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How to motivate yourself to study when your inner voice says “I do not want to do this”

The ability to study diligently is a great advantage for one’s personal development and for a good academic performance. However, sometimes there are such moments when there is no desire to learn or do whatever else. What can be done in this situation? We know several tricks and are ready to tell you about them.

Any action has its motive, either internal or external. For example, if it rains when you go home, you start to rush to get there faster. A teacher gives a test to the students and motivates them to get a high grade for it. In these cases, we speak about external motivation. Any person is free either to follow it or to ignore it.

When we speak about internal motivation, it is related to one’s personal interests and desires. For example, a student learns chemistry not because a teacher has asked to do it. He (or she) learns it because he/she likes this subject and is ready to dedicate every spare minute to learn more. The examples demonstrate that motivation includes all the internal and external factors that have an influence on the behavior of a person.

Scientists distinguish two main kinds of motivation:

  1. the first one is focused on success. The goal is to achieve something positive. For example, “I am getting ready for a test to get a good grade”.
  2. the second one is focused on avoiding failure. The goal is to avoid troubles. For example, “I am getting ready for a test to avoid a low grade”.

Can you see the difference?

What kind of self-motivation is better?

The desire to succeed is much more useful for a person rather than the desire to avoid failure. When a person thinks about how to escape from something unpleasant, he/she perforce imagines the failure. Negative emotions “steal” energy that could have been directed at the achievement of a goal. Positive emotions allow a person to be more productive.

There is such a notion as “to trip yourself up”. Some people tend to create obstacles on their way to success by themselves. A person does silly things and blames his / her failure on them. For example, “I failed to take a test because I had an argument with the professor” or “I failed to prepare for a test well because yesterday night I spend in a nightclub”. The statements like these ones are a less serious blow to one’s ego rather than a sincere confession that “I failed the test because I was not enough diligent and hard-working”.

Where does intrinsic motivation come from?

Motives are directly related to the needs of a person, and the needs have a particular order. They are demonstrated well in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (it is also called the pyramid of needs). At the bottom level, there are placed physiological needs, and at the top, there is self-realization.

Until the needs of the bottom level are not satisfied, it is difficult to proceed to the next level. Is there any starving person who would prefer reading a book to a tasty meal? Or is there anyone who would reflect on the sense of life not having a warm and safe shelter? Self-development and satisfaction of one’s cognitive needs are kinds of “psychological luxury”. By the way, the higher the level of needs making a person work is, the more productively he/she works.

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What is the danger of weak and excessive motivation?

If motivation is too weak, a person does not do a nice job and, as a consequence, does not succeed. If motivation is excessive, a person wastes more energy not on work but on worries about work. A lot of things depend on how well a person knows what he/she does. Every kind of occupation has its optimum level of activation - for an easy occupation it is quite high, and for a complex one is it lower.

Let’s suppose that in order to get prepared for a physics class, it is necessary to learn some formulas and understand the essence of physical processes. If a person considers that the fulfillment of this task is important and treats it as a source of stress, then, the process of preparation will be more productive in comparison with the situation when a person does not care at all. Mere cramming in combination with high motivation will only harm.

However, this law does not apply to motivation focused on the desire to learn something new. It is impossible to be “too greedy” concerning knowledge. The more voracious such “greed” is, the more effective the memorization of new information is.

Of course, it is different if a person is so much obsessed with getting knowledge that there is no time to apply it - this can hardly lead to professional success. There is no such profession as a “walking handbook”, and it is especially useless in the epoch of information technology.

How to learn to motivate yourself?

In order to find motivation, it is necessary to understand yourself and control emotions. It is important to get rid of the negative and focus on the relevant tasks. The main killer of motivation is self-doubt. Sometimes people start finding an excuse for why they have not achieved something yet. Give credit to the things that you have already achieved. Write up a list of your strengths, both previous and present accomplishments. When you sincerely believe that you are worth being successful, your brain will create ways to achieve this.

The second killer of motivation is the inability to focus. Try to remember how often you focus on something that you do not really need instead of focusing on a particular goal. It is absolutely okay if there are some thoughts related to fear, for example. “I am afraid that I will fail to go to college” or “I am afraid that people might consider me stupid”. Fear feeds itself and steals motivation from people. If you have a fear of failing to apply to colleges, we strongly recommend you to turn to our professionals for assistance. We guarantee that you will succeed with our support.

The last piece in the mosaic of motivation is direction. When we cannot see the next step clearly, we start putting off our actions. Write up a list of your actions. The first one should not be complex but easy to implement, and every next action should be a bit harder. When you solve easy problems, you create a positive mood, which creates the desire to go to the end.

For example, you have a big aim - to go to colleges (for now you do not know what specialty and what college). The list of your actions can be as following:

  • to choose a profession that interests you;
  • to decide on what subjects you need to focus on;
  • to understand what you can learn independently and what requires additional professional assistance;
  • if professional support is wanted, turn to the specialists in a particular sphere;
  • to try to get top grades on other subjects because fine academic performance is required, anyway;
  • to take preparatory tests on the subjects that you have selected in order to see what level you have;
  • when preparing for final tests, study the list of educational institutions in order to have an idea of what grades are required and what the process of application is (concerning the specialty you have selected previously);
  • to go to the open house at a selected educational institution.

And so on. The list can be continued. For example, to have a calendar and write the tasks and goals for every day. When you see the result of your efforts, it becomes easier to motivate yourself. The periods of lack of energy, failures, and even accident mistakes will be anyway. If you do not discipline your mind, these little obstacles can turn into true monsters. If you are careful and attentive, you will manage to keep motivation for learning and push yourself to success.

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How to get rid of stress?

Intensive learning, family and private life problems, never-ending worrying - all this causes stress that affects our nervous system. The doctors say that mental suffering leads to serious diseases. That is why we offer you to stop what you are doing for a while and read about how to get rid of stress without medicines.

  1. Try to get rid of unnecessary thoughts. You should quit thinking about failures, they have passed, and it means that they are not worth worrying about. Focus on the future, plan, and implement. Put away the fear of failure. The ability to think positively is a great remedy in the fight with stress.
  2. More physical load. You should remember from biology classes that physical load is the source of the hormones of happiness. Sport gives the charge of endorphins and strengthens the body. Make it a habit to exercise in the morning, go for a run in the evening, add to your daily schedule riding a bike, start attending dancing classes, purchase a swim pass, and so on. Thus, you will have no time for stress.
  3. Contrast shower. Water alleviates nervous tension and makes you feel better. Take a contrast shower, fortify yourself against cold - it will keep cheerfulness of the spirit and body, and also, will assist get rid of stress.
  4. Practice your hobby. Nothing can assist fight despondency better than a favorite hobby. It is enough to begin, and after a while, you will forget why you have been upset. If you get tired of your hobby, try to look for something new. You can even find on the internet what hobbies young people prefer today.
  5. Relax with music. You can get rid of stress not only by listening to classical music or the sounds of nature. Listen to your favorite soundtracks and feel happy. Even sad and depressing songs can cheer you up if you like them.
  6. Cry. When you cannot stand it any longer, cry, let your worries go away through the tears. In this way, your body will alleviate muscle overexertion, and thank you. Do not give in to the seduction to remove mental pain with alcohol or cigarettes. These are the pseudo-ways to get rid of stress.
  7. Sweep out negativity. They say that it can be useful to kick something. There is no need to have a fight, you can use a pillow for this purpose. Kick it, yell at it. This trick is very simple but working.
  8. Contact with animals. If you have a pet, spend some days with it. Thus, you will cheer up both your pet and yourself. Animal cure (animal-assisted therapy or pet therapy) is very popular nowadays, especially in the USA and other countries in the West.
  9. Do exercises against stress. On the internet, you can find many interesting exercises that can help get rid of stress. One of them is called “a crazy hand”. Imagine that your left hand is out of control, it madly twitches, and you cannot stop it. The same has happened to your right hand. Then, it happens to your legs and the whole body. In 5 minutes calm them down and breathe easy.

If you really wish it, you will manage to get rid of stress. The most important is to take the first step. Anyway, whatever you do, you can always rely on our professional assistance. The experts of our website are there for you anytime and ready to help with any issue you have. Make us a request, and we will do our best for you.

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