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How Many Pages In 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 Words


How many pages are 1000 words?The most frequent question asked to the support agents is the particular number of pages how many that equals the number of words. The highest confusion is caused by the fact that some professors require a number of words in the assignment, while others require the essay writing to consist of pages.For instance, you were given the task to compose an essay consisting of 4 pages. What should be emphasized when creating 4 pages exactly? You may be calculating in ...Continue reading

Can You Plagiarize Yourself? Experts Explain


Uniqueness is the biggest value in the academic world, that is why anti-plagiarism rules are so strict. It is evident that copying someone else's work is not acceptable but what about using your previously submitted or published materials? Let's clarify everything with our experts. Having read this article, you will find out:clear explanation of self-plagiarism;crucial information on the matter of plagiarism;effective ways of how to avoid this issue.Do not have time to sort out the ...Continue reading

Describe Yourself Essay: Ultimate Guide And Newest Ideas


The assignment to tell the story of your life seems easy, yet this first impression is misleading. In fact, you have to select the most suitable arguments, find proper words, monitor your image, and ponder over many other crucial moments. We'll tell you how to do it with ease.It is our belief that every person has an interesting biography. The thing is to convey it correctly, and we are here to explain all the nuances.Valuable tips of this post are successfully applied to: admission ...Continue reading

Who Am I Essay: Top Tips + FREE Templates


The story where you are the main hero can become your biggest challenge. It's all about the balance between bragging and modesty, fear of building a negative image, and a lack of experience to present yourself.We are here to teach you how to easily come up with a brilliant Who Am I Essay. In this article, our professionals share:experience-based recommendations on how to write a successful self-presentation;several ready-made templates to inspire you;a list of issues to describe in ...Continue reading

Diagnostic Essay: Top Latest Tips From Experts


You will never be caught off guard by the diagnostic essay if you read this article! Professors rarely warn you about this task, and it turns out to be an unpleasant surprise, but only not for our users and clients.Frightened by the name "diagnostic?"We are here to dispel your fears! With a clear understanding of this assignment and helpful recommendations from our professionals, you have nothing to worry about!In this article we'll tell you about:specifics of the diagnostic ...Continue reading

Essay On Internet: Helpful Hints From Expert Writers


We can hardly imagine modern times without the Internet. This virtual world harmoniously adds reality and seems a natural part of our lives. Yet, when it comes to writing a college paper or a blog post on this theme, students often experience difficulties in choosing a topic and expressing thoughts according to academic standards.For this post, experts from the online agency  have selected thought-provoking ideas and effective tips on how to compose an essay on the ...Continue reading

Essay On Life: Tips & Ideas For Writing


The essay about life is a popular assignment for high school pupils and college students. With its help, teachers and professors want to make young people reflect on the meaning of personal existence. Besides, admission boards read these essays to learn more about a college applicant. If you have no idea where to start and what to write in this paper, check out this post by skilled authors from Sooner or later, thought about the sense of life comes to every man. Yet, when ...Continue reading

Essays On Globalization: What & How To Write?


An essay on globalization is a serious assignment requiring in-depth research, logical analysis, and well-grounded findings. Students often get it while studying at high schools and colleges and become upset after writing the first lines. Yes, this topic is widely discussed in modern society; everyone has heard something about worldwide integration and development. Still, when it comes to expressing thoughts on paper, young people can experience difficulties. The thing, it is not easy to write ...Continue reading

Searching Information For Essay Writing


Information is a No.1 instrument for self-development and progress. The access to this resource opens endless opportunities for moving forward to high achievements. At colleges, we face issues of finding valuable data for essays, research projects, term papers, etc. That is why this post is devoted to searching for quality information. Experts from our writing agency deal with different types of materials all the time; so, they have enough experience to give useful advice on this issue.  ...Continue reading

College Essay: Ultimate Guide To Writing


An admission essay bridges the gap between a high school and a college. If you want to build a reliable one, check out professional advice from the team of our expert writers. You might have already read a bunch of recommendations on how to write an awesome essay. It is so easy to get confused with vague and sometimes even controversial tips. That is why we decided to sort this matter out. An application essay: what is its purpose? Before writing any text, think about its sense and ...Continue reading