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You have gone through ups and downs of writing an essay and, finally, you finished it. The next step for you is editing. Certainly, you want to be sure that your work is free of errors. There are few tips from our experienced editors for you about what you need to avoid:

  • Avoid long paragraphs and sentences

Both these things must be edited. It can be very tricky for the reader to follow the writer’s thought. Try to keep sentences to a maximum of two or three segments. The ideal paragraph should not be longer than three or four sentences: it is hard to read a long text. Also, the team from essay editing service wants to make sure you do not forget to leave a space between paragraphs.

  • Avoid repeating yourself

When you read your completed essay, keep a lookout for words and ideas you’ve repeated. Of course, sometimes you need to repeat something, for example, the main idea of your essay – just to strengthen the influence on a reader. However, in any other case, it is better to delete all the repetitions.

  • Avoid tautologies

Tautology is a figure of speech. It is a way to express something by repeating or just saying it in a different way. Tautology may be used for emphasis. In literary works, it is used to add beauty to a text. Note, that in some cases, it may look as a simple repetition and you do not need it in your essay.

The previous points are the best illustration of what you shouldn't do in your essay.  

  • Avoid too elevated language

Of course, your essay is an example of academic writing (check the information about it here:, so you need to use proper language. Try to be natural, because it can be tough to read pretentious and pompous sentences, especially if these sentences might be replaced by simpler ones.

  • Pay attention to commas

There can be two wrong ways of doing it: you either put too many commas into a sentence or too few. Both these variants are absolutely inappropriate.

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