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A personal statement is the essential element of your application package. When choosing between students with equal academic performance, the admissions committee will opt for someone with a strong personal statement. However, writing a good personal statement is always a struggle for students. Presenting yourself and choosing the right facts from your academic and personal life that will get the committee interested is quite challenging.

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Secrets to writing personal statements effectively

Effective essays that open doors to the best colleges share common traits. Here are the rules that you can implement if you write a personal statement by yourself:

Avoid cliche ideas

Don't write that you've wanted to be an engineer or a lawyer since you were a kid or after you've watched TV series. Such stories are told so commonly that they are not likely to impress the committee. Instead, share a personal story about what the future profession means to you or what you plan to achieve in life.

Avoid overused words and phrases

Phrases like "problem-solver, team player, creative" and similar are widely overused. Instead of describing yourself, share a life story where you displayed these traits.

Use simple language

Don't use words if you are not sure about their meaning. This isn't going to make you sound smarter and can make you sound insincere. Also, don't use complex sentences that take multiple lines. Try to impress the reader with clear, concise writing, not with sophisticated words. It is best to write as you speak so that your essay sounds authentic.

Don't send the same personal statement to every college or program

Tailor your essay to each school. Read the application requirements to determine what they expect to find in student's application and make sure that your essay reflects their demands. Maybe, you will need to tailor your essay to focus on a unique aspect of school life. It is a good idea to include a story about why studying on this program matters to you.

Remember about the character limit

Personal statements have a limit of 4,000 characters, so don't write about everything that has ever happened to you. Choose the most relevant experiences that expose your personality best, and don't ramble around for too long. To organize your thoughts, experts recommend that you write a first draft withtout a limit and then cross out the unnecessary sentences or paragraphs.

Don't reiterate your resume

If the application package includes a resume, make sure you are not repeating it word for word. Use your essay as the opportunity to expand on the most important jobs, projects, or personal experiences. Include relevant information that presents your personal qualities and traits, and show how they helped you succeed.

Avoid being negative

It is often recommended to write about difficult life experiences. However, you needn't focus on negative experienced, but rather show how you overcame these difficulties, and how such an experience helped you become a better person. Ideally, this story should emphasize your personal growth as well as your character, intelligence, and work ethic.

Don't complain and moan why you need to study in this college. Instead, try to inspire and engage the committe. Honest and insightful stories about difficulties and obstacles are useful if they show how you made a difference.

Be honest

Don't exaggerate your knowledge, skills or accomplishments. Say, if you know a little German, don't write that you speak it fluently. Such skills are easy to check. Lies are a huge turn-off for any committee. Think how to make the most out of your actual strengths rather than lie and list non-existing achievements.

Don't submit an essay with mistakes

Proofread the written piece carefully and fix typos and errors. You may use an online spell checker to speed up the process, but don't rely on sofware completely. The best idea is to show your piece to a professional editor who can polish it from mistakes and recommend general improvements.

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