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Types Of Students You Meet In Every College


Students are extremely enthusiastic, optimistic, and bright folks. These brave young men have romantic dreams and an endless desire to do great things. Meantime, they are all so different. Our professional writing service works with various pupils from across the globe. Young and old, Americans and foreigners, freshmen and graduates are among our clients. We are ready to help everyone who has issues with English writing tasks. And in this post, we want to present a classification based on our experience.

Types of university students: psychological classification

During years of successful work with young people, we have noticed several most common images of contemporary students.

✓ An erudite

This guy has the highest intelligence level. That is why study comes easy to him/her. At lectures, such pupils often ask tricky questions, as they strive to broaden knowledge and skills.

For instance, Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory belong to this group. It seems their intellectual horizons are endless, and they know everything. The eidetic memory is not the only reason for their outstanding talents. These people read a lot, consciously study information, and make well-grounded conclusions.

✓ A hard worker

These disciplined young people do all the assignments on time. Even if they do not like the task, they will do it perfectly just because they must. Hard workers are driven by a sense of duty and dedication. They take the study seriously, listen to lectures attentively, and respect college rules. Busy bees are their second name.

✓ An enthusiast

This student pays enough attention to only one or two subjects. Feeling passion about a certain discipline, he/she studies it to his/her maximum potential. Meantime,  other lectures of the educational program are often ignored.

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✓ “Still a schoolboy”

Some students have no idea about adult life and college education, in particular. As a rule, they are guided by their parents’ decisions and lack the motivation to study. It all results in low grades and even a decision to leave the university.

✓ A busy man

The life of this student is not restricted to study only. Apart from college life, he/she has serious hobbies, job, participation in public activities, startup, or even several projects at the same time.

Interestingly, such people cope with college assignments perfectly. An active lifestyle, emotional maturity, and knowledge in related spheres help them to succeed.

✓ Lazybones

Let’s be honest, we all become the victims of laziness from time to time. As for this type of students, they always feel the unwillingness to study. That is why lazybones are often late for lectures and do not submit college projects on time.

✓ A perfectionist

These are young people who strive to do everything brilliantly. Paying attention to every single detail, they spend much time on study and can face burnout eventually. Perfectionists got used to get 95 - 100, and, thus, take a lower mark as a great tragedy.

✓ A party guy

Being an active member of the campus fraternities and life of the party, he/she has hardly enough time to study. This young man has a natural charm and a lot of friends, yet might lack seriousness.

✓ An introvert

A gloomy student who rarely communicates with classmates and reluctantly answers teachers’ questions. He/she might look like Richmond from “The IT Crowd.” Do you remember that sad goth? Meanwhile, this person often has a rich inner world, exceptional creative skills, and in-depth thoughts. Such people do not like to work in groups, let alone parties and other entertainments, yet they compensate social awkwardness with talent and hard work.

✓ ”Mr. Know It All”

In comparison with a modest erudite, he/she often boasts of knowledge and uses every opportunity to show dominance. Meantime, the level of his/her expertise is usually not sufficient. This student is a bad listener, often interrupting the teacher.  

✓ “A big star”

This is the most popular boy or girl in the group or even at college. As a rule, he/she has outstanding talents and a beautiful appearance. It could be a captain of the football team or a head cheerleader. He/she strives to be the center of attention and get recognition.

✓ “Stand-up comedian”

With this guy, college lectures do not seem boring and tedious. He/she comes up with funny jokes and gives positive vibes to everyone around him/her but sometimes annoys professors

✓ “A sunny student”

A good-natured and pleasant guy who is always in high spirits. He/she is an optimist perceiving the world positively. As a rule, such people are loyal friends and reliable partners. 

✓ “The main hero of the drama”

This person likes to attract attention and exaggerate the problems. A low grade for an essay can become a crucial problem for him/her. Such students can be terribly upset about bad weather,  someone’s words, a lost pen, or any other little thing.

✓ “An invisible guy”

He/she comes only on exams or any other super important day. Other students do not even remember how she/he looks like. Sometimes it happens because an invisible guy is too modest and does not take part in college activities.

✓ “An adult”

You might even think that he/she is a teacher. Maybe, it is because he/she looks older than other students, has more life experience, wears unfashionable clothes or glasses. This person could also enter the university later than his/her schoolmates and be a real adult.

✓ An activist

This person simply cannot sit still. He/she has much life energy, enthusiasm, and a bunch of brave ideas for college assignments and other activities outside the campus. It seems that this guy is active twenty-five hours a day. Otherwise, how can he/she cope with all the tasks?

Have you recognized yourself in one of these types? The truth is the modern student combines several images in his/her personality. Besides, you might seem “lazybones” in the eyes of your professors and, meantime, be a “busy man” in reality.

What is special about modern students is that they have a high intellectual capacity and numerous opportunities for self-development. Their spheres of interest are not limited to college lectures and workshops. Today, young people strive to learn more outside educational institutions, and they successfully do it with the help of modern technologies. 

What type of university student are you?

Academic writers from have come up with a short test to determine what kind of student you are. Do not take it too seriously, as it is established, above all, for fun. Let’s get in started.

1) How do you understand the status “student?”

a: the one who studies at college/university

b: a person who strives to get knowledge

c: a party animal

d: a multifaceted person

f: future Elon Musk

2) What is an ideal college life for you?

a: lectures, workshops, elective courses

b: study, entertainments, a little bit of both

c: endless parties

d: an opportunity to find myself

f: the beginning of my first startup

3) Do you implement all the college assignments?

a: I do all of them

b: do half of them

c: ignore most of them

d: I use to complete all the assignments

f: I have programmed my robot-humanoid to help me

4) What is “noocracy?”

a: a political system based on the priority of human intelligence, wisdom, philosophy

b: something about politics

c: sounds like the name of a cool party

d: I need to look at Wikipedia first

f: a system, which I stand by

5) It is Monday morning now. What do you do?

a: reading additional materials before the lecture

b: fighting the desire to sleep on my way to college

c: coming back after the party

d: jogging with audio-lectures in AirPods

f: planning my personal project

6) What will you do if the lecture is boring?

a: listen attentively and take notes

b: post something on Twitter

c: decide to sleep

d: ask questions that interest me

f: imagine what and how I would tell if I were a teacher

7) You will never come to college without:

a: notes and diligence

b: gadgets

c: modern outfit

d: desire to study

f: a plan on how to use knowledge in practice

8) Choose the reason to quit college:

a: it is closed

b: I cannot pay for it

c: I am sick of it, and that’s it

d: to start a promising career

f: to launch a business campaign

And now, determine the letters that you have chosen most often while answering the questions and read a related paragraph. By the way, you can compare these results with other online tests on what type of student you are.

So, our verdict.

A - A diligent student

Good job, you might be an A student, taking a college very seriously. We think you could even replace your teacher or professor. Your broad knowledge and accomplishments deserve respect. We would recommend not to be restricted to the learning theory and focus on the practical implementation of your skills.

B - A student living a harmonious life

You have a well-balanced college life that includes everything for happiness: good marks, true friendship, exciting passions, etc. Most of the contemporary young people belong to this type. Keep it up, yet realize that your priorities will change over time.

C - Not a very serious student

Confess that you do not like to study. College life is, above all, an opportunity to hang out with friends for you. Campus fraternities are fun, but what is next? Is it worth spending about four years without a meaningful purpose?

D - You move with the times

You know what to take from education, and you do not dwell on college tasks only. This approach to college life is rather progressive and sensible.

F - A student from future

Probably, you are that guy who was described in our post - You have a vivid mindset, bold plans, and a clear vision for the future. Maybe, in a couple years, you will compete with Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg.

The team of our skilled authors hopes the understanding of various student types will help you perceive your group mates better. Of course, the above classification is not the reason to label everyone; still, it can become food for thought. Once you realize that all people are different, you will become more tolerant and find mutual understanding.

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