gadgets, a person with a brand new mindset, or even a humanoid robot. All these variants can be true in the nearest twenty years. Inspired by science fiction, official research, and imagination, our writers decided to speculate on this theme. For this purpose, united talents of its best authors and researchers.   Actually, an image of Continue reading

How to annoy a PhD professor? 13 ways from our writer

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American Professors Have Reasons To Be Angry Former and practicing pedagogues constitute a great part of our team. Their valuable experience and knowledge enable us to provide competent writing services. Furthermore, they give helpful hints in our blog. The topic for this post was chosen for a reason. On the one hand, students want to succeed in studies. Trying to meet teachers’ expectations, they do not always understand all subtleties. Pupils often see some moments as funny jokes or Continue reading