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As a custom writing company, feels obliged to raise a topic on attitude towards customers. Is a client always right, or are there any exceptions? This question is also often asked at job interviews. Check out this essay from our expert to find out the answer.  For those who are stuck with a college assignment on this theme, it could be a source of ideas too.

Are the customers always right? | Essay sample

A desire to please clients is quite understandable in the modern world. Fighting for a place in the sun, companies need to overcome competition and show a special attitude to a customer. A decision to build a client-oriented business seems a reasonable strategy. However, it is not that simple.

The golden standard “the customer is always right” was invented long ago at the beginning of the 20th century. Probably, Mr. Selfridge wanted to get closer to clients of his department store and, thus, came up with this motto. It is my belief that his intention was noble and effective. Customers got high-quality services, enough attention, and strong guarantees. Enterprises, adhering to this principle, improved their reputations and raised profits.

Interestingly, these wise words are still remembered. They underlie contemporary business plans and corporate cultures. Organizations providing customers with the best services try their utmost to win customers’ loyalty. It works good if they use this principle sensibly.

Yes, the client is always right

Taking a customer as a protagonist, enterprises tailor their products to the present needs, and thus, get enough income. In fact, clients’ behavior helps to improve business strategies. It can be taken as an indicator of the current situation on the market.

• The customer has a right to claim high quality. The company must fulfill its promises. It deals with the properties of goods, deadlines, a decent level of service, safety, security, etc. Indignation and complaints on flight delays, expired products, rude staff, wrong consultations, inadequate medical treatment are quite understandable. In this case, companies must accept the fact that the client is right and offer effective solutions to these issues.

• The client is right when his/her preferences change. The world moves on, so do the customers. There is nothing wrong when a consumer asks to upgrade a product in accordance with new conditions. For instance, a girl comes to a clothes designer and asks to create a vegan dress. Maybe it is a signal to follow new eco-friendly trends and, thus, extend opportunities. A wise chief responds quickly to such demands and offers fresh ideas.

• It is OK if the customer wants more attention due to his/her health problems or any other objective reasons. I suppose that businesses must stay ethical. It is not difficult to help a granny with disabilities to package products even if it is not a part of someone’s job description.

There is no sense to produce goods or provide services if nobody wants them. Every business is established to meet clients’ needs. This simple rule ensures profit and justifies the existence of the company.

Why the customer is not always right

With convenient terms and numerous opportunities, the service industry is a great gift for our generation.  At the same time, it can become a real curse.

On the one hand, it brings benefits to the client and humankind in general. Corporations listen to people, meet their needs, tailor the business to specific preferences.

On the other hand, a client-oriented approach requires efforts from the enterprise owners. It deals above all with a team involved in client communication: online support agents, shop assistants, bank clerks, etc. Chefs and restaurateurs suffer from weird or rude visitors too.

Sometimes their patience and self-possession are not enough to tackle stressful situations. There are cases when clients cross the line of common sense, and so they are definitely not right. It deals with matters of life, health, respect for human dignity, etc. It is important not to overreact trying to satisfy all clients’ whims.

customer is always right

• Sometimes the customer is not able to formulate the wish properly. Say, this guy asks a designer to make a “dark white” color or draw “a round with four angles.” Obviously, these requests are controversial, so the company simply cannot fulfill them. 

• The client is in the wrong place, and he/she does not realize it. It happens that companies have to deal with the so-called “wrong” customers. For instance, a man comes to a vegan cafe and asks a steak. It is not a waitress’s or chef’s fault that they do not serve meat.

• Ill-mannered people without self-control are not right. It is unacceptable when a client takes it out on sales assistants or customer managers without any reason.  He/she forms a charged atmosphere for both employees and other customers who witness this conflict.

• I could never say that the client is right if he/she asks something causing health risks or threatening the safety. For instance, some guys ask to open a gym for them under the conditions of coronavirus pandemic. Nobody must support their decision.

Apparently, the client can be wrong. Yet, this fact in no way means a rude attitude from the staff. The best company’s tactic is to clarify the situation, explain the problem, and try to minimize communication with this person. I guess that such customers should not be the reasons for someone's firing.

It is my belief that the client is right if he/she represents your target audience and acts reasonably. Customers’ demands should not overshadow the common sense, harm people’s health or safety. The point is to understand the wish deeply and provide goods and services on honest terms.

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Whether you use this post for inspiration, as food for thought, or practical advice, we hope it is helpful for you. If you do not want to sweat over your essay on customers’ rights, you can always count on our specialists. Feel free to entrust our professional authors with your writing assignment, and we will write one more brilliant essay for you.

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