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Diagnostic Essay: Top Latest Tips From Experts


You will never be caught off guard by the diagnostic essay if you read this article! Professors rarely warn you about this task, and it turns out to be an unpleasant surprise, but only not for our users and clients.

write my diagnostic essay

Frightened by the name "diagnostic?"We are here to dispel your fears! With a clear understanding of this assignment and helpful recommendations from our professionals, you have nothing to worry about!

In this article we'll tell you about:

  • specifics of the diagnostic essay;
  • step-by-step guide on how to cope with this assignment brilliantly;
  • practical tips on essay writing.

Our team has prepared some free materials for you:

  • a list of possible topics for the modern diagnostic essays;
  • a rough plan for your future shining paper.

We've selected the best ideas from our professional practice, researched the newest trends in the educational field, as well as added our personal suggestions.

This post is useful for:

  • freshmen;
  • students starting a new course;
  • everyone who wants to boost writing skills.

If you have no time to delve into details of the writing process, we offer our professional service. Please, order a ready-made essay on any topic here: it's affordable and effective.

What is special about writing a diagnostic essay?

In fact, the main feature of this task is spontaneity. You do not have time to research any information, get inspired by the stories on your topic, or do any other preparations.

Professors and teachers are usually guided by the following reasons:

  • to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the student;
  • to see how pupils work independently, without hints and additional materials;
  • to determine real intellectual and creative skills;
  • to test the ability to work in stressful situations.

What you should know about diagnostic essays

Even the most complicated assignment does not look scary if you understand its purpose and peculiarities. Here are the main points of the diagnostic essay.

  • They test your real knowledge and skills at the given period

Diagnostic essays show the student's honest capacity. Without extra sources of information, you stay one-on-one with the topic and your thoughts. This is how professors and teachers check you at the beginning of the academic year. Maybe you will be given another simial assignment at the end of the course to measure your success.

  • Short time available

The key point about the diagnostic essay is that it should be written within a strictly limited time. Depending on the situation, you might have one hour or one day to compose it. Such a restricted period is a good solution to reveal students' real knowledge of the given topic.

  • It is a guide to action for your teacher or professor

The point of this task is to give a picture of how good you are. According to the results of this test, the professor will adapt the training program.

How to write a diagnostic essay and succeed?

It seems impossible to prepare for such spontaneous assignments as diagnostic essays. Still, we want to give you several universal recommendations on how to best cope with them.

1. Do not panic about a diagnostic assignment

The element of surprise confuses many students. Yet you must pull yourself together to show the highest results. By keeping calm, you'll easily structure the flow of your thoughts, remember all the necessary facts, come up with new suggestions, etc.

2. Evaluate the volume of work and time

The number of words and deadlines vary depending on the college rules, professor's preferences, the academic level, and other factors. Your goal is to analyze how much you are able to write within this particular time frame.

Without this plan, you might lack time to complete the assignment. Even awesome introduction and body paragraphs are not enough if you haven't finished the summary.

3. Plan and think about the core theses

They expect to read a harmonious essay, no matter what. A short outline will help you establish a good structure and describe all the ideas. You might lack time to write it, yet you can simply imagine it. Remember about the golden rule of academic writing: One idea is for one body paragraph.

4. Combine reliable facts and personal suggestions

The value of good essays lies in innovativeness and credibility. We recommend building your stories on the basis of proven facts and reliable information, as well as adding personal feelings, reflections, and findings. By doing so, you come up with interesting and worthwhile texts for academic and other purposes.

Let these tips help you compose an impeccable diagnostic essay! Would you like to learn more about academic papers? Check out our blog or contact our support managers to receive a consultation.

Recommendations on essay writing you might forget

As a modern student, you might have already heard a lot about academic and creative writing. We want to remind you of some crucial moments. They significantly simplify your work and bring tangible results.

  • Begin with your task

The point of the diagnostic assignment is to receive an answer to a particular question. So, firstly, read the given topic and instructions attentively. Your essay must fit the theme and stay informative.

  • Consider peculiarities of your style

There is a great variety of diagnostic essays depending on the knowledge field and the academic course. You have to understand the allowed balance between creativity and formality. It determines your vocabulary and manner of writing.

  • Grammar is decisive

When you write a diagnostic essay do not forget about grammar. Double-check every page, sentence, word, and symbol.

If you have an opportunity and some time, turn to our professional writers for help. We specialize in all types of essays, and we'll cope with your assignment in the best light. Contact us on the chat.

List of topics for the contemporary diagnostic essays

We do not for sure where you will be asked to write this type of essay. Yet we definitely know that the following topics are widely discussed in the contemporary academic community. Hence, there are good chances that you can get one of them.

  • The education of the future
  • The main issues of the modern student life
  • Impact of social media on youth
  • The best alternatives to natural energy resources
  • The evolution of family institutions
  • The role of education in the contemporary world
  • Humans Vs. technologies
  • What is your real vocation?
  • The portrait of today's generation
  • Modern fitness culture: Health or fashion?

If you ponder over these themes in advance, you will easily cope with a diagnostic essay on this or a related topic. One can also purchase a professional academic paper on one of the above issues here. Just place your order, and receive an awesome example!

The outline for your well-structured essay

Everything goes easier with a good plan. It helps you to put thoughts together and build a coherent text.

We consider that one good example is better than thousands of explanations. You might read a lot about what to write in the conclusion or how to compose your three main parts, and still lack understanding of how to do it in practice. That is why our assistants have established a convenient table with ready-made phrases.

diagnostic essay plan

Please, adapt these wordings to your context before using them for your work. Let these helpful hints inspire you to create an awesome essay!

Practical tips on writing diagnostic essays

Theoretical knowledge works best when it is sensibly combined with a practical plan. Here is a good one. Prepared by our skilled writers, they will help you easily cope with diagnostic assignments.

It's all about getting prepared in advance. If you want to create impressive essays, find some time to enrich your inner world, receive valuable knowledge, and develop practical skills.

  • Use grammar applications

You might not have an opportunity to use grammar check programs when writing your essay. Still, if you constantly use such software, you see good examples of correct words and sentences.

Helpful prompt: If you add the Grammarly extension, it will check practically all the documents you create online.

Our team uses it for the first stages of the editing services, and we can claim with confidence that it is rather effective to detect the most evident typos and misspelled words.

  • Expand your horizons

Ideas for texts rarely arise spontaneously. Plus, you usually do not have time to wait for a muse when you are given a diagnostic essay. Read official news on your theme, issue-specific blog posts, results of the latest research, and other helpful materials. Thus, you will be always in the loop on events in your professional field.

All this provokes thoughts, brings new ideas, and gives enough arguments to prove your point of view.

  • Train writing skills

Perfect results come with practice. If you regularly write essays, you train the ability to get thoughts together, find suitable words and phrases, structure the text, etc.

How to compose a good thesis statement

It is the heart of your essay. This phrase contains one or several sentences concisely reflecting the sense of your work. Its main components are:

  • the core idea of the essay;
  • your finding on the subject;
  • the main arguments proving your opinion.

The reader usually focuses attention on this part of the text, so, make sure it is thoughtfully written.

So, was this article useful for you? Any feedback is valuable to us as it gives direction for our further work. Please, share your impressions on the live chat and get a discount on your order!

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