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Student Summer 2020: Issues & Ideas


The summer of 2020 is gonna be the most unusual for students. The pandemic and its consequences interfere the lives, whether we want it or not.

Maybe, you have been dreaming about this carefree time during the entire college year. Sand, a seashore, lazy days, crazy parties... The quarantine restrictions can destroy all your plans. The terms and conditions of admissions are still in question.  Some companies are closed or are obliged to change their business. It results in unemployment. Sounds terrible.

OK, we cannot change the global situation and lift the quarantine, but we can spend this time wisely.  Here are some hints and suggestions.

Expert writers from have studied students’ issues, wishes, and opportunities, and, as a result, composed a list of ideas for your summertime.

What do students expect from summer this year?

We all believe that the pandemic will soon end. It is the greatest desire of most people. Still, some restrictions might be left for safety reasons.

Our assistants have asked students what they would do first when the quarantine ends. The hopes and worries for summer 2020 are mainly about fun in the company of close people.


Colorado | 2020 May 18

This summer, I am looking forward to hanging out with my friends. I am really so bored to be under this lockdown. All I actually want is a beach or a pool party.


California | 2020 May 4

“I want to break free...”  I  hope to go to the amusement park and to the mall. Need new clothes, oh, girls, you see. 


Pittsburgh | 2020 April 30

My only wish is that everyone is healthy: my family, friends, neighbors… When the lockdown is over, I will first visit my grandparents living in Minnesota. 

Of course, the greatest wish is to get back to a normal life. It deals with admissions, job, communication with friends and relatives, etc. Young people have big ambitions and bold ideas:  entering a dream university, an internship at Google, a new job, an exciting trip… Yet, some difficulties may arise What can kill your grand plans this year?

Issues for college students this summer

  • Unfortunately, a lot of summer internship programs are canceled this year.
  • The number of summer jobs for students has already significantly decreased, and the prognosis is not good.
  • The opportunity to travel abroad is jeopardized, yet the situation might change in August.
  • Canceled sports events for players and visitors.

What is left? Binge-watching and computer games? Your sofa and Netflix will wait. Let’s do something great or, at least, useful.

So what is the plan for your summer?

An expert writing agency recommends firstly to determine the priorities. Make a conscious choice of what matters to you.

⇒ Profession

 If you are a graduate student, it can be a job search.

⇒ Entering a university

Apparently, applicants will focus on college admissions.

⇒ Health improvement

There can be more important things than entering university and building a career. If the virus and the situation around it have undermined your physical or mental state, firstly, think about the recovery.

Now when you know your goal, plan the summer. And academic writers of have already picked the best ideas. Take them as a guide to action, a source of inspiration, or simply as food for thought. For your convenience, we have grouped them according to the types of students.

For “learners”: get online education

Some students do not stop learning even in summer, and they are right. One can find professional courses and internship programs. Most of them imply remote participation this year.

Useful resources:

Online platforms Coursera and Udemy offer courses for all tastes, from Fitness to

Information technologies. Universities and colleges also offer distance learning programs.

The most popular courses this summer are:

  • Journalism and Writing,
  • Design,
  • Microeconomics,
  • Psychology,
  • Accounting.

For “career-driven guys”: search for a job

The economic crisis makes many students work. They might even do not plan to do it in summer, yet the financial situation leaves them no choice. Another reason for this decision is the desire to develop professional skills.

You are free to find part-time or/and online jobs, even if at this difficult time. The most popular positions for students today are Medical Assistants, Junior Analysts, Tutors, IT Support Agents, etc. You can learn more on:

Note that delivery services and online shops expand businesses today. These spheres might be beyond your professional field. Still, do not give up and take it as a temporary measure to cope with financial issues.

For “researchers”: make a contribution to science

Are you passionate about academic investigations? This summer, you can apply to some of the undergraduate research positions in your country or even abroad. The global science community is interested in young talents. Who knows, maybe you will contribute to the development of the vaccine against COVID?

One can find some ideas for research topics on our website:

For “philosophers”: time to think

The summer under the lockdown is a perfect opportunity to ponder over your life, purpose, and future plans. Requirements for social distance exclude close contacts, including tactile ones. In this case, you are alone with your thoughts and memories. Perfect time for in-depth thoughts, self-reflection, and meditation.

For “hedonists”: enjoy the moment

All your life, you have to study and work hard. Let yourself take a break, and finally, find time for something that warms your soul and brings pleasure.

The Internet opens numerous opportunities for entertainments. Watch virtual tours, read modern literature, make a mini spa-salon at home. You can order almost everything online, starting from a bath foam to aromatherapy oils.

As for reading, we publish entertaining articles on the blog:

For “sportsmen”: a sound mind in a sound body

Become an online coach or simply train yourself. Find your favorite activity: yoga, workout, stretching, dances, CrossFit, etc. Take into account your experience, a physical form, available sports equipment, and a territory. One can reach big accomplishments, even during a couple of months.

For a “family man”: build relationships

The quarantine can become the reason for your family reunion. Call your granny or cousins you haven’t seen for ages. Now you have much time and no excuses. Video chats can replace physical presence.

If you are stuck in lockdown with younger siblings, become a babysitter for a while. Teach them something useful or have a little heart-to-heart talk.

For “volunteers”: do good

A charity project is a perfect idea for difficult times. Your elderly neighbors would be thankful for food delivery. One can organize help for those who suffer most from the pandemic: people with disabilities, health workers, refugees, etc.

For “creative people”: free your imagination

Get the creative juices flowing. Think about your personal blog or video channel. Remember what you liked doing in childhood: painting, sewing, carpentry, building plane models, etc. Join social media challenges or invent your own one.

For “startuppers”: kick-start your project

Your garage can become a place for inventions, experiments, and implementation of the boldest ideas. Investigate online fundraising platforms to find financial resources.

When external opportunities are restricted, find inspiration in your inner world. The summer of 2020 can be a perfect time for personal development. A couple of months is enough to get rid of bad habits and establish good ones. We mean the improvement of physical and mental health, as well as search for your ikigai.   

A list of some random advice based on twitter talks:

  • start a diet / healthy eating;
  • tidy your space according to the Japanese philosophy by Marie Kondo;
  • plant something in the garden or on the windowsill;
  • learn to bake healthy bread;
  • take part in online brain games, etc.

A lot of students are in limbo today, and the situation might be unpredictable in the next months. We hope the Pandemic Summer 2020 will not become a big tragedy for you. Establish your plan or even prepare several strategies. The best is to implement two or more ideas and get a synergistic effect from their combination. For instance, find inspiration in creative activities and, thus, increase life forces for achieving your career goals.

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