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Essays On Globalization: What & How To Write?


An essay on globalization is a serious assignment requiring in-depth research, logical analysis, and well-grounded findings. Students often get it while studying at high schools and colleges and become upset after writing the first lines. Yes, this topic is widely discussed in modern society; everyone has heard something about worldwide integration and development. Still, when it comes to expressing thoughts on paper, young people can experience difficulties. The thing, it is not easy to write about something so abstract and universal.

So, driven by a sincere desire to help students, the team of our online agency has prepared useful recommendations on this issue. In this thought-provoking post, you will find advice on the content of your research paper, as well as tips on how to write it perfectly.

Essay about globalization: content ideas

Before writing an academic text about globalization, let’s clarify this concept in simple words.

Globalization is the process of uniting the world in one integrated system.

It deals with all spheres of life: politics, culture, religion, economics, science, etc. Some elements of national systems become part of the global world, while others are destroyed and disappear eventually.

Globalization is a natural phenomenon for our contemporary world. It is pushed mainly by the development of technologies and democratic movements. Meantime, there are three main versions explaining its existence.

#1 Powerful governments, such as the USA and China, benefit from globalization, and, thus, they support this process.

#2 “Conspiracy theory:” globalization is born and driven by a group of authoritative people acting in their own interests.

#3 Globalization is an obvious inexorable process and a logical continuation of the overall world progress.

Globalization is already strongly felt in our modern world. Simply look around, and you will see a bunch of examples in your real everyday life.

1) Language

English is one of the most popular languages in the world alongside Chinese and Spanish. There is also an artificial language for global friendship - Esperanto.

2) Transnational corporations

For instance, McDonald’s has become the symbol of globalization. Its restaurants are opened across the globe. Nike, Coca-Cola, Nestle, IKEA are also good examples.

3) Transport

Air flights are the fastest way to reach any corner of the world. Elon Musk offers even more. For instance, SpaceX can soon take you from New York and Shanghai in less than forty minutes.

4) Informational network

The Internet unites humankind and opens new opportunities for further global processes. It deals with information exchange, online services, schemes of business cooperation, virtual education, etc.

The global village is a core concept of globalization. It was first offered by  Marshall McLuhan in late 1962. This term implies the world in which people are united with the help of technologies. It is about an environment where the borders between countries are blurred, and everyone can easily communicate with each other. The communication and technology revolution stimulate the development of this process. That is why today this suggestion has become a reality.

5) Currency

Dollar and euro are the most popular world currencies by far.

6) Tourism

International travel is getting more affordable. It is mainly due to low prices for air flights. CouchSurfing, transport sharing services, convenient terms for house rental boost this process too.

While writing your essay, do not only list these well-known facts. For instance, analyze the evolution of globalization processes or show different points of view on this issue.

Describing the pros and cons of globalization

If you write a comparative essay about globalization, you can consider its positive and negative consequences.

The benefits of contemporary world globalization processes are apparent.

#1 A global information space

Access to information stimulates the world technical and scientific progress.  It develops the intellectual capacity of the individual and society, in general. Today, with the help of the Internet, people can study and exchange experiences.

#2 Mutual humanitarian assistance

National catastrophes, cruel wars, natural hazards take away lives and homes. It is good when people have an opportunity to ask for help. UNICEF, UNRWA, OCHA, IFRC, etc. provide support in difficult situations and give hope for a better future. One of the main advantages of globalization lies in the uniting forces in the fight against international challenges.

#3 Win-win economic cooperation

Due to globalization, countries can get cheap labor, new markets, financial resources, etc. Besides, enterprises get economies of scale and, thus, can minimize costs and prices for goods and services. All it results in sustained economic growth.

#4 Free expression of thoughts

Globalization is not only about open geographical borders; it also gives freedom of ideas, philosophy, beliefs, religion, etc.

#5 International competition

Honest competition stimulates national economics and businesses. Enterprises strive to win the battle for customer loyalty and, thus, look for progressive decisions.

Here are some more useful tips on essay writing:

Negative consequences of globalization

Modern anti-globalists pay attention to pessimistic results of globalization.

#1 The harmful impact on the environment

Developed nations strive to get rid of hazardous industries and relocate them to developing countries. And governments with a low level of economics and weak technologies, in turn, do not have financial opportunities to protect their environment.

#2 Economic meltdown

The freedom of market relations can kill some types of national industries and businesses. It is all about too tough competition. As a result, the level of unemployment can rise.

#3 Negative changes in the sphere of labor relations

Globalization requires a flexible labor market. Thus, the rights of workers are getting less protected. It is reflected in part-time employment, time-limited contracts, absence of social guarantees, etc.

#4 National interests can be under threat

It deals, above all, with little groups of population with unique cultural heritage and language.

And have you encountered globalization in your life?

You might have already felt the influence of globalization as a foreign student, a member of the international organization, an Internet user, a traveler, etc. Mention your personal experience in the essay and reflect on its impact on your life.

Some facts about globalization

✓ The phrase Think globally, act locally describes the realities of modern globalization.

✓ The pandemic COVID-19 negatively influences economic globalization. Thus, in 2020 one can observe capital outflow from developing countries.

✓ Ecological globalization often contradicts economic globalization. The thing is core economic issues (unemployment, poverty) often require a vast consumption of natural resources.

✓ The main issue of globalization boils down to finding a balance between international rules and the freedom of national governments.

Topics to discuss in your college paper

If you need to write a college project about globalization and do not know how to formulate the title, check out these variants. They can help you focus on the sphere of your interests.

  • The role of the USA in globalization.
  • Impact of globalization on youth.
  • Modern issues of globalization.
  • The main contradictions of globalization.
  • Globalization: historical background and perspectives.
  • Moral aspects of globalization.
  • Globalization Vs. Isolation.
  • Consequences of globalization for humankind.
  • The driving force of globalization.
  • Impact of the pandemic 2020 on globalization.
  • The modern symbols of globalization.

You can also take inspiration from our post on research paper ideas.

The best scenario for globalization

Here is an example of how you could speculate about the future of global integration.

If I could choose the direction for the further development of globalization, I would pick the ethical one. This optimistic path implies preserving the national culture and the mindset of every nation.  The idea is to build a world community without wars and aggression and, meantime, live in harmony with nature. Having united the best accomplishments of different countries, one could reach a positive synergistic effect.

Globalization essay: how to write it fast?

It is good when you have ideas on what to include in your project. Yet, the organizational process is of equal importance.

1) Search for reliable information

Above all, pay attention to the sources that are recommended by your teacher. The current situation around globalization is often described on official news portals. You can learn more on our blog: And we hope this post has given you food for thought too.

2) Make an outline

This plan helps to organize thoughts and come up with a clear and to the point essay. You are free to use our expert advice while composing it

3) Write your first draft

The text should reflect your knowledge about globalization, show the depth of your analysis, as well as demonstrate your personal views on this issue. While studying the information, you must have come up with fresh ideas. They are extremely valuable for any academic paper.   

4) Revise it

Do not forget to review the paper before giving it to your professor. Use online programs, such as Grammarly, to catch typos.

We, here at, consider ourselves as members of global processes too. Our team is happy to help students, living all over the world, with their English writing assignments. So, if you need an impeccable ready-made essay on this or any other topic, write on our live chat or register on our website.

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