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Essay paper: Types of Essay


There are many different kinds of essays, but only four are major ones. The most common types are listed below:

  • The first type is Narrative essay. In this type of essay, the writer tells the reader a story. It may be the story from his personal experience. The narrative essay usually is written in the first person. This type of essay is close to a conclusion or a personal statement.
  • The second type is Descriptive essay. The main purpose of a descriptive essay is to act on the reader’s emotions. Usually, this type of essay is full of interesting details and sensory touches. It resembles painting a picture.
  • The third type is Expository Essay. Unlike the second type, Expository Essay appeals to the reader’s mind rather than feelings. If you write this type of essay, you do not need to use the first person or describe your feelings and emotions. Expository Essays are based mostly on the facts.
  • The fourth type is Persuasive Essay. Another name for it is Argumentative Essay. In this type of essay, the professional academic writer should convince the reader. The writer builds a case, using the facts and logic. All sides of the argument must be presented in this type of essay. The writer clearly articulates his point of view and takes a certain position.

There are steady rules for each type of essay. Of course, each tutor has different preferences, for instance, specific word count or particular referencing style. The student should take it into account.

Essay variations: Secrets of successful writing

The essay style determines the word choice and the manner of presentation. The understanding of these principles will contribute to your academic success and make the writing process easier. And if you do not want to go into the detailed description of every method, our authors will do everything for you. We are pretty good at academic writing, including middle school assignments, an academic essay, research paper, etc. Due to honed writing skills, our team brilliantly copes with your order. Whether you need essays on political theory or a personal essay for admissions, we’ll do it with skill.

A definition essay

Definition essays are aimed to give answers to such questions as: “What does the word … mean?” “What do we call a …?” The point is to give a detailed explanation of the particular object or event.

Descriptive essays

Such essays are similar to definition essays, yet descriptive writing can imply more text and details.

A perfect descriptive essay also conveys the core idea via methods of descriptive language and sensory details. Any type of figurative language can be also applied.

If you need an awesome descriptive essay example, please, turn to our support managers. We can compose a good one for you.

Narrative essays

A good narrative essay example is "The Death of a Moth" by Virginia Woolf. This style of writing is about building a story with a strong plot and bright characters. One can find an awesome narrative essay example in The New York Times, for instance. They regularly choose top stories in this genre.

Persuasive essays, argumentative essays

We believe that solid arguments and facts are the best ways to prove something. That is why we think that a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay have much in common. Impeccable logic, clear explanations of reasons, and proven information are a must.

A compare and contrast essay

Compare and contrast essays give explanations of two and more objects. The purpose is to reveal common and different features of concepts, items, or events.

A literary analysis essay

Students are often asked to express their feelings and thoughts about a particular novel, poem, drama, or any other piece of literature. Such an assignment is called an analytical essay.

Critical essays

Please, do not associate “critical” only with negative views on the issues. This type of writing implies in-depth analyses of a certain article, book, or any other text. You have to explain its strengths and weak places, examine the writer's point of view, and come up with a well-argued conclusion.

A reflective essay

Reflective essays are built on personal experiences and self-reflection. Its sense lies in describing the author’s insights and gained knowledge.

A process essay

Our articles on “how-to” topics are sort of process essays. Such a writing style explains something step-by-step. The logical order and clear explanations are its main features.

A personal essay

You are the main hero of this story. Express personal feelings or demonstrate your own opinion on the certain problem in it.

Cause and effect essays

They belong to the expository writing style. A cause-and-effect essay shows how one object influences another one. The sense is to reveal cause and effect, explain them, clearly demonstrate the impact.

One essay can combine features of several writing styles if they do not contradict each other.

Writing prompt: The best way to understand the nuances of the particular writing style is to find a sample essay in this genre. Try to find it on the web or order it from our experts.

General rules of essay writing

Some standards remain the same for all writing styles. Whatever essay type you have chosen, you have to:

  • write a good thesis statement;
  • come up with a well-thought-out structure (harmonious body paragraphs, logically complete story)
  • add your ideas, thoughts. insights.

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