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Proofreading Essay: Useful Tips

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Proofreading usually implies correcting perfunctory errors in punctuation, spelling, formatting, grammar and syntax. It is final touch before submitting the assignment; it is the last step of the whole writing process. Proofreading is made to find punctuation, spelling and grammar errors. A proofreader have to detect extra words or on the contrary, to insert omitted words. An experienced proofreader from does not only find typos and misspelled words, he improves the work and gives it a new life.  Furthermore, proofreading is not the same term as editing or reading. We already have articles about differences between these few types of services.

  • While editing contains all stages, that proofreading includes, it concentrates more on the fact, how this paper will be perceived by the reader. An editor makes a paper easier to understand, he organizes it and adapts to the needs of the audience. Unlike proofreading, editing goes deeper, it examines how information and thoughts of writer are presented. This post reveals more information on editing:
  • Proofreading it is not the same thing that simple checking. Of course, the spell checker is very important part of completing the assignment, but it is far from foolproof. However, if writers use an effective system for proofreading their papers, they are sure to spot more errors than had they only “read over” their papers. One of the significant parts of proofreading process is using an effective system for proofreading of their papers to find all the sentence errors. Naturally, this system can spot more mistakes and errors than simple “reading over” the text. Of course, proofreading process of a good quality can take some time. You need to think ahead about it and leave some time for this process. One should allow an adequate amount of time for this step.
  • Some writers claim that they cannot find mistakes in their own writing. They said that it is sort of impossible task for them. In this case, it is very convenient to refer to the company, which provides proofreading services. There are many sites and companies, which offer essay proofreading. Refer to our online college help service to have your essay checked accurately. 
  • Certainly, you need to be attentive to stylistic problems that could have arisen. You may meet some of them when you are proofreading your essay.
  1. For example, Passive Voice is inappropriate in some cases. Usually, Active Voice is preferable for academic writing. Passive Voice could make your writing less interesting and even boring.
  2. Another typical problem that almost everyone faces is nominalization. It means that the writer used the noun form of a word when the verb form could make your sentence more concise and more interesting.
  3. It is recommended to remove all expletives. It means that you need to avoid using too much “there is” and “there are”. “There” is an empty word, which starts a sentence. Nevertheless, it can make your writing boring and repetitive.

In conclusion, it would be convenient to remind that our leading writing company is always ready to help you with any assignments. Do not hesitate to contact us. Entrust us with your proofreading essay and you will get all you expected and even more with our firm.

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