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The ways to continue learning and prepare well for tests when you are already tired

Something tells us that you might get tired of reading the textbooks, doing assignments, and solving problems. Mere cramming does not let you memorize as much as it is required. Try to diversify the ways you study with the new non-standard methods that we are going to present.

1. Put stickers on your forehead and memorize complex notions

First of all, choose the topic of a game, after that, write on the stickers the compilation of notions, personalities, dictionary words, and so on and put them in a vase or a bowl. Now you need to gather with other students who also want to learn something, take one sticker each, put it on your forehead, and begin the game! Ask each other the leading questions that can be answered either “yes” or “no”. The goal is to guess what is written on the sticker. This game can be used for any subject. In the same way, you can memorize some formulas, exceptions, English vocabulary, historical personalities, and any other material.

2. Feel like a teacher who prepares the tasks for a test

In order to understand the structure and logic of tests and exams, as well as to change the activity for a while, try to prepare the tasks on your own. Choose a topic that causes the most difficulties and create a couple of problems related to it. You can easily find examples of the tasks online. When your “test” is ready, offer your friend to solve it. When it is done, you can discuss the solutions together. You will memorize difficult theoretical parts along with the creation of the tasks. The same method will help you train to solve typical test problems.

3. Play word association

This method is perfect to learn history, civic education / social studies, biology, geography, English, etc. During the breaks or on the way home, you can offer your friends to play a word association game. A word chain can be any. The longer a chain is, the better. Thus, you will form firm logic connections, which will be easier to remember when you take a test.

4. Listen to audio podcasts

Ready audio recordings of the subjects are very hard (sometimes even impossible) to find on the web. However, you can record them on your own. Read a chapter from a textbook out loud and record it. When you read aloud, you will memorize some things. You can listen to these podcasts on your way to school/college, on the way home, also before sleep. Whether you want it or not, the information will be kept in your memory for sure.

5. Use social networks smartly

Subscribe to the pages dedicated to the preparation for tests and exams in order to benefit as much as possible from surfing on the internet. Study infographics carefully several times, try to understand the sense of different texts, ask questions in the comments if something is not clear. Receive notifications about new publications. In such a way, you will not miss something useful. In order not to be distracted, we recommend you unsubscribe from entertaining pages for a while.

The groups and pages dedicated to the preparation of the tests on various subjects are very numerous. Also, there are special services that can help with any subject and assignment. Thus, our essay writing service assists with the problems on mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, essay writing in English, and so on. Join us, and you will be always 100% prepared for everything.

However, we do not recommend switching to the “light mode” of learning for good. You will need to study a lot of textbooks to get a high grade, anyway. Nevertheless, sometimes you just need to combine standard methods of studying with the ones we have presented. They will help you not get tired too much, and necessary information will be carefully stored in your memory more quickly.

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How to make yourself study? Tested working methods

We want to give you a little punch that should help study easier and better. There is no wonder that when you hear the question “How is your studying?”, the only thing you often want to do is to close your eyes and hide somewhere. A lot of students are not only getting irritated but even feel depressed because of this question. The reason is that studying and especially preparation for tests and exams are not as smooth as you would want. Do not worry, your reliable helper essay writing service is right here to give you a hand. Let's figure out how to make yourself study and get prepared for tests and exams.

1) “Dig into” yourself and find the reason that makes you postpone learning every time.

The lack of motivation when learning or getting ready for tests with exams is just a symptom. You need to find the reason for your “disease”. Think about why it is so hard for you to spend a whole evening studying. Why does it seem like so much a difficult task to you?

  • 1. “I will not make it”. Why do you think so? Do you compare yourself with others or are you upset because of the intermediate results? Stop whining and start studying harder! If it is too hard, try to lower the bar that you have set. “I will not make it” is just a silly excuse. You need to either try or give up your intentions at all.
  • 2. “I am afraid that I will fail”. This reason quarrels with itself. “I am afraid and that is why I am not going to do anything at all”. Is it like this? We understand that a pile of textbooks that you need to read and study can scare anyone, however, you should not treat this situation too much seriously. You just need to adjust to the situation. Do not overestimate the meaning of tests and exams in your life (they are going to be many, and you should not worry too much about each).
  • 3. “I cannot understand anything”. When a textbook or any other material looks scary and unclear, try to ask yourself the following two questions: “Do I really need to study this subject?” and “Maybe I should ask a professional tutor or another specialist to help me?”. This will solve your problem. If you cannot figure something out on your own, do not hesitate to turn for help to professionals.
  • 4. “I am too lazy”. This phrase can be interpreted as “I cannot understand why I need to study and get prepared for tests and exams”. Maybe you still have not decided what profession or college you prefer. Or maybe studying at the university is not what you want from life. Try to understand your desires and match them with what you can do and get.
  • 5. “I am tired…”. You are doing great! We know that you have done your utmost and continue trying hard. However, it often happens that non-stop learning makes you feel tired and bored. How about if you start getting pleasure from learning? This is what we want to speak about now.

2) Tests and exams are not the biggest goals. Get inspiration from global dreams.

kind of test and exams are something like an intermediate phase in the life of students. They are the stairs that you need to go up to reach another stage. Do not focus on how hard it is to go up, do not be afraid that you might step out and fall. Keep your head up and think about the destination point, about the goal you are coming to.

Let's think about what can inspire you to study and get prepared for the tests and exams. Is it studying at college? New acquaintances? Independent life? The move to another city? A future job in your field? The opportunity to realize yourself in your professional field? Look for what causes the strongest emotions and get energy from them. This is better than just forcing yourself to learn something.

3) Keep it simple.

Your future is not 100% dependent on your studies. Let’s imagine the following situation: you have failed the tests, have got low grades, or have filed to go to college. As a consequence, you have a lot of problems: you need to start preparation from the beginning, you need to look for a job, you need to overcome somehow the shame to the parents, relatives, friends, etc. Nevertheless, this is a new experience that teaches you something. Not always everything goes as we plan it. Such SOS situations make us stronger.

Has the described situation scared you much? So it is better to think about studying, learn everything, and get prepared for tests and exams in advance, is not it? The negative consequences can also serve as a punch that will make you study better.

4) It is hard to believe but it is not always obligatory to take tests and exams.

If failure does not scare you but, on the contrary, you look at it as the chance to quit studying and get rid of it for good, think about whether you need to take tests and exams at all. You do not have to go to college to get a profession and realize yourself in it. Education does not define your destiny. If you feel that this is exactly about you, discuss it with your parents or talk to a professional psychologist who can consult on the choice of a future profession that suits you the best. A whole new world is in front of you, and there is no need to limit it to the minimum.

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We hope we have managed to cheer you up at least a bit. It is in your hands. Do not think about how to make yourself study. Focus on how to realize your potential in a field that interests you and how to be happy. We believe that you will manage to do it! Of course, you should never forget that there is always someone ready to assist and support you on any issue related to education. Essay writing service writers can do any assignment for you. We provide professional customer services and any kind of help for students from all over the globe. We are always there for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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