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Top Tips to Write a Brilliant Essay from Expert Writers a well-experienced custom writing company, we have noticed the eternal trend in the educational sphere. It is about essays. Indeed, these assignments have become the most common tasks for students and pupils. We mean not only English and Literature subjects. Teachers of Art, History, Biology, Social Studies, and other disciplines choose this form of writing to evaluate pupils’ knowledge and talents.

So, how to write an excellent essay?

Let’s find it out, as this skill will definitely help you to succeed at school and college. This guide is prepared by essays experts on the basis of general educational rules, real experience of our agency, and independent professional opinions. 

essay writing#1 Determine the deadline

Time frames are extremely important for students. A delay for a day can even cost you a high grade. So you’d better find out how many hours or days you can devote to writing. In doing so, you will manage the process of composing an essay and focus on priorities.

At the very least, skip some stages, but never break a deadline. For instance, it is better to submit a paper in time rather than to waste hours on selecting quotations.

Professors say: The good essay is the one that is submitted on time.

Respect the rules of your university, and bring your papers according to the schedule. Otherwise, order urgent academic writing services.

#2 Research the topic

Even if you know the theme of the essay perfectly, do not miss this step. At this stage, you can find helpful statements, updated statistics, unexpected interpretations, and other useful information.

You need to research the subject and find the evidence helping to construct your argument and form the body of your essay. You can use many different types of sources: from posts on blogs to textbooks at the traditional library.

As for online information, we advise using only reliable Internet sources: official news, science articles, expert writer reviews, etc. Save references to these materials so that you could cite them properly afterwards.

Your task is to find the basis for your further suggestions:

✓ proven facts,

✓ laws and patterns,

✓ figures and numbers,

✓ existing viewpoints, etc.

You are free to read additional sources; thus, you will have more information on the subject. The more you understand the topic, the easier it will be to create an essay.

#3 Look for quotations

Find and use relevant statements. Mentioning famous names, you make your essay stronger. It will be nice if you include the quotation by your favorite author. In our humble opinion, some wise citations by John Steinbeck or Oscar Wilde would be appropriate, wouldn’t they?

However, it is not always compulsory to cite popular phrases. The thing is to understand the meaning of sensible words and explain them.

Certainly, it is not easy to write a high-quality essay, because it requires using academic research skills and building strong arguments. Moreover, it becomes even harder when you create it under a time constraint. is always ready to help you out. Chat with us - we will find the best solution for you.

#4 Analyze it deeply

Consider different opinions on the topic and try to be unbiased while studying your subject. Sometimes it is not all so obvious as you used to think. Critical thoughts and fresh findings are extremely valuable for both your grade and the science, in general.

Remember your own experience relevant to the problem. Describing a situation through the prism of personal emotions and feelings, you make your essay unique.

#5 Make a plan

You probably got instructions from your professor concerning the number of words and parts of the essay. Thus, think about the outline before you start writing. In doing so, you will adhere to a structure and meet other requirements. It happens that students write a too long introduction or jump to conclusions without any explanations. Do not forget about a creative title!

As wee see, today colleges do not always require the use of the classical 5-part structure. However, the main three elements remain the same:

✓ an introduction,

✓ a body,

✓ a conclusion.

There are some rules for explaining quotations too. You should write three sentences to clarify one thought. It is believed that one needs at least two arguments to prove a certain idea. Bear these facts in mind while drawing up a plan.

#6 Write effectively

We offer to use “brainstorming” writing technique for your essays. The thing is to put maximum thoughts on paper, not being distracted by grammar and punctuation. You can organise the text afterwards.

Before the actual writing, you need to find the best supporting ideas, not the first ones that come to mind. It is better to write down all your suggestions, even the boldest ones; later you could choose the most suitable among them.

Writing an excellent text can become a real challenge. Yet, you will definitely handle it with recommendations from experts Who knows, maybe with these hints, you will come up with a real masterpiece of English literature.

#7 Never copy others’ essays

Do not plagiarize. Modern software easily detects the fact of cheating. One essay taken from the Internet or any other source is not worth risking your good reputation.

Stay original

You are free to use available materials for inspiration and analysis. Use your rich vocabulary to paraphrase common statements.

Tip from expert: Use Thesaurus to find synonyms. Actually, you can use any other analogous program. Such online dictionaries save time on selecting proper words.

#8 Watch your vocabulary

"The pen is mightier than the sword," one wise proverb says. It is a well-known fact that you can achieve anything if you know the right words.

Do not forget about online dictionaries. For instance, is a good English language portal. You can easily check the meaning of any unfamiliar concept there. In addition, such websites expand your vocabulary and definitely help you to impress your teacher or tutor.

Make your piece of writing readable and convincing:

• use strong verbs;

• write short and to the point;

• avoid tautologies.

If you deal with academic essays:

• avoid contractions (it’s, I’m, can’t, etc.);

• do not use weak words (so, really, very, a lot, there are);

• be careful with active and passive voices (the last one is allowed only for hard sciences).

Do not repeat yourself over and over again. Try to use interesting sentences, without dull patterns and predictable combinations of words.

#9 Follow principles of the purposeful writing

It happens that students submit senseless essays without any valuable ideas and findings. Teachers and professors are sick of such texts. Let your paper always contain a clear message to the reader.

#10 Demonstrate your insights

The primary purpose of any essay is to reveal the author’s opinion concerning a specific problem. So, the teacher expects to read what you personally think about a subject. Your suggestions must be well-grounded and backed up by solid evidence. You are free to interpret facts and arguments in your way; still, the logic should always be strong.

#11 Edit without mercy

Pay attention to grammar, punctuation, stylistic nuances. Make sure that you double-check and read it aloud. At this final stage, one needs to evaluate the overall impression from the text.

We know, it might be boring and annoying to go through the essay once again; so you can always count on our professional essay editors.

#12 And do not forget about formatting

Visual appearance is crucial as it ensures readability and catches an eye of the reader.  This is achieved by short paragraphs, headings and subheadings, mixing long and short sentences, etc.

One more important thing for college writing essays is a citing style. A teacher notices the wrong one at first glance. It can even be the reason to give your paper back without reading the whole text. So, find out which format is used at your college. 

There is a great variety of essays, starting from descriptive ones and to the research projects. However, if you comprehend the basic principles of this task, you will easily cope with any type of this assignment.

We admire students who do not stop at “just OK” essays and strive to come up with excellent pieces of writing. Specially for them, we offer a simple rule.

A formula of the best-ever-essay

Brilliant essay = Fresh insights + Following writing standards +  Diligence

The greatest value of any remarkable piece is to create something new. In your case, it is about generating ideas and findings, something that stays in mind and provokes further discussions.

If you find it difficult, simply order your custom essay on our online essay writing service website. The name “Shiny...” is not random. With our splendid research papers, you can reach the highest grades. Our academic custom essay writing services offer assistance from top professional essay writers with high-quality expertise.

We hope these tips will help you to pass IELTS, TOEFL, or come in handy for study at college or university.  Brilliant results are not accidental. They come from patience and perseverance, following wise recommendations, and just a little bit of talent. The bottom line is that you need to work on your writing skill, cutting it like a diamond or growing it like a tree.

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