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"Why I Want to Be a Nurse" Essay Example


Are you considering a career in the nursing profession? Writing an essay on why you want to be a nurse can help you stand out among other applicants. In this article, our experts will give tips and examples on how to write a compelling essay that outlines your motivations for joining the nursing profession.

Why Nurse Essay is Important in Nursing Profession and Job Applications

Your essay is an integral part of your application package when you apply for a job as a nurse. It gives the employer or admissions board an insight into why you have chosen to pursue nursing and what unique qualities you will bring to their organization. Your essay should be well-structured, provide evidence of research and offer detailed information on why you believe nursing is a good choice for your future.

A nurse essay may be needed by many different individuals and health care workers who are looking to pursue a nursing career (nurse practitioner, registered nurse, pediatric nurse, and other healthcare professionals). Nursing is a highly sought-after field with a multitude of opportunities for those who have the skills and dedication to succeed. Individuals who might need such an essay include prospective students applying for undergraduate or graduate programs in nursing, current nursing practitioners seeking promotion or certification, and experienced nurses transitioning into a new role or specialty.

For potential nursing students, this essay can be used as part of the application process to demonstrate their commitment and interest in the profession. It also gives universities and other educational institutions insight into the applicant's background, motivations, and goals in pursuing nursing as a career path. For current or experienced nurses, this essay can be invaluable when making applications to advance their careers by showcasing their achievements and experience related to the field.

The content of the nurse essay should reflect both the individual's personal experience with nursing as well as an understanding of its challenges and rewards. It should highlight any relevant knowledge or qualifications that make them particularly suited for success in this field as well as discuss their long-term professional goals. The essay should also provide evidence that demonstrates their commitment to pursuing excellence within their chosen field. By including these details, applicants can demonstrate that they have considered all aspects of being a successful nurse before taking on this demanding but rewarding profession.

Structure and Organization

The importance of a well-structured and organized medical field essay is hard to underestimate. An essay that has been carefully crafted and organized will not only help you present your thoughts in an effective manner, but it will also make sure that all the content is presented in the most logical order. In addition, organizing each section of your nurse essay can help you craft a compelling thesis statement and ensure that each point is explored thoroughly. Finally, having a strong structure will likely increase the chances of your essay being well-received by reviewers or readers.

Choose the main idea to follow

Organizing your nursing field essay should begin with brainstorming ideas and deciding on a central theme or topic. This helps focus your research and gives you direction when writing the body of the essay. After settling on a central theme or idea, consider breaking down the content into smaller topics and then subdividing it further. When determining the order in which to present your ideas, consider how each section will build upon the previous one or how the thoughts are connected.

The importance of the flow

When starting a new paragraph or introducing a new thought, make sure to include transition words. Transitions help bridge two separate themes and give readers an easy way to move from one point to another. It is also important to be consistent when referring back to sources as this helps readers follow along and understand your argument better. Finally, make sure that you are consistent with formatting throughout your essay; this includes things like font size, typeface, line spacing, and page margins.

Think, plan, act

By taking the time to plan out the structure of your nurse essay, you can ensure that your arguments are presented in the most persuasive and organized manner. Additionally, having a strong structure will help streamline the writing process, making it easier to write your essay. Finally, taking the time to create a well-structured essay is important for any academic paper as it helps you engage with readers better and increases your chances of success.

In conclusion, when crafting your nurse essay, it is important to take the time to plan out its structure. This ensures that all content is presented in an organized and logical way, which helps make your argument more compelling. Additionally, having a clear structure makes writing easier and improves the overall quality of your work. In short, planning out the structure of your essay is an important step when writing any academic paper.

Editing and Proofreading

Proofreading and editing a nursing essay is essential for ensuring that it is free of any errors, such as typos, punctuation mistakes, and grammar issues. These errors can detract from the overall quality of the essay and can prevent readers from understanding the argument being presented. Furthermore, proofreading and editing can help to ensure that content is accurate and consistent throughout the paper.

It is important to review spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax when proofreading an essay. Checking for spelling mistakes helps to make sure the words are correctly conveyed so that the intended meaning comes across in a clear way. Similarly, checking for punctuation errors ensures that readers are able to follow the flow of ideas without confusion or misunderstanding. Checking for grammar issues also helps with clarity; it ensures that syntax does not hinder understanding or confuse readers.

Finally, when proofreading an essay, it’s important to look for more than just surface-level errors. For example, rephrasing sentences or adding in facts where appropriate can help to improve the clarity and semantic richness of the essay content. Additionally, making sure that there is consistency in formatting across all sections of the paper (such as font size and margins) adds professionalism to your work.

In conclusion, taking time to proofread and edit your nurse essay will ensure that your work has been crafted with care and attention to detail – helping you present your thoughts in a well-structured manner while avoiding errors that could detract from its quality.

Choose custom paper services to get a perfect nursing essay

When it comes to writing an effective essay for nurse practitioners, there are a number of reasons why turning to professional essay writing services like can be beneficial. 

  • Professional essay writing services provide experienced and knowledgeable writers who have a deep understanding of the nursing field. This means they have the skills and experience necessary to craft an essay that meets all academic requirements.

  • Additionally, professional essay writing services will ensure that your work is thoroughly edited and proofread with attention to detail. Errors in grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling can distract from the overall quality of an essay; these mistakes can prevent readers from understanding the arguments being presented. Professional editing services will help make sure all errors are caught before submission so that readers can fully comprehend and appreciate your work.

  • Moreover, professional nursing school essay writing services can save nurse practitioners time and energy when crafting their essays. Writing an effective paper requires concentration and attention; this often includes researching topics related to nursing theory, reviewing existing literature in the field, formulating ideas, creating outlines, drafting content, proofreading, and editing. All of these activities require significant time investment which most nurse practitioners may not have available due to their busy schedules. By taking advantage of professional essay writing services one can free up time while still making sure they submit high-quality content that meets academic standards.

  • Finally, professional essay writers for medical students are experienced in formatting papers according to specific style guides such as APA or MLA – something that many students do not always understand properly when first starting out with their essays. In addition to ensuring accuracy throughout each section of a paper (such as font size and typeface), formatting also adds professionalism which is essential for achieving top marks for any academic paper.

In conclusion, turning to professional essay writing services offers nurse practitioners multiple benefits including access to knowledgeable writers with expertise in the field; thorough editing and proofreading; protection against plagiarism; time savings; accurate formatting according to specific style guides; as well as higher semantic richness throughout all sections of the paper.


Pursuing a nursing career requires genuine motivation and passion; without it, achieving success in the health care system will be difficult at best. Taking the time to craft an effective essay for your nursing program allows different healthcare professionals to showcase their commitment, relevant skills, scientific knowledge, and drive toward their chosen tough profession, which can be invaluable when it comes to furthering their careers. Ultimately, investing time and effort into perfecting one's essay is essential for any aspiring nurse practitioner looking to make a positive impression with their nurse's work.

Sample of an effective "Why I Want to Be a Nurse" essay

My desire to become a nurse is not spontaneous, as I have thought it over for a long period of time. There are numerous reasons why I want to enter the medical field and become a nurse, but the most important one is to be able to help people and improve their health on a regular basis. Growing up in Mexico, I faced many challenges and troubles, as well as many inequalities towards ordinary individuals not only in the field of health care but also in other spheres of people’s life and professional activity. I decided to become a nurse being able to help different people not depending on their social status and cultural background.

My interest in nursing and helping people started when my father was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and I took care of him until he passed away. During that period of time, I understood that helping people should become an inevitable part of my life in the community and this fact predetermined my future professional choice. Higher education may surely help people greatly in their future life and activity, and due to the fact that I am the first person in my family to go to college, I will try to do my best to acquire the needed knowledge and experience in order to become the successful and qualified nurse in the community.

I have always wanted to build a professional career changing people’s lives for the better, and the nursing profession will surely help me to implement this purpose in a timely manner while collaborating with various groups of people on a regular basis. In nursing, I would not only be able to improve people’s health but may even save people’s lives while applying the needed strategies and techniques applicable to various diseases. Nursing provides a wide range of opportunities for people helping me to gain much knowledge and professional experience contributing to my future personal and professional growth in the community.

The ability to interact with various individuals in the professional environment and help various persons with their diseases and health concerns is the major motivator bringing me to the nursing profession. I understand that the nursing profession is not the easiest one in the community and it is associated with certain challenges and difficulties, but I am ready to face those challenges preparing me for the future life and professional activity in the community greatly. The nursing profession will help me to show not only my high level of professionalism and ability to interact with people but also my personal qualities and traits of character.

In fact, nurses should treat every person individually paying much attention to his/her personality and overall well-being, as this helps to experience positive outcomes and results in the future. While being a nurse, I will not only be able to collaborate with people and save people’s health and life in the workplace but also be able to help people outside my working place. People get ill on a regular basis and having a nurse at home may be rather beneficial for my family and neighbors. Nursing is a kind of career full of challenges, personal fulfillment, joy, and other issues experienced by people every day.

The shortage of nurses in the country forces many people to enter this profession and help people on a regular basis. The nursing profession may become the first step to my future professional advances and opportunities in the medical field. This is the major reason to study and work hard in order to become successful and productive in the nursing profession overcoming various challenges and troubles in a timely manner. I understand that the profession of a nurse may be challenging and require a high level of responsibility on the part of the person, but I am sure that I will be able to overcome all challenges contributing to future success and efficacy in the workplace. 

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