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How to get the best grades for your philosophy papers?

Writing philosophy essays is challenging because their aim is to answer the Big Questions or to familiarize the reader with the ideas of the particular philosopher. In such essay, you are expected to leverage critical thinking to analyze the issue comprehensively rather than turn in a superficial paper. You also need to develop your position on a certain question and provide a well-constructed argument.

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How to write a philosophy paper: Tips from experts

The aim of writing philosophy research papers is to develop creative thinking, logical reasoning and argumentation skills with students as well as boost their academic writing skills. In all philosophy assignments, you should demonstrate the knowledge of philosophical questions and concepts, and the arguments and theories used by philosophers. You also need to critically evaluate all the sources and theories and formulate your own opinion.

Our writing wizards have developed an effective process of writing essays in both modern philosophy and ancient philosophy. If you want to compose research papers for philosophy class on your own, be sure to follow the tips below:

Make sure you understand the subject

Since psychological ideas and concepts can be difficult to understand, make sure you have a grasp of your topic before you starat writing. Ideally, you should choose the topic by yourself so that it's interesting for you. However, in most cases you'll get a topic from your university professor. As a rule, instructors assign such topics for philosophy papers:

  • Are people good by nature, or are born with negative attributes?
  • The differences in ideas of Plato and Aristotle.
  • Are moral choices influenced by the level of education and culture?

Do research for your philosophy paper writing

There are two types of evidence for a philosophy paper. The first one, textual analysis, means the interpretation of philosophy books and other credible academic sources. The second is a lived example and it assumes personal experience. As you analyze the sources, ask yourself these questions:

  • What does the author mean by each idea (Plato's Forms, Nietzsche's Super-man, or Kant's Categorical imperative)?
  • What arguments are presented by the author?
  • Is there any criticism of these ideas?

Organize your thoughts logically

Take notes as you read. Then arrange your essay ideas and arguments in a logical order. Since your thoughts need to be organized logically in a philosophy research paper, making an outline is always a good strategy. Moreover, an outline will reveal if your argument is weak and needs further research and analysis.

Critically evaluate the philosophical theory

If your topic includes considering some philosophical theory, think about its strengths and weaknesses. Think about what examples can be given as well. What arguments does the philosopher give to support their theory? Were these arguments criticized and what could be possible counter-arguments? Use your own judjement to choose what arguments to include in your philosophy paper.

Be prepared to defend your point of view

Your aim is not only to state your position on some controversial issue or to evaluate the philosopher's theory, but also to draw logical connections between your arguments. Avoid vague or overly short explanations. Professional writers recommend the formula 'one idea per paragraph'. Try to present one argument in one paragraph, and move on to the new one in the next paragraph.

Philosophical ideas and concepts often cause disagreements among scholars, and have different interpretations. Therefore, you need to study controversial opinions associated with your topic to better construct the argument and defend your answer if necessary.

Follow the traditional essay structure

All academic papers are constituted of three main parts. In the introduction, you need to state your position and grasp the reader's attention. To create an interesting opening, you can ask a question, add a quote of some philosopher or use statistics. Paper body consists of supporting paragraphs, and one paragraph should explain one argument or idea. And finally, a conclusion summarizes your main argument.

Cite all sources used

As you research materials, make sure to cite all books or articles you've used according to the selected citatioin style. Not citing the ideas of other researcher is considered academic theft, moreover, in this case, you won't pass a plagiarism check. As you've finished writing, make sure all citations, reference list and the entire text are formatted correctly.

Check your philosophy homework for mistakes

Many instructors can lower your grade if the paper has grammar, syntax or punctuation mistakes. To avoid such situation, carefully check the text for mistakes before turning it in. Use an online spell checker to correct most of minor mistakes. Also, essay consultants recommend that you read the text aloud to make sure each sentence makes sense and sounds complete.

Philosophy papers should demonstrate both profound understanding of theories and concepts and excellent writing abilities. If you are tired of countless assignments, place an order for a custom written paper with us! We offer a 21% welcome discount so you could try and appreciate our services.

4 most popular philosophy theories

If you need inspiration to write papers, check out these exciting concepts for your inspiration:

Plato and Logos

Plato argued that beyond the reality we perceive, lies the world of perfect forms. All we see in reality is just a shadow and imitation of the true reality. By studying Philosophy, we have a chance to discover these perfect forms. Moreover, Plato claimed that everything in the world is constituted of the same substance, which was confirmed to some extent after the atoms and molecules were discovered.


This philosophical theory is connected with the perception of time. It is based on the idea that all time exists simultaneously, but the dimension is determined by the observer. The things we see depend on what we look at. So, the Ice Age, The American Civil War and Billie Eilish exist at the same time. If we think harder about this viewpoint, we may come to a conclusion that free will is an illusion.

Brain in a Jar

This is a thought experiment that many philosophers and researchers puzzle over. It is based on the belief that human understanding of reality depends only on subjective sensations. For example, if you were just a brain in a jar being affected by aliens, how could you find out this? A small experiment leads us to a conclusion that we cannot confirm the actual existence of anything other than our consciousness. By the way, this idea inspired the creation of The Matrix movie.

Multiverse Theory

You have probably heard about multiverse or parallel worlds. According to this hypothesis, there might be an endless number of parallel worlds that differ from ours slightly or significantly. For instance, in one of such realities you were a French princess, in the second, you are a General Officer, and in the third you haven't been born yet.

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