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Many people often confuse the concepts “revision” and “rewriting”. Around-the-clock students' writing services are going to reveal the veil of mystery and consider these concepts in detail.

  • Revision – adjustment of the written paper to the tutor’s or professor’s instructions, usually presented in comments to the paper. Includes expansion, specification, clarification, or more detailed explanation of meanings, theories, concepts, etc. Broadly speaking, revision is the process, when a writer looks back on his writing and makes changes to make it better, according to someone’s comments. If you need more information on revision, check this post:
  • Rewriting, in its turn, means complete paraphrasing of the written text, with the meaning of the original paper being preserved. Rewriting is as an important part of the writing process. Joyce Carol Oates once said, “The completion of any work automatically necessitates its revisioning.”

It is well-known fact that writing process divides into two phases: first, the writer creates a draft, that he rewrites it. During the completion of the first part, the writer needs to use his imagination and his knowledge. This part all about transferring thoughts to the paper. During the second part, the person who writes an essay needs to be very careful and attentive, because this part is played a very important role in the writing process.

Writer’s block is a very common problem for every student who faces completing assignments that imply using of writing skills. Of course, if you need to hire an essay rewriter, you can order rewriting services on our site. It does not matter what type of assignment does the client need, article critique, case study, essay, etc.

Some of the students worry that if your completed paper is too “well-written”, your tutor will become suspicious. It is not a cause for concern because your personal rewriter will accurately study your draft and “impersonate” your style. The expert rewriter will fix your stylistic and grammatical mistakes. Your essay, even after our rewriter’s work, will save your voice and recognizable style. No matter, what kind of problems do you have - problems with grammar, poor structure of sentences or just messy flow of thought, rewriters from our company will help you.

We have our degreed professionals in all-important areas. All of them have great experience in academic writing and rewriting. You can check how our company works here. After work of our rewriters, your paper will be polished and thoroughly cleansed from any needless details and mistakes.  

We offer 100% money-back guarantee because we are sure that order, completed by our rewriters, will be well-liked by your tutor or professor. The prices are available on our site, so you can check it anytime you want. We are proud to say that our services are affordable for everyone.

To conclude with, you are always welcomed to our site. There are many interesting articles on our blog. Thus, if you are interested in rewriting services, feel free to contact us. Our firm can share with you various secrets and tips that we possess. Our professional team of writers and rewriters will give your paper a new life!

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