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Proofreading Essay: Useful Tips


Proofreading usually implies correcting perfunctory errors in punctuation, spelling, formatting, grammar and syntax. It is final touch before submitting the assignment; it is the last step of the whole writing process. Proofreading is made to find punctuation, spelling and grammar errors. A proofreader have to detect extra words or on the contrary, to insert omitted words. An experienced proofreader from does not only find typos and misspelled words, he improves the work and gives it a new life.  Furthermore, proofreading is not the same term as editing or reading. We already have articles about differences between these few types of services.

How to proofread essays?

1. Realize the essence of proofreading

While editing contains all stages, that proofreading includes, it concentrates more on the fact, how this paper will be perceived by the reader. An editor makes a paper easier to understand, he organizes it and adapts to the needs of the audience. Unlike proofreading, editing goes deeper, it examines how information and thoughts of writer are presented. This post reveals more information on editing:

2. Feel the difference between proofreading and checking

Proofreading it is not the same thing that simple checking. Of course, the spell checker is very important part of completing the assignment, but it is far from foolproof. However, if writers use an effective system for proofreading their papers, they are sure to spot more errors than had they only “read over” their papers. One of the significant parts of proofreading process is using an effective system for proofreading of their papers to find all the sentence errors. Naturally, this system can spot more mistakes and errors than simple “reading over” the text. Of course, proofreading process of a good quality can take some time. You need to think ahead about it and leave some time for this process. One should allow an adequate amount of time for this step.

3. Choose your online company

Some writers claim that they cannot find mistakes in their own writing. They said that it is sort of impossible task for them. In this case, it is very convenient to refer to the company, which provides proofreading services. There are many sites and companies, which offer essay proofreading. Refer to our online college help service to have your essay checked accurately. 

4. Pay attention to stylistic nuances 

Certainly, you need to be attentive to stylistic problems that could have arisen. You may meet some of them when you are proofreading your essay.

✓ For example, Passive Voice is inappropriate in some cases. Usually, Active Voice is preferable for academic writing. Passive Voice could make your writing less interesting and even boring.

✓ Another typical problem that almost everyone faces is nominalization. It means that the writer used the noun form of a word when the verb form could make your sentence more concise and more interesting.

✓ It is recommended to remove all expletives. It means that you need to avoid using too much “there is” and “there are”. “There” is an empty word, which starts a sentence. Nevertheless, it can make your writing boring and repetitive.

5. Print and read it

We can say from our own experience that this way is quite effective. It helps to determine typos and wrong punctuation symbols. A printed version makes the brain perceive the words better.

• Firstly, it is about a new background. A white paper differs from the electronic document. That is why the human eye takes it as something new and, thus, catches errors.

• Secondly, it is better for your eyes to read from the paper. If it deals with a significant number of pages, you will get tired less than if you revise it from the screen. OK, there are some exceptions, when you have a super laptop.

Old-school tip: Our experts often use a good old ruler to concentrate attention while reading the text line-by-line.

6. Change the digital appearance of your essay

You might have already seen recommendations to change the color of the text or its font for the check. Yet, by doing so, you alter the format of the document, and, eventually, you will need to turn it back.

Lifehack from our expert: change the scale or a program you work in. For instance, make it 130 %, and you will notice a lot of details. If you write in Google Docs, open it in PDF, for example. In addition, you are free to change the screen. If it is possible, connect your TV to a laptop, and look at your text from the new angle.

7. Read it aloud

This method helps to catch omitted words and punctuation marks, firstly. You will understand what sounds weird and incorrect. One needs more time to read the text aloud in comparison with reading silently. Meantime, when you pronounce every word, your attention is more concentrated. You analyze the text only, and you are less distracted with other thoughts.

8. Use modern applications

Why not try contemporary opportunities? You can download your text to Grammarly or any other grammar checker. Do not expect a perfect result from its algorithm. Still, it can be helpful to detect weak places and offer suggestions. Use it for an initial check to save time on a further revision of the essay.

9. Read it backward

One more way to focus attention on mistakes is to revise the text from the end to the beginning. In doing so, you can check every single letter and sign. In fact, your brain perceives a new picture of your essay, and, thus, is able to detect new errors.

10. Show your text to someone else

A fresh set of eyes is always a good idea. In fact, you cannot find a mistake if you do not doubt the correctness of your writing. That is why professional authors delegate proofreading to other specialists. A student can show his/her paper to a roommate or a friend. Yet, it is not comfortable to bother close people with this dull task. An online service is definitely a better alternative.

The primary task of proofreading is to detect and eliminate mistakes that remained after editing. It is not only about grammar and syntax. One needs to consider all the nuances that matter in the academic sphere. Here are some details, students often forget to revise.

Check captions to visual objects

All the pictures, diagrams, charts need to be explained. Every table must have a name. What is more important is that your visual objects must be relevant. You compulsorily need to mention them in your text.

Consistent presentation of data

It is crucial to write your essay using the same system of measurements. For instance, do not use “meters” and “miles” in one piece of writing. The same can be said about data format. Say, if you write “16th April,” do not write something like “the eighteenth of May” in another sentence.

All in all, you need to adhere to one style. As a result, you will get a holistic text written in accordance with academic standards.

What about numbers in your list?

One more frequent mistake is about the figures you use in your lists. For instance, a student can write “Five arguments in favor of the online education” and describe six cases. One more point deals with confusing a sequence of numbers in the list. Something like: “1, 2, 4, 5...” It is due to the changes you make while composing the text. If you use a “list tool” in Words or Google Docs, it happens less often. In any case, check if everything looks logical in the final draft.

Take care of the format

The format can be a matter of a citing style. You have to use one font, including the size, color, etc. Do not forget that when you copy any materials from the Internet, you copy the properties of the text too. In this case, we advise using the button “clear the format” in your text editor program.

Check the styles of lists, headings and subheadings, paragraphs and spaces between lines and words, etc.

11. Proofread the essay at least twice

It is our belief that every text should be double-checked after a time. In doing so, you look at your essay from a new angle and, thus, can find more mistakes. 

12. Analyze your often mistakes

One more helpful advice from our experts is about composing an individual checklist of errors and weak parts in your essays. Write down your most frequent typos and other errors. You will remember the correct spelling and get an opportunity to refer to this list at any time.

By the way, our proofreaders also have a sort of database where the most popular mistakes are gathered.

Proofreading is an essential stage of editing the text. Its aim is to polish the essay so that it looks impeccable. This concluding step ensures the perfection of the final draft. Actually, even a little typo can spoil the impression from your piece of writing. But if you do not ignore proofreading, you will compulsorily notice it. Go to the end while checking your essay, and do not let misspellings overshadow the value of your ideas.

In conclusion, it would be convenient to remind that our leading writing company is always ready to help you with any assignments. Do not hesitate to contact us. Entrust us with your proofreading essay and you will get all you expected and even more with our firm.

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