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Essay On Internet: Helpful Hints From Expert Writers


We can hardly imagine modern times without the Internet. This virtual world harmoniously adds reality and seems a natural part of our lives. Yet, when it comes to writing a college paper or a blog post on this theme, students often experience difficulties in choosing a topic and expressing thoughts according to academic standards.

For this post, experts from the online agency  have selected thought-provoking ideas and effective tips on how to compose an essay on the Internet. 

You might have already read a bunch of instructions clarifying the rules and requirements of writing. Professors often give too sophisticated recommendations, and we will try to explain complicated things in simple words.

How to write an essay on the Internet?

As a rule, composing a college paper boils down to research, creative, and writing activities. The point is to:

  1. find reliable facts,
  2. analyze the information, 
  3. come up with fresh ideas, 
  4. put thoughts on paper.

There are various types of essays. Firstly, it is about the sphere of writing. This paper is not only a college assignment but a literary genre and a technique for bloggers too. Experienced academic consultants from have selected universal recommendations.


The first phrases have to catch attention. Experts claim that you have about five seconds to impress readers.

  • Begin with a short sentence, continue with a longer one to set the dynamic pace for your story.

The Internet is an amazing invention. Blurring geographical borders and providing free information, it gives wide communication, study, and job opportunities.

Russell Seitz has counted that the Internet weighs 50 grams. It is equal to the weight of a lovebird.

  • Evoke emotions with a provoking phrase.

Representatives of generation Y and Z cannot imagine life without the Internet. But what if it once disappears?

  • Highlight the uniqueness of your essay with a personal story.

The Internet has made my dreams come true. Due to the World Wide Web, I got additional education, found friends in foreign countries, as well as earned some pocket money as a freelancer.   

  • Start with a bright depiction of the Internet (or a related situation, phenomenon, etc.) to create a vivid atmosphere for your story.

The Internet seems a powerful global universe for us. Imagine for a moment that you could see its inside. Here are platforms for heated discussions, studios for the bravest creative projects, laboratories for fantastic science projects, etc.

The main part

The body has to convey the main thought of the essay. If you want to come up with a compelling essay, use solid arguments to prove every thesis. 

  • Writing about the popularity of the Internet, mention official statistics. Find reliable data on the number of users among young people to prove that the Internet is an essential part of students’ lives.

      Quick facts

  • The greatest number of Internet users live in China — 934.38 million,
  • while the number of US Internet users is only 284.05 million (statistics for the 2020 year).
  • People aged 25 - 34 years were the most active Internet users in 2019 (32%).

Data source:;

  • Explain how the World Wide Web helps you to study and multiply talents. Tell readers that you search for science articles, watch online lectures, read useful blogs.
  • Demonstrate how the pandemic 2020 has influenced Internet activities.
  • Explain how your life would change without the Internet. Reflect on the time spent on buying clothes without online shopping, or the necessity to cook or go to the mall without online food delivery.
  • Compare offline and online communication.
  • Speculate on the situations, when the Internet is essential. Give examples of online business, remote education, smart home technologies, etc.


The final part is a place for summing up all your suggestions. If you are not restricted with demanding requirements, go beyond classical rules of academic conclusions. Finish with a question or leave a reader with a provoking thought. 

Unexpected advice from our expert: “Sometimes the best essay is the one that is written on the wave of inspiration without any plan in mind. This approach works well for creative texts.”

Reflections on the Internet

Specialists from the online writing agency have decided to share some ideas to inspire you and give food for thought. Here are some arguments for and against the Internet.

Advantages of the world wide web

✓ Access to information

Whether you want to learn the forecast for tomorrow or read about the latest electronic devices, you can do it online. Covering political, ecological, sports, economic news, reliable websites give users a real picture of life. You can contact a person on social media or via messengers and get all the facts at first hand.

It is good that today people can learn and compare data from different resources.

✓ E-commerce

A great variety of Internet shopping platforms boosts the development of trading and economy. Online payment systems and communication technologies contribute to this process. E-commerce also includes e-banking and e-insurance.

✓ Online learning

Virtual education is becoming very popular due to its affordable cost and flexible terms. Even Harvard and Oxford provide online courses. The advantages of e-learning have been particularly appreciated amid the pandemic 2020.

✓ Online culture

Virtual tours have become extremely popular during the lockdown. People value an opportunity to visit museums, ancient libraries, exhibitions, etc. Let alone a bunch of available photographs of paintings and sculptures, records of concerts, as well as helpful theoretical materials about art. A lot of celebrities and famous companies stream online shows for free: Cirque du Soleil, Coldplay, DJ Diplo, John Legend, etc.

✓  Remote work

Freelance positions give a chance to build a career regardless of the place of living. US companies bring their businesses to online platforms to adjust to new conditions and save costs. Nowadays, outsourcing systems are widely used mainly due to Internet technologies.

✓  Online entertainment

Virtual games, movies, music, social networks are available to practically everyone who has access to the Internet. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality enable developers to create fantastic games and applications. Thus, state-of-the-art simulators seem unbelievable. With their help, one can become a pilot, a soldier, a spaceman, a baseball player, a superhero, etc.

✓ Self-development

You are free to find useful courses for personal growth. There are a lot of gurus sharing their advice and recommendations online. Let alone online courses, webinars, and workshops. The most popular directions are cooking, 3d modeling, foreign languages, painting, work out, etc. This list can be added depending on the user’s preferences and interests.

Issues caused by the Internet

✓ Internet addiction

For some people, the virtual world can replace reality fully. The communication boils down to chats, video calls, and comments under the Instagram posts. This approach to life creates an illusion of perfection. People publish pictures where they look awesome, google sophisticated citations to mention them on social media accounts, and try to seem better than they really are. It is so easy to get used to impeccable images, while the perception of truth is destroyed.

Online game addiction is a crucial threat to young people too. Firstly, their scenarios contain cruel plots and pictures. Secondly, the user is getting used to the winning spirit and a feeling of a strong friendship. However, both of these senses are false.

✓ The danger of access to personal information

You might have already noticed that Google and social media offer advertising based on your preferences. It is because one can monitor the browser history and your actions. If you put Like to a puppy, you will likely see a dog food ad soon.

✓ Access to dubious information

Despite strict Internet legislation, one can still find a bunch of suspicious websites posting false and unacceptable information. Thus, descriptions of fascism, terrorism, sectarianism, etc. can be harmful to mental health, especially when it deals with children.

In addition, unproven information leads to misunderstandings and misconceptions. The same can be said about wrong interpretations of events and activities.

✓ Financial risks

Cybercrimes are dangerous for both personal finances and business assets. Hackers crack banking systems by stealing data from corporate and individual accounts.

Besides, online gambling industries work so that people waste all their money on these websites.

The discussions on the pros and cons of the Internet could last for a long time. Yet, the world wide web is an essential part of our lives, whether we want it or not. The goal of any conscious man is to use the Internet wisely. In this case, it will become your reliable assistant on the way to success.

Interesting facts about the Internet

  • Eco-shaming is called one of the most popular trends in the Internet world in 2020.

The world needs more vigorous actions when ecological awareness is not enough. That is why this new form of “green pressure” has arisen. It means a condemnation of people and companies who do not follow eco-friendly rules. For instance, today, the Internet is full of posts mocking usage of plastic bags and straws.

  • Internet of Things + Artificial Intelligence = Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

The main benefit of this combination is the ability to process big data from various devices.

  • China was the number one Internet-trade market in 2019, while the USA was the second one.

Myths about Internet

  • You can be anonymous.

Some people rely on incognito mode in the browser or use VPN to hide their IP address. Meanwhile, these ways do not help you to stay invisible on the world wide web. The data about your address and actions on the Internet are visible. Representatives of Secret Services and hackers know it for sure.  

  • “WWW” is the same as the “Internet.”

Many people use these two words as interchangeable concepts, and they are wrong.  The Internet is a huge network connecting billions of computers across the globe for sharing, storage, and processing information, while the World Wide Web implies data that is stored on Internet servers.

Essays on the Internet: Ideas for topics

The Internet is a vast theme. Depending on your assignment, you can write about your personal experience of using the world wide web, the latest virtual reality trends, famous people pushing Internet technologies forward, etc. If you do not know where to start, check out some ideas from skilled essay writers from

  • Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet
  • Internet as the greatest time-waster
  • The role of the Internet in the life of the modern student
  • Ethical issues of Internet censorship
  • The Internet: for and against
  • What is the Internet today?
  • Evolution of Internet opportunities
  • Why does Internet privacy matter?
  • Internet: the greatest advantage of mankind
  • Internet Vs. TV
  • All the truth about the darknet
  • Internet etiquette rules

Internet of the future: what is next?

The modern Internet technologies change the way we communicate and analyze data. The global project by Facebook strives to make it available to all people. Mark Zuckerberg plans to develop existing technologies, as well as creates new opportunities for delivering affordable or even free Internet.

The thing is millions of people live without access to the World Wide Web. This fact minimizes their chances of getting a good education, objective information, freedom of expression, etc.

The sense of the Internet is to give users free opportunities for getting and sharing information. As a part of democratic processes, it will eventually spread all over the world.

For now,  Starlink by SpaceX works on the creation of satellite mega-constellations. This system can include about 18000 satellites. Its main purpose is high-speed access to the Internet from the remote corners of the Earth. Nearly three billion people will soon be lucky to get it.

The bottom line

The Internet is an endless universe that is constantly growing. Its opportunities go beyond the borders of real life and seem fantastic. The state-of-the-art technologies bring the initial concept of communication to the new unbelievable level. You can develop this or any other valuable idea in your essay. If you have no time to cope with this assignment, write on our live chat. We know how to help you with that and guarantee the maximum attention to your issue.

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