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Pay for Essay Writing: Good or Bad?


Have you ever tried the help of custom essay writing companies? Have you ever paid for essay writing? Alternatively, have you earned by writing essays for money?

However, the great dilemma lies in the basics of this concept. It can be said, that the idea to pay for writing an essay, has taken the important place in the culture nowadays. For example, many public figures such as politicians, actors and athletes pay to ghostwriters to write a book for them. In the most cases, ghostwriters get paid to write the memoirs for the particular person. History knows thousands of examples of such situations. It is not illegal; there is no law against it.

Thus, why should not the usual student pay for essay writing? Moreover, this is where is the real problem is hidden. The idea of paying someone became trivial.

The things are getting even more complicated because higher education is transforming into industry, the branch of national economy, where one can purchase and sell products and services. Moreover, a student who buys an essay became part of this system.

Another problem is that writing essays for money are devaluing the very basics of educational system. The idea of education is mocked by putting, for example, assignments ahead of the process of learning. Certainly, the aim of the whole process of education is to motivate students to get new information at any cost.

The third problem is the problem of inequality. Of course, a student who ordered paid essay writing cheated his professor or tutor. However, at the same time, this student puts his classmates in an awkward position. Classmates, who did invest time and put their efforts to complete the assignment, might feel fooled. People, who do their assignments by themselves, are unlikely to enjoy the act of buying an essay. It is not fair that people, who work on earning their own grades might get a low grade and those who cheated, get a high grade.

There were disadvantages of using writing services. Let us talk about advantages of it.

The perks of using it are numerous. First, it is a huge industry where are thousands of people are employed. Many people are earning money by writing customized essays. Well-functioning industry is a great part of national economy and it helps to produce more goods and increase the purchasing power of citizens.

Secondly, sometimes smart and gifted students simply do not have time to complete the assignment. In this case, an assistance of custom writing companies will be a gift. Of course, no one can complete a few long essays in a short period of time. Thus, it is appropriate and normal to refer to such kind of services.

Thirdly, on some sites, you can order not only essay writing services but also online tutoring. Expert writers will assist you with your assignment. Your work will be an example of perfect writing. The professional writers know their deal and can provide you with the paper you absolutely love:

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