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You have gone through the ups and downs of writing an essay and, finally, you finished it. The next step for you is editing. Certainly, you want to be sure that your work is free of errors. There are few tips from our experienced editors for you about what you need to avoid:

1. Avoid long paragraphs and sentences

Both these things must be edited. It can be very tricky for the reader to follow the writer’s thoughts. Try to keep sentences to a maximum of two or three segments. The ideal paragraph should not be longer than three or four sentences: it is hard to read a long text. Also, the team from essay editing service wants to make sure you do not forget to leave a space between paragraphs.

Interestingly, long sentences and paragraphs look good only in science documents. In other cases, such segments overload the reader.

For colleges and universities, it is normal to use about thirty words in one sentence. Fifty are too much, and fifteen are better.

Helpful practical tip: If you work with Word or Google Docs, use instrument “statistics” showing the number of words in a concrete fragment. If you do it regularly, you will learn to determine this figure without a program. This habit will save you a lot of time on editing and rewriting.

When the student uses short and average phrases, it speaks of his/her ability to analyze. Such pupils can select the most crucial things from the flow of information. Teachers and professors appreciate it a lot. Wordy and long-winded texts, in turn, are evidence of chaotic thoughts. 

Interesting fact: Combining short (less than 15 words) and long (15 - 30 words) sentences, you can make your text dynamic and interesting to read.

2. Avoid repeating yourself

When you read your completed essay, keep a lookout for words and ideas you’ve repeated. Of course, sometimes you need to repeat something, for example, the main idea of your essay – just to strengthen the influence on a reader. However, in any other case, it is better to delete all the repetitions.

Practical tip from our expert: While editing, write down the key thoughts of your essay. In doing so, you will not have to overload your memory and, thus, you will get an effective result.

An issue of repeating ideas often arises while writing long papers. It can be caused by a lack of structure, firstly. What do teachers and professors think in this case? Something like: “This student simply cannot put his/her thoughts together and focus on the topic.”

How to make your story consistent?

Adhere to a concrete structure. Obviously, you can repeat the main message at the beginning and at the end of the essay. Still, this thought should sound like a suggestion in the first case. And the final phrase must be a firm proven finding.

Check your headings and subheadings. Apparently, these elements of the text dictate the content under them.

Think wider. The best way to avoid repetitions is to come up with new ideas. If you have enough highlights and findings, you have more chances to generate consistent content. 

✓ Logic matters. Using general rules of logic, you will never repeat yourself. Prove every thought one by one, select the most suitable arguments and facts, and make well-grounded conclusions.

3. Avoid tautologies

Tautology is a figure of speech. It is a way to express something by repeating or just saying it in a different way. Tautology may be used for emphasis. In literary works, it is used to add beauty to a text. Note, that in some cases, it may look as a simple repetition and you do not need it in your essay.

The previous points are the best illustration of what you shouldn't do in your essay.  

How to eliminate tautologies?

✓ A traditional way. All you need is to reread your text, notice repetitions, delete or paraphrase these segments. Ideally, your text must contain only valuable words. Every word duplicating the sense of the previous one is redundant. So examine your essay attentively to find all those “past experience,” first priority,” “repeat again,” “new innovations,” etc.

✓  Use online software to catch tautologies. You might not have known that modern software detects repetitions and even offers writing solutions. For instance, a Grammarly premium account can be quite helpful in this case.

✓  Leverage programs to find synonyms. Thesaurus is a good one if you have a writer’s block and cannot find proper words. 

Some exceptions: tautologies can be justified when you write poems, emotionally highlight a specific idea, or create a unique piece in your own manner. The only thing is that it should sound harmonious.

4. Avoid too elevated language

Of course, your essay is an example of academic writing (check the information about it here:, so you need to use proper language. Try to be natural, because it can be tough to read pretentious and pompous sentences, especially if these sentences might be replaced by simpler ones.

A good author is the one who can explain complicated things in a clear manner. What is the main purpose of any writer? It is conveying his/her thoughts to readers. For this reason, the essay must be readable and understandable.

The truth is that exaggerations often create an unnecessary atmosphere of magnificence. In addition, this style may irritate. So be careful comparing a hero in your essay with a God.

How to check if the language of your text is elevated?

There are specific words and phrases making your essay sound pathetic. It is about weird metaphors, allusions, comparisons, etc. Leave this style to Shakespeare and try to be simpler. If it deals with academic writing, detect and rewrite fantastic expressions. You can read your text aloud and think about what images it creates in your mind. Dreams and tales are not suitable. Your goal is to describe a clear picture using a straightforward style.

5. Pay attention to commas

There can be two wrong ways of doing it: you either put too many commas into a sentence or too few. Both these variants are absolutely inappropriate.

This punctuation mark is decisive as it helps to convey the sense of the phrase. Do you remember that funny example: “let’s eat granny”? If you do not want to look foolish, double check syntax.

✓  Read the text making pauses according to the punctuation marks. If it sounds good, you are halfway to success.

✓ Pay attention to the beginnings of the sentences. Adverbs and dependent clauses must be followed by a comma.

✓ Independent clauses need a comma too.

✓ So do interrupters.

There are various techniques of editing. As a student, you do not need to know everything; still, some of them can come in handy.

For instance, you can use a traditional method. Print your text and read it line by line. You can change the font or the color of the text. In doing so, you concentrate maximum attention. Check it from the last word and to the first one. It is a good method to revise every single letter. Interestingly, editors often use common things such as a ruler, for instance. It helps not to lose the main thought.

Additional advice for some types of essays 

For natural sciences: check facts. If you use figures or numbers, mention laws or patterns, always check if they are still relevant.

For creative essays: make sure you demonstrate unique ideas and an individual style.

For persuasive writing: use strong verbs and avoid unnecessary adjectives.

For admission essays: write it in accordance with your future college culture and traditions.

✓  For critical writing: make objective and well-grounded conclusions.

Yes, all the above rules may sound so boring. Yet they are crucial for your excellent writing style. The good news is that you must not always edit your papers on your own.

If you are looking for a college essay editor or essay editor online, you are lucky because you have found us. Our online essay editors will gladly help you with your paper. They are all native language English speakers. A subject area editors are also the part of our team. Our customers do not need to worry about the quality of our papers. We provide only superior editing

Our editors will handle the editing and make your paper free of common errors, such as spelling and grammatical ones. Your corrected manuscript will be written in scientific English.

We can edit literally any type of assignment, including books, college essays, reports, grant applications, dissertations, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Every semester many students face the rejection of their papers due to English language editing requirements. Our firm believes that language should not be an obstacle to getting a high grade or your research paper published.

All you need to do is to hire our essay editing service. Thus, save yourself valuable time and place the order with us!

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