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How To Combine Work And Study


Modern students often face a choice of whether to find a job or keep taking money from parents. Yet, it is not only a financial matter. The earlier you start your career, the more professional and life experience you will get. Writers from our online writing agency decided to gather useful advice on this issue. So, this post is devoted to finding a balance between studying and working.

Reasons for working while studying

The desire to find a job during college is obvious in today’s reality. It will not be easy, yet it is worth trying. Why do students want to work?

#1 To improve the financial state

Students have a lot of interests: hobbies, passions, parties, sports, etc. All these activities require money. Say, you need a new guitar, a ticket to the concert, fashionable clothes, a gift for your soulmate, etc. Some young people also have to pay for tuition or (and) rent.

Even a mediocre salary gives the feeling of financial independence and confidence in the future.

#2 To get life experience

The job helps a young man to become more self-sufficient.  When you start working, you understand that it is not a government or parents who have to pay for you. The first career steps help to feel the value of effort and respect your and others’ labor.

#3 To develop communication skills

Even a remote or part-time job implies getting tasks and discussion of projects.  Being a part of the company, you learn to work in a team. Besides, you can find new friends or even future partners.

#4 To search for oneself

The traditional college education focuses, above all, on theoretical knowledge. Thus, students lack practice, and they do not fully understand the reality of the chosen profession.

A good job gives a feeling of belonging to something great and engaging. And the bad one, in turn, helps to comprehend the difficulties and challenges of a certain professional sphere. With this experience, you understand what you would like to do in the future.

#5 To grow professionally

The first job may become a crucial stage for your dream career. If you are lucky to get an entry-level position at a good company, you will receive valuable experience. It is a good opportunity to learn the business from inside. Besides, a lot of professional skills remain the same for various fields: problem-solving, time-management, teamwork, etc.

Studying and working: your action plan

The first thing you need to realize is the importance of time. This resource is your main instrument on the way to a successful combination of work and study. You have only twenty-four hours a day, no more and no less. Obviously, you will have to sacrifice something. Set your goals and do crucial tasks first.

#1 Determine your priorities

Of course, you might have crucial financial issues. Think what matters to you more: high grades at school, money, job promotion, hanging out with friends, etc. By doing so, you can find out how many hours per week you are ready to work,

However, our experienced and skilled specialists do not recommend to work day and night. Do not sacrifice your sleep and health, in general.

#2 Search for job

For this purpose, you can use online job search platforms such as:

  • Glassdoor,
  • Indeed,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Career Builder,
  • Simplyhired,
  • Idealist,
  • USAajobs,
  • Robert Half, etc.

Choose “remote,” “for students,” “part-time” positions. You can also ask your friends and teachers about job opportunities. If you are an international student, pay attention to your visa and the number of hours you are allowed to work. An on-campus job is a good idea, as you work in a familiar environment. You are also free to turn to a college career service center or attend college job fairs.

#3 Discuss your job with teachers

As a rule, colleges take skipping lectures negatively. Still, some professors allow being absent at some lessons. Learn more about these nuances at your educational institution.

If you decide to combine study and work, respect both college rules and professional duties.

Do not use the job as an excuse for your academic underachievement. On the other hand, college assignments cannot be the reasons to ignore professional duties.

At the very least, order essay writing services on to save time.

#4 Plan your time

Well-considered time management is all you need to organize student and professional life. It helps better than gallons of coffee and energy drinks.

Plan your day carefully and do not ignore time for sleep (minimum eight hours) and relax (minimum two hours).

You can follow a simple, effective rule when you study or work: make a ten-minute pause every hour. By doing so, you will stay productive for the whole day. The only thing is not to spend these breaks on social media and computer games, as they exhaust you a lot.

#5 Train your memory and mind

Learn to search for information, as well as memorize and process it. These skills are useful for both study and work. Take notes if you cannot keep it all in mind. It is convenient to do in smartphone applications.

#6 Find time on relax and positive emotions

You are not a robot, and your life cannot be restricted to college and job only. A man is a social creature. Thus, do not ignore communication with friends and family. Positive vibes fill you with life energy and inspiration.

The physical state is also crucial. Good blood circulation is essential for brain work. Even if you are tired, go for a walk in the park or do some yoga. Otherwise, you risk facing apathy, burnout, and eventually, a nervous wreck.

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The best jobs for college students

What positions to choose?

It is challenging to work at a full-time position and to study at college at the same time. Even if you get a schedule 2/2, you will have to work twelve hours a day. Spending two days at work and then two days at college, you will always be busy without holidays and days off. Obviously, you will need much patience, energy, and coffee.

A part-time position seems a more harmonious variant. Flexible working hours give opportunities to attend lectures and do all the college assignments on time. Students also often choose remote jobs because of their convenience. Here are some most popular jobs.

✓Study hall or library monitor

It is a perfect choice for those who like reading. You spend your working day in a calm atmosphere among books and textbooks.

✓ Campus tour guide

If you are not a freshman, you can work in the admissions department. This position implies friendly communication with prospective students, excursions around the campus, support with the application process, etc.

✓ Research assistant

Scientists and researchers often look for helpers. It is an excellent chance to see how experts work and, thus, get valuable experience.

✓ Barista/waiter

These jobs suit young people who like coffee and giving smiles. Cafe employees often get discounts for food and beverages.

✓ Brand ambassador

Brands invite famous students to promote their goods and services. If you have enough subscribers on social media accounts, you can count on favorable terms.  

Balancing work and study: things to get rid of

While working during college, you need to reconsider your lifestyle. If you want to do both, say goodbye to these habits and features of character.

#1 Laziness

Self-discipline is one of the most crucial features of successful people. You simply do not have time to be lazy. Only hard work and perseverance can help you cope with a busy schedule.

#2 Procrastination

Do not postpone your college assignments and work tasks until the last minute. Otherwise, you will face a growing number of challenges.

#3 A chaotic lifestyle

Do not try to do everything simultaneously. Disorganized task switching negatively affects productivity. So, make a plan for every day and leave time for unforeseen circumstances.

#4 Complaints

Once you have decided to combine work and study, comprehend that it will be challenging. It is your personal choice and, in fact, nobody must help you. If your friends, relatives, or colleagues support you, do not take it for granted and appreciate what they do for you.

# 5 Distracting factors

Social media, unnecessary online shopping, computer games must be in second place. Focus your effort on work and study first. Watch how much time you spend on Youtube videos, chatting with friends, liking pictures on Instagram, etc. Set time limits for these activities. Switch off the phone, if it is possible, or use special tracking applications.

The decision to combine work and studying is definitely worth respect. It is a sensible choice for the modern student. We want to support you in this endeavor. Our Internet portal is invented precisely for such progressive young people. For you, we prepare useful tips on the blog, as well as offer competent writing assistance with your college tasks.

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