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How to Conquer Test Anxiety: Top Ways From Experts


You cannot live without stress. For instance, tests and examinations are often associated with worries. The fear of failing, overthinking, a lack of confidence, physical and mental burden stand behind them.

Striving to progress in combination with human emotions always results in anxiety and fears. We want to make your way to success easier. For this purpose, the team of has prepared useful advice.

Test anxiety and how to beat it

It all starts with an understanding of the problem.

Realize that stress is a part of your life and college years, in particular. It helps to raise adrenaline and, thus, activates the brain and physical activity. Anxiety situations train human emotions and psyche. Eustress (good stress) motivates people and pushes them forward to great achievements.

Of course, these positive moments are about short temporary cases and do not concern chronic stress. To live a happy and harmonious life, you have to cope with nervous situations properly.

1. Find out the cause of your stress

Why students worry before and during tests so much?

⇒ A lack of knowledge

Let’s be honest. We are, above all, afraid of the unknown. Gaps in knowledge can result in wrong test answers. And the awareness of this fact makes us anxious a lot.

⇒ Too many emotions

Emotionally unstable people can fail the test even if they know all the answers. The excessive worrying prevents them from focusing on questions and overshadow even the most ingenious ideas.

⇒ New surroundings

An unfamiliar place can cause unpleasant emotions and, thus, provoke stress.  A tense atmosphere causes additional fears and worries. It seems like all the complicated questions and hard thoughts are in the air.

⇒ Too high goals

If your tests are enormously complicated, you will definitely experience stress. Make sure you deal with a proper level of difficulty. Otherwise, you can be disappointed by the results of the examination.

Things that do not help to overcome the stress

We feel obliged to warn you about dubious ways to beat anxious situations. Do not even hope that something from this list will help you:

exam amulets and rituals,

⛝ alcohol,

⛝ non-prescribed medication,

⛝ turning a blind eye to the problem,

⛝ miracle or magic.

Sometimes people jokingly say, “If you do not know how to cope with your stress, simply do not start stressing.” But we have a more effective solution. Specialists from the writing agency offer to keep calm and follow their recommendations.

2. Get prepared

Knowledge gives you confidence and decreases stress. Organize your study to learn maximum information. Do not miss lectures and find time to read additional materials. Experts rarely get nervous during tests.

Talk to students who have already passed such tests. It is not about answers to questions. Learn about how it goes. Thus, you will understand the organizational process and the rules of behavior during the test.

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3. Make a “test” drive

Try to write a possible test based on studied materials. Even if you are not planning to become a teacher in the future, this practice is rather useful for memorizing. Invite your friend to help you with this task. He/she can read the questions, and you — give the answers.

4. Become mentally strong

This state will come in handy not only for exams but for your whole life. Actually, you have to start working on your emotional stability long before the test.

Learn to cope with stressful situations. People are able to regulate the level of hormones and the mindset in most of the cases. Having learned to control your thoughts and an emotional reaction to events, you will easily cope with stressful situations.

5. Stay positive but realize the reality

Think that everything will be OK. Indeed, tests are not evil, so there is no reason to be scared of them. Academic writers from do not advise to speculate on negative outcomes. All those thoughts on “what if I fail?” are meaningless.  Besides, such a pessimistic mindset can even block brain activity.

6. Find time for rest

Yes, this tip is the most pleasant. In fact, endless cramming can eventually result in a nervous breakdown. Scientists say that the brain cannot work productively more than nine hours per day.

The best way to unwind is to change the type of activity, so let your brain and eyes relax. Go for a walk, to the gym, swimming pool. Computer games and social media are not a good idea; they waste time and life forces.

Do not study too much before the test day. You need energy and a clear mind to cope with the tasks.

If you have additional assignments apart from preparing for tests, order writing services on our website and, thus, save time.

7. Watch what you eat and drink

You might have noticed that Cola, energy drinks, fast food, sweets can help to fight stress. In fact, these products increase your productivity and lift the mood for a while. Their impact is temporary, and, meantime, harmful for health in a long-term perspective. Nuts, avocado, fish, eggs are a better alternative.

If you feel anxious, drink herbal tea with mint; it is a natural antidepressant.

8. Release your emotions

There is nothing wrong with feelings and worries. Share them with your close people, friends, relatives. Express your thoughts in creative art. The point is not to stay alone with your fears and doubts.

9. Ask for professional help

In the case of serious psychological issues, turn to experts. There are situations when reading useful recommendations on the blog, self-control, and friends’ support are not effective. If you feel helpless in the face of stress,  visit a psychologist.

Tips on beating the stress while passing the test

Do not panic

Whatever you see in the test, do not get nervous. Firstly, reread the question. You could misunderstand it, and, in fact, there is no reason to worry. Secondly, your anxiety will not help anyway.

⇒  Learn to calm yourself

Study yoga techniques or, at least, breathe deeply. Pull yourself together, think about something pleasant for a minute. Imagine that you are in a cozy place. Say, at home, or any other corner where you feel confident and safe.

The truth about tests and stress

You encounter a bunch of tests in your life: at high school, college, university, at work, etc. Obviously, knowledge and skills are essential for a good result. Still, self-control and the ability to cope with stresses are of equal importance.

Any test is a sort of competition. Take Olympic Team members, for instance. They win not only because they are talented but because of the strong character. It is about an ability to concentrate on the goal and not to pay attention to circumstances. Unusual tasks, bad weather, a sad mood, unfamiliar surrounding, etc. should not destabilize you.  All you need is to calm down, pull yourself together, and show your best parts.

The team of our writing agency sincerely wishes good luck with tests.  Let your stresses be positive and resulting in high achievements only. 

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